What were the tudors like

what were the tudors like

Living in Tudor Times: How You Would Have Lived

Tudor Period Quiz. The Tudor period in Britain extended from to , when the House of Tudor controlled the English throne. There were five Tudor monarchs, and two of them were hugely influential: Henry VIII, who reigned from to , and Elizabeth I, who reigned from to Take this quiz to test what you know about this era. The Tudor dynasty is one of the most exciting and well-known periods in English history, featuring all sorts of political and social turmoil, intrigue in the royal court, and a variety of wars, dramas, executions, and controversies.5/5(3).

Asked by Wiki User. That's a very open and impossible to answer correctly, if you want to know about individuals characters. On a whole Tudors were very unhygenic, Elizabeth I stating 'I have 2 baths every year, whether i need them or not.

Elizabeth I was very fond of dancing and the majority liked music. They may have been unhygenic to our standards, but not theirs. We can only have a brief snapshot of what they were like and therefore cannot actually know what they wee truly like.

Overall, it is certain that they were probably very like us, with the same anxieties etc. Tennis and many others. The Tudors invented loads of sports just like the Romans, but yes the Tudors did invent tennis and volleyball. They also invented a sport called football. I like Jonathan in this tv show. The Tudors were called Tudors because that was their surname. The first Tudor king's name was Henry Tudor.

Tudors had the more extravagant rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement etc, rooms for different needs. Rich Tudors have nicer food, clothing and lifestyle. Continents discovered by the Tudors. Brooders and intruders rhyme with Tudors. Ask Question. History of England. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. How did the Tudors houses look like? What did tudors eat? Do tudors like dogs?

What did the tudors houses look like? What what causes ac compressor to freeze up Tudors like to do? What was it like to be a girl in Tudor Times?

What sports did the Tudors invent? Anyone tell me Where can i download The Tudors? Why did they call tudors tudors? What did Normans wear? Did Tudors wear bras? Why are tudors called tudors? What were the Tudors like? What rooms do rich Tudors have? Did the Tudors have celebrities? How did the Tudors make weapons? How are rich Tudors different to poor Tudors? Why are tudors houses black and white?

What did poor Tudors eat that was disgusting? Did the poor Tudors work for the rich Tudors? Who was first Georgians or Tudors? What continent did the tudors not discover? What are some movies about the Tudors? What rhymes with Tudors? Trending Questions Is it illegal to destroy other people's mail? Best foods for weight loss? How many grams of carbs are recommended per day? What is the closest us capital what eyes are the prettiest Canada?

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Tudors. Toggle text. In , a new family of rulers, the Tudors, seized the throne of England. They ruled until , producing two of England’s most successful monarchs, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. From to , England was ruled by the Plantagenet family. But in the s, war broke out between two rival branches of the family, the. Tudors. Toggle text. In , a new family of rulers, the Tudors, seized the throne of England. They ruled until , producing two of England’s most successful monarchs, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. From –, England was ruled by the Plantagenet family. But in the s, war broke out between two rival branches of the family, the. Jan 19,  · So this article from History Extra shows a microcosm of what life was like for black Tudors, which is that it was pretty much the same as life for white Tudors. Some were knights, lived at court, worked for advisors, worked for the Queen, had very high status. Others were prostitutes. Some ran the brothel, showing a certain entrepreneurial lovetiktokhere.comted Reading Time: 7 mins.

For those of you who prefer reading over listening, the transcript is below. There have been black people in England since Roman times, and records show them in England throughout the middle ages. During the Age of Exploration, though, the population in London and England grew, so much so that Elizabeth I thought she might have to do something about it. She was unsuccessful, though. In fact, the story is largely how similar to white Tudors their experience was.

By that, I mean that their experience ran the spectrum from being poor servants to having important roles at court, and everything in the middle. So join me in this episode to learn about several black Tudors including a black soldier who was made a knight after defeating the Scots. If you like this show, please leave me a rating on iTunes. And thanks! The proclamation giving Casper van Senden license to sell black servants to help defray costs associated with returning prisoners from Spain and Portugal.

The masters were offered no compensation, but the Queen stated that she wanted them to be served by Christian English people. This is episode 68, and I am doing something that I know many of you hate when I do, and I try not to do very often — I told a lie last episode. I was planning on doing the second French Wars episode this week, but with it being Black History Month in North America, I got distracted learning about Black Tudors, and wanted to do an episode devoted to the black experience in 16th century England.

