What to sell at a flea market to make money

what to sell at a flea market to make money

8 Ways to Make Money at a Flea Market

Apr 24, Toys are among the best items you can sell at flea markets. However, the condition of such toys counts and will determine if they sell fast or not. Focus on toys which, although used, are still in perfect condition. Youll never lack for buyers. Baked Goods. Edibles are also allowed at flea markets. Nov 23, I would imagine that some of you are asking as to what to sell at a flea market to make money. The items that sell well at flea markets are things like. Cheap new items. People dont usually go to flea markets to buy expensive items. Therefore if you are selling new items go for the cheap ones. Electronics and home appliances. These are probably the most popular items to sell at a flea market.

Flea markets mraket place in various venues throughout moneyy country. And though there are many outdoor markets that take place mainly in the summer, there are also communities and organizations that host them throughout the year.

Flea markets give entrepreneurs and side hustlers a perfect way to earn some extra money. They can even give you a way to test out an idea so you can grow your business after starting out with a simple flea how to get help from google stand.

Here are some of the products to consider. You can sell both handmade and vintage or used clothing at flea market booths. It can help you supplement your income from an online handmade clothing shop. Or you matket simply use it as a way to make extra money by cleaning out your own closet. Purses can also be popular with flea market shoppers. You can either sell vintage ones from popular labels or make your own with a unique signature style.

Another fashion accessory option, joney vintage designer shoes or clean out your own closet and offer your shoes at a discounted price.

Again, kids shoes tend to be very popular at flea markets. When it comes to jewelry, you can offer pretty much any type or style at flea markets. Set up a booth with your own handmade pieces or start collecting vintage pieces to sell. Housewares like cake pans, window treatments, and clocks can all do well at flea markets. They may be particularly esll if you can find unique vintage pieces. People often scour flea markets for interesting pieces of art for their homes.

Sell your own pieces or collect items from other artists to sell. Prints and 2D pieces tend to be particularly popular. But you could also offer sculptures and 3D pieces. Wooden, hand-painted signs tend to be very popular with flea market shoppers. Garden supplies are likely to be especially popular during spring and summer. However, you can still appeal to shoppers by offering non-plant accessories like painted stones or plant markers. Books are always a crowd pleasing options.

Collect items that are popular with a particular target audience, like crime novels or comic books. Or just offer a full selection of used titles. You can also make a decent profit by offering old magazines, especially if what is minimum wage in sacramento california 2012 can find or buy them for cheap. Those that depict historical periods or events, like old Time magazines or National Geographics, tend to be especially popular.

Records are popular with music fans how to build a model ski lift collectors. If you have an old collection lying around or the time to scour record stores for deals, you can sell them for a profit. As long as the toys you have are clean and safe, you should be able to sell them at a decent price.

Collectibles like coins can also monfy very popular at flea markets. Spend some time at different venues or research the types of items that are available at each one to make sure you find the best place to sell specific collectibles.

Trading cards, including things like baseball cards or those from sci-fi or fantasy cames, also have a decent following at various secondhand markets. Some flea markets allow vendors to sell food items at their booths. Baked goods like cookies can be easily packaged and sold for people to take with them. Similarly, you can easily package up canned goods like jelly or salsa. You may still have to meet food safety and certification standards in order to sell edible products at flea markets.

It is about goods that always get interest no matter what time of the year. Go with that and it can markef you sell products on a flea market. Sold for years at Mile High flea market. Great way and fun to attract people is place some jumping beans on a small table out front.

As they bounce and click around, you seriously will have crowd of people checking them out, and your other items. You profit selling some jumping beansand it attracts attention. Try it out! You can get a small sack of Mexican jumping beans inexpensive at amazingbeans. Great way omney attract peoplesell Mexican jumping beans! Did this for years. You can buy small sacks of jumping beans at amazingbeans. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved.

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Understanding the Flea Market Economy

May 21, Among the wholesale items to sell at flea markets, selling food can be a surprisingly popular option. Things like homemade honey, pickles, and baked goods are often a great way for people to end the day and go home with something to enjoy. If you're hoping to sell high-end vintage furnishings, you'll want to mark the flea market with primarily seconds and knockoffs off of your list. Do talk to all of the flea markets on your short list to ask about booth rental prices, merchandise rules, the approval process, legal and tax requirements, and whether there's a booth available. Jan 10, Just about anything goes at most flea markets. Starting simply, like we did, is a good way to test the waters before investing more in this business. We went to thrift stores, rummage sales and garage sales to find products to sell. We bought thrift store stuffed animals for $1 and sold them for $3 to $5.

A flea market also sometimes called a swap meet is like the shopping mall of garage sales. The organizers set up booth spaces. People rent those spaces and sell stuff. And typically, the items sell at deeply discounted prices. Some of the more common items sold at flea markets include:. You might find vintage clothing or furniture there. Some flea markets might allow fresh produce or baked goods for sale.

