Widescreen dubbed subtitle what does it mean

widescreen dubbed subtitle what does it mean

What does widescreen dubbed subtitle special mean? Anonymous "You can certainly watch a widescreen dvd on a regular tv " 3. 0 You can certainly watch a widescreen DVD on a regular TV. What you`re going to see is a black strip on the top of the screen and on the bottom. To display the lovetiktokhere.com ?·?probably just means that it's a movie that's been dubbed,[usually meaning that the change the original language by voice], and that it Widescreen and it has subtitles. i would prefer regular but you might learn how to say something in a different language if you bought it lolzlovetiktokhere.com?qid=AAetYnA.

Rules Sponsor RYL! Mark Forums Read. Join Date: Apr I am currently:. So I want to buy my boyfriend some movies for Christmas. One of the movies I how to make frappuccino coffee is on sale, only online and only until tomorrow. It says it's "Widescreen Dubbed Subtitle AC3" I honestly have no idea what that means, I looked on Google and found a bunch of conflicting answers, wifescreen answers that don't make sense to me.

I'm challenged when it comes to these kinds of things I asked my family as well, and nobody seems to know what it means. Does it mean it's in a different language other than English? Can anybody explain what this means to me? Visit GlitterandSparkles. Join Date: May Widescreen is a tv aspect ratio: It's for rectangular tv's, large tv's the old square ones are aspect ratio 4. Widescreen films usually have a black area on the top and bottom of the screen with the picture in the middle. AC3 is an audio format, like MP3 but for movies.

Dubbed probably means it's a movie that's not English originally but has been 'voiced' in English. And you know what subtitles are. You can turn them on and off by clicking subtitles on the remote. I can barely look a woman in the eye! Join Date: Jun Originally Posted by kayteewalker. So many faces I have seen, so many places not yet been. So many ssubtitle I have met, so many names not to forget. Such beautiful people in their right, laughing, dancing through the night. So many faces I wwhat seen, the futures so bright it can't be seen.

Is dubhed of this even real? The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me? Thread Tools. Join Date: Apr I am currently:. Widescreen Dubbed Subtitle AC3? Meean More Posts by GlitterandSparkles. Challenge GlitterandSparkles. Quote: Originally Posted by kayteewalker Wgat is a tv aspect ratio: Posting Rules.

Becoming carbon neutral

What does Ws Dub Sub Ac3 mean? – lovetiktokhere.com – Apr 07, · What does Ws Dub Sub Ac3 mean? See latest post. Format: AC-3, Dolby, Dubbed, Subtitled, Widescreen, (Ws Dub Sub Ac3)will on a dvd set up Jan 15, Are You Screening? The Last Samurai – Widescreen Dubbed Subtitle AC3 The Last Last Samurai (2-Disc lovetiktokhere.com Widescreen dubbed subtitle ac. What does blu ray dubbed subtitled ac3 mean? What does dubbed and subtitled mean on a blu ray? Dubbed subtitle ac. Can you turn subtitles off and hear in english widescreen dubbed subtitle ac3 dvd? Can i buy a movie that says dubbed subtitle mean? Dubbed to spanish means. What s the difference between dubbed and lovetiktokhere.com AC3 dubbed subtitle on a blu ray is just another soundtrack that is available on the lovetiktokhere.com widescreen DVDs these days have extra soundtracks in different languages and the ones labeled AC3 contain another version of dolby lovetiktokhere.com

We hear the term a lot. Here's what it means and what you can do to achieve it. Amazon and GM have pledged to be carbon neutral by Apple is aiming for carbon neutrality by , while Google claims it's been carbon neutral since Becoming carbon neutral is a growing trend among major companies -- and even entire countries -- but what does it actually mean, and is it something you can achieve as an average person? Achieving carbon neutrality has a much larger benefit when it comes from an industry or a national economy, but it's also a worthwhile goal for individuals.

Here's what it means and how you can start minimizing your own carbon footprint. Everything you do that produces carbon dioxide -- from driving to powering your home and more -- makes up your carbon footprint.

Being "carbon neutral" means that you, or the operations of your business or your national economy, emit the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that you offset by some other means. Adding solar panels to your home, or switching to an electric vehicle are examples of things you can do to reduce your carbon dioxide output. Achieving carbon neutrality means that that your carbon dioxide output has a net neutral impact on the environment, and it can help stem the effects of climate change.

Greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide increase average temperatures worldwide, which in turn contribute to rising sea levels, changing weather patterns and other factors associated with climate change. Some greenhouse gasses are naturally occurring -- did you know cows burp methane?

Carbon dioxide makes up roughly two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions , and that's caused mainly by burning coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Get smart home reviews and ratings, video reviews, buying guides, prices and comparisons from CNET. Unless you live entirely off the grid or your business operations rely entirely on renewable energy , your carbon footprint most likely isn't zero.

You can find tools to calculate your carbon footprint. You can also take steps to either directly reduce or indirectly offset the carbon dioxide you send back into the environment.

Switching to renewable energy sources like wind, solar or geothermal heating directly reduces your carbon footprint; so does biking or walking instead of driving. Individuals and businesses can also invest in carbon offsets, which contribute to projects that reduce global carbon emissions just not your own emissions. When you invest in a carbon offset project, you're buying carbon credits. One carbon credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon offsetting for individuals is commonly focused on the airline industry, since flying creates a lot of emissions.

One round-trip flight from Chicago to New York City emits about pounds of carbon dioxide per passenger , or about one-third of a metric ton. Some examples of carbon offset projects include planting trees, wetlands restoration and farmland management. Take a look at this list of certified offset projects for specific examples. After adding it to your cart, you have the option to buy it in your name or on behalf of someone else.

The name you provide will appear on the certificate of purchase, and also on a registry that tracks carbon credits. Once you've made your purchase, you own the credit and can either hold it as an investment or retire it so no one can hold, buy, or sell it again.

The carbon offsets market has met with criticism due to the sale of unverified offsets. Others say offsets do not do enough to combat climate change. To avoid investing in an unofficial offset, any project should meets five criteria, according to the EPA :. It can be difficult to determine if a project meets these requirements, but organizations such as Gold Standard offer lists of vetted offsets. Read more: One Kentucky coal company is transforming old mining sites into a massive solar farm.

What does carbon neutral mean? Megan Wollerton. Getty Images Amazon and GM have pledged to be carbon neutral by In other sustainability news Save money with Amazon's energy dashboard. Here's how GM going carbon-neutral by , lineup will be nearly zero-emissions by Here's how to take advantage of the solar tax credit extension in Now playing: Watch this: Cristina Mittermeier is on a mission to save the planet.

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