Go to Englandcast. There are a lot of misconceptions about being black in Tudor England, and I want to try to debunk those in this episode. When, in fact, there were many black people in Tudor England, some of whom had quite high up positions in the government and at court. Second, you might think that if you were black in the 16th century, you were likely a slave. Also not true. There are parish records of black people being buried in parish graveyards, marrying white English women, and there was even a black knight who helped win a victory against the Scots.

In fact, in English law, it was not possible to be a slave in England. During the 16th century, the black population was mostly free, and there were many intermarriages, as I said before.

There were black people in England from Roman times, and they certainly would have been seen from time to time throughout the middle ages. Going back to the beginning of the century, in Catherine of Aragon came to England to marry Prince Arthur. She came from Southern Spain, which had been ruled by the Moors until just recently, and even today still reflects the Moorish history. I live in Andalucia, just a few hours from where Katherine grew up at the Alhambra, and in my town there are Moorish palaces still in existence, with gorgeous tiling and gardens, as well as a medieval wall built by the Moors that has that distinctive north African Moroccan look to it.

So Catherine would have been exposed to Moors, and to Africans in general. In her retinue when she came to England there were several black people; maids, and musicians. One, John Blanke, was a famous trumpeter. Later on, Robert Cecil would have a black servant called Fortunas. One story I want to tell you is about the first black Tudor made a knight.

Sir Pedro Negro was a Spanish mercenary soldier. The Spanish mercenaries won a great battle against the French, and were awarded annuities. Negro was awarded 75 pounds in August and pounds in September that year. In September of he was knighted by the Duke of Somerset at Roxoborough after taking Leith castle. So the Scots were besieging Haddington Castle, and Negro led a charge through the Scots to reinforce Haddington with gunpowder, which allowed them to continue to defend themselves longer.

Sir Pedro Negro died in of the sweating sickness, and his funeral was a huge occasion with the street hung with black, and with his arms, and all sorts of musicians and parades honoring him.

As early as there are parish records mentioning Africans being buried in full Christian sanctified land in the graveyards. And they often intermarried. One James Allen Gronnio saw an African prince, who had been enslaved at 15, served in the British army, and later settled near colchester marry an English woman. They begat a son in all respects as black as the father. As the slave trade from Spain and Portugal grew, and English pirates like Francis Drake came into contact with them, more and more Africans would have been appearing in England.

This is reflected in Shakespeare with characters like Othello, which showed that there were plenty of black people in London at the time. There was an African on board the Golden Hinde when Drake left London, and three others joined the ship during its voyage. There actually were enough black people in England so that Elizabeth thought she had to do something about it. By this point many wealthy landowners would have had one or maybe two black servants, and they were also common servants throughout society.

It seems that the aim was to either sell them to get money to ransom, or do an even trade, with Spain to get English prisoners held by them.

Problem was that Elizabeth offered no compensation to employers to part with their servants, and so most refused to let them go.

Like it or not, it seems that black people had found a home in Tudor England. But why did Elizabeth suddenly want to deport the black people? The ruling classes became worried about poverty and vagrancy as the feudal society basically died a slow death. They of course feared disorder, societal breakdown, and basically anything else that would challenge them. So they came up with a series of poor laws to deal with their fears.

Elizabeth seemed to be trying to place blame on the black people for the social problems. The parish records of St. They are mainly servants, but one, who was next to the bell foundry off Whitechapel road likely worked at the foundry.

Some were given very high status funerals with black cloth, which showed the high rank they were given by employers, neighbors, and colleagues. He was servant to be [sic] Peter Miller a beare brewer dwelling at the signe of the hartes horne in the libertie of EastSmithfield. Yeares xxvi [26]. In , for example, Mary Fillis, a black woman of 20 years who had been the servant of Widow Barker in Mark Lane for many years. She had been in England 13 or 14 years, and was the daughter of a Moorish shovel maker and basket maker.

Among her witnesses were a group of five women, mostly wives of leading parishioners. Some black women worked alongside their white counterparts as prostitutes, especially in Southwark, and in the brothel area of Turnmill Street in Clerkenwell. Lucy Negro, a former dancer for the Queen, ran an establishment patronised by noblemen and lawyers. Her area of London was notorious. So this article from History Extra shows a microcosm of what life was like for black Tudors, which is that it was pretty much the same as life for white Tudors.

Some were knights, lived at court, worked for advisors, worked for the Queen, had very high status. Others were prostitutes. Some ran the brothel, showing a certain entrepreneurial spirit.

Remember there are show notes, everything like that, at englandcast. Thanks so much for listening! It really helps others discover the podcast. Second best is to buy Tudor-themed gifts for all your loved ones at my shop, at TudorFair.

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