The point is that there is a wide variety of goods that people can purchase at a flea market. This means that there are generally a lot of customers at a flea market if the organizers marketed correctly. And that means more potential income for you. Here are some tips for making money at a flea market. Organizers run flea markets differently. Some flea markets are long-term markets. They run on a regular basis kind of like stores.

Some are indoors, some are outdoors. The long-term or permanent flea market owners will charge you a per-month fee to have a booth. In addition, long-term flea markets sometimes have employees. Vendors rent and man their own booths at these types of flea markets, and they pay a flat fee to have booths. This is nice because you as a vendor will know right away what you need to make to break even. Other flea markets are short-term or traveling markets.

They go from place to place for short periods of time usually on weekends. Or, they just open in an area for a few days. Some short-term flea markets may not even charge a fee for a booth. This is the type of flea market business my dad occasionally worked when I was younger. Sometimes it was a little, sometimes it was a lot. You have to decide which type of market is best for you. Do you think you want to do the short-term flea markets and travel a bit?

Or just do the markets that are close to your home? Or would you rather have a long-term or year-round flea market business? A good location gets lots of traffic. Some people come to a flea market on purpose. They seek them out and go with the intention of shopping and getting a great deal. Others, however, are surprise shoppers. Other flea markets run in the same location, same weekend, every year.

Search out markets that are either well-known or in highly populated areas where lots of people will drive by. Others do not. Be sure to ask up front what you can sell at a particular flea market before you rent a booth. You might be wondering what you should sell at your flea market booth. You have a vague idea of what people sell at flea markets. Here are some ideas for what you can sell at your flea market booth.

People love buying toys and games that remind them of their youth. When I was a kid, one of my favorite games was Uncle Wiggily. My uncle had given it to me as a gift, and my brothers and I played it all the time. Being an animal lover, I loved the different colored rabbit characters they had as player tokens. This reminder of days gone by is what helps vintage toys and games sell at flea markets.

No missing pieces on games or broken parts on toys. Some wear is okay as long as the item is usable. Vintage or highly discounted clothing can sell well at flea markets, too. Again, people love being reminded of their youth. Plus, clothing styles cycle around.

As for up-to-date clothing, people just want a great deal. Jewelry and accessory items such as scarves tend to go over well at flea markets. Again, pricing is key. The main thing flea market shoppers want is a great deal. The jewelry and accessories you sell can be current style or vintage. My dad always had lots of luck selling these items at flea markets.

The same goes with home decor items. Some people love decorating their homes with fun and different flea market finds. Or, decorating with pieces that match their style or interests. For instance, my dad bought a great picture at a flea market of a girl leading her horse through a small creek.

He got it for my oldest daughter for her birthday because she loves horses. And, grandpa got the beautifully framed picture for a song. If you can find a great deal on cool vintage or other furniture, consider getting it to sell at your flea market booth.

The vintage thing is big at flea markets. People want stuff that no one else has. But know that transporting furniture to flea markets can be cumbersome. Again, people like buying something that no one else has. Use discretion of course. Luckily, there are lots of places you can get items to sell at your flea market booth. Here are some ideas. Go through your closets, drawers and storage areas. Look for jewelry, clothing, furniture, toys and games, collectibles, etc.

I remember my dad would sell everything from unwanted tools to home decor. A lot of times you can find stuff at local thrift stores that you may be able to resell for more at a flea market. The key to succeeding at this, however, is to find thrift store items that are a super good deal.

People buying from flea markets want great deals. You may be able to find things to flip at your flea market booth via local garage sales. Some people price garage sale items extremely low. They just want the stuff gone. I once held a garage sale with a friend. Scour garage sales, especially citywide sales with lots of people selling in one area.

Look for those unbelievable deals and grab them quickly. In the area where I live, people often leave stuff at the curb for free. If you find a resellable item on a curb, grab it! Another place you might be able to find items to sell at your flea market booth is on wholesale websites. These are sites that sell large quantities of items for super cheap. Browse through sites such as AliExpress and see if you can find cheap items you can resell at a profit.

Buy carefully, however. It should populate a list of sale items near you. Note that some Facebook yard sale items are great deals, others are not. You need to be able to find a deal on an item you can resell for more at your booth. So pay careful attention to price. And consider travel time and gas money to get the items as well. Another place to find items to sell at your flea market is on Craigslist. From there you can browse other sections that sell what you want to sell at your booth.

Now that you know where to get your items, you have to know how to price them for the best sale results. Pricing your items wisely is another key to making money at flea markets. Pay special attention to the really busy booths. Try to determine what is drawing the customers to that particular booth.

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