What is the best psychic pokemon

what is the best psychic pokemon


The best Psychic Pokemon really depends on your team, but as for in-game, any Psychic Pokemon works. It just depends on how durable it is for in-game. Espeon is decently durable, and almost as. 2 days ago · Many psychic-type Pokemon see the highest levels of play, as they're quite good at using special attacks. Dark-type Pokemon, with their psychic immunity, serve as a solid counter to Pokemon .

One of the more interesting, yet terrifying types in how to get a restraint order series is the psychic-type. This is home to telepaths, empaths, and generally offputting creatures who often have powers beyond their control. The reason Orbeetle gets the nod over Hatterene as the best psychic-type in the Galar region mostly revolves around the Gigantamax mechanic.

Hatterene's G-Max form is neat, but Orbeetle's takes advantage of the 8th generation's battle gimmick and delivers something unique. The ladybug telepath transforms into what looks like a UFO. Its neon-green light shines down on the battlefield as though it is set to abduct anything in sight. Orbeetle is one of the most useful beginning-area bug-types the series has ever seen in its storied history.

Oranguru is interesting from a lore perspective since it looks down on naive trainers due to its naturally high intelligence. This thing is meant to resemble cells in the body, more specifically the nerve cell known as the bipolar neuron, so it's a must-own for trainers really into science and biology. Instead of adding another form at the beginning or end it instead offers a split-path choice for trainers who own Kirlia.

If their Kirlia is male and is holding a Dawn Stone it will evolve on its next level up, whereas if it isn't holding that stone it will turn into Gardevoir. Gallade isn't just a male version of Gardevoir, but instead mixes its psychic-typing with fighting, whereas Gardevoir has fairy-type as its secondary typing. Not only is it easily the best psychic-type of its generation, it has a case over Aggron for also being the best steel-type.

It quickly ingratiated itself to fans around the world and became a fan favorite. The reason for this is likely due to the flip in expectations as Slowpoke and What is the best psychic pokemon were known for being dunces a majority of the time, so a third evolution that could be ultra-intelligent was a neat novelty.

The first is that its base form Abra could teleport away from wild encounters so it made the act of catching one quite difficult. Secondly, to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam, you'd have to trade it to someone and get it back. This meant you needed to have a friend you could trust to trade it to, so when someone had an Alakazam it was respected because people knew how strong it was, and how difficult it was to acquire. Jerrad Wyche is a writer, designer, and producer hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

He hosts his own weekly video game podcast at Controlled Interests and is a dedicated writer for TheGamer. By Jerrad Wyche Published Apr 09, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics What is a standard real estate commission Pokemon. Yakuza: All Protagonists, Ranked.

Pokemon Platinum Version

The success of the series led to it taking on many forms from anime, card games, toys, movies, and even board games.

The main driving force for the series has always been the games. The series began in , and over twenty years later, is going as strong as ever. It's similar to a very convoluted game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. In competitive play, Mew is just one tier below the top. Its stats are rather unique, in which they're not crazy good, but they are all above average.

Mew can learn some decent moves levelling up, the two notable ones being Psychic and Aura Sphere. However, there's a reason it can be so powerful. Mew can learn any TM or HM move in the series' entire history.

This means it can be set up in any way you want to play Mew, be it defensive or offensive. Or both! Each is shaped like a letter from the alphabet and you can collect them all. Their stats are atrocious, and in completive play they fall into the lowest tier possible. Part of the reason Unown sucks so bad is that they can only ever learn one move: Hidden Power.

In Generation 6 she would also be given a Mega Evolution. However, she also has very high Special Attack that makes her a tough foe to fight against.

It also adds that it'll protect its trainer at all costs, and its power will peak when it's protecting them. There is one reason and one reason alone for this, which is the reason Abra is on the list: it only knows one move. The move, called Teleport, will have Abra flee the battle entirely, so you won't get experience from the fight, or you won't be able to catch it if you don't capture Abra on your first try.

The only way Abra can learn moves is through TMs; however, the moves it can learn from this are far from useful. The strength of Metagross lies in its Mega Evolution. It raises Metagross' already high attack and defense to absurdly high amounts. In the competitive scene, Mega Metagross is considered to be in the highest tier.

Not only that, Metagross' typing greatly improves its viability in a battle. Ten different type of moves will be resistant or immune to Metagross, with it only being weak to four different ones. Metagross can also learn a wide variety of moves through TMs. In competitive play, Chimecho is considered to be the lowest tier; its stats are incredibly low, its special attack is the best stat it has, and even at that, it's only decent at best.

In competitive play, Tapu Lele was once considered one of the best with its amazing offensive options. It would drop down to a tier below it, which would even be met with skepticism. Tapu Lele is gifted with a great move set, especially with Psychic and Moonblast. Xatu's unique typing doesn't do it much good, except it is very resistant to fighting type moves. However, it is weak to five different move types, and while having lackluster stats.

Xatu actually has a surprisingly good move set that he fails to make good use for. Good moves can only go as far as good stats do. In competitive play. Xatu is just one tier above the bottom tier, showcasing just how bad it is. In Hoopa's unbound form, the Ghost type turns into Dark type.

The positive side to this is only Bug type moves do critical damage, one of the least common move types. It is also weak to Fairy, but has no other downsides. Hoopa Unbound comes with a very powerful moveset, and in competitive play is considered to be in the highest tier. Girafarig has probably the oddest combination of typing, Normal and Psychic. It does not have any major weaknesses in terms of typing, however it also doesn't have many strengths.

Girafarig has incredibly low stats, although it has a decent move pool. It doesn't help that the most useful move it learns late into its leveling.

Deoxys comes with four different forms it can be in: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Normal forms. The stats are amazing and the forms will give boost to them, so Attack Form will raise special and normal attack while Defense Form will have better special defense and normal defense. Deoxys has a very powerful move kit that is capable of plowing through many teams.

It was introduced in Generation 3 of the series. In competitive play, Claydol is just a tier above the lowest of the low. The stats that Claydol has are far from anything amazing, with an above average special defense being its best stat. Its typing leads it to being weak to multiple types of moves, resistant to only a small amount. Its the final evolution of Woobat. Swoobat struggles in most areas in regards to stats, with the only good one being speed. However, being fast doesn't help improve his lackluster fighting abilities.

The Pokedex states the its wings are so powerful, gently flapping them can destroy and entire house with ease.

Lugia comes with very strong defensive stats. Lugia has a very powerful move set that it learns from leveling up, and you will be able to catch it in the game itself! Johnny Garcia is a long time gamer and writer based in sunny California.

Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer. Having grown up around video games and being raised on them, his knowledge of video games is as high as it can be. Aside from video games, he also has an avid interest in trading card games, namely Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering. By Johnny Garcia Published Aug 13, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

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