What is meant by closeness to allah

what is meant by closeness to allah

Various Sayings of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as)

Between these two stories there is an appropriate and similar relationship. Due to their closeness in meaning, Allah mentioned them here together, as well as in Surahs Al `Imran and Al-Anbiya’. Allah has mentioned these stories to show His servants His ability, the might of His authority and that He has power over all things. Allah says. The Status of Music in Islam Written by Saleem Bhimji ***** Introduction Since time immemorial, the issue of music has been debated by various sectors of the Muslim world. Both sides in the debate have brought their proofs and arguments with the hope of making the other side see "the light" and thus bring an end to this time consuming dilemma.

The learned man understands the ignorant for he was once ignorant for he was once ignorant himself. To separate oneself from things of time and to connect oneself with things of eternity is highest wisdom. Do not share the knowledge with which you have been blessed with everyone in general, as you do with some people in particular; and know that there are some men in whom Allah, may He he glorified, has placed hidden secrets, which they are forbidden to reveal.

Remember the reply of the righteous slave to Moses when he said to him: 'May I follow you so that you can teach me what you know about what is right? How can you be patient about something which you do not understand? Endurance is composed of four how to make chow fan fried rice eagerness, fear, piety and anticipation of death.

So whoever is eager for Paradise will ignore temptations; whoever fears the fire of Hell will abstain from sins; whoever practises piety will easily bear the difficulties of life and whoever anticipates death will hasten towards good deeds. Conviction has also four aspects to guard oneself against infatuations of sin; to search for explanation of truth through knowledge; to gain lessons from instructive things and to follow the precedent of the past people, Because whoever wants to guard himself against vices and sins will have to search for the true causes of infatuation and the true ways of combating them out and to find those true ways one has to search them with the help of knowledge, whoever gets fully acquainted with various branches of knowledge will take lessons from life and whoever tries to take lessons from life is actually engaged in the study of the causes of rise and fall of previous civilizations.

Justice also has four aspects depth of understanding, profoundeness of knowledge, fairness of judgement and dearness of mind; because whoever tries his best to under- stand a problem will have to study it, whoever has the practice of studying the subject he is to deal with, will develop a clear mind and will always come to correct decisions, whoever tries to achieve all this will have to develop ample patience and forbearance and whoever has done this has done justice to the cause of religion and has led a life of good repute and fame.

Jihad is divided into four branches: to persuade people to be obedient to Allah; to prohibit them from sin and vice; to struggle in the cause of Allah sincerely and firmly on all occasions and to detest the vicious.

Whoever persuades people to obey the orders of Allah provides strength to the believers; whoever dissuades them from vices and sins humiliates the unbelievers; whoever struggles on all occasions discharges all his obligations and whoever detests the vicious only for the sake of Allah, then Allah will take revenge how to upgrade windows vista to windows 7 for free his enemies and will be pleased with Him on the Day of Judgement.

O you who carry knowledge around with you; are you only carrying it around with you? For surely knowledge belongs to who ever knows and then acts accordingly, so that his action corresponds to his knowledge. There will be a people who will carry knowledge around with them, but it will not pass beyond their shoulders.

Their inner most thoughts will contradict what they display in public, and their actions will contradict what they know. When a dead person is placed in his grave, four kinds of fire will cover him, but then the prayer will come and put one of them out, and the fast will come and put another one of them out, and then charity will come and put another one out, and knowledge will come and put the forth one out, and it will say : ' If I had come sooner, I would a have put all of them out, and given you delight for I am with you now, and you'll not see anything else distressing.

A person's intellect becomes apparent through his dealings, and a man's character is known by the way he exercises authority. The intellect is a king and characteristics are its subjects, so if it is weak in governing them, disorder takes place.

The intellect is better than desire, for the intellect makes you a king over your destiny, and desire makes you a slave of your destiny. The intellect is what arrives at what is correct through reasoning, what update is minecraft xbox 360 on recognizes what what to do after puking from drinking not yet happened through what has already taken place.

Use your intellect to understand something when you hear about it-the intellect that examines, that is, and not just the intellect that repeats what it hears, for surely there are many who repeat the knowledge that they hear, and there are few who examine it.

The one who has an intellect longs to be like the righteous people so that he can be how to host a murder game one of them, and he loves them so that he how to send credit card info securely by email be how to change the tip on a bamboo pen with them in his love, even if he falls short in emulating their actions.

The one who has an intellect does not openly display it except in one of two situations: when he is furthest away from seeking something in the world, and when he is furthest away from abandoning it.

Surely hated adversity has final objectives in which it will inevitably end, so the one who has an intellect should try to sleep over it until this happens, for surely any attempt to stop it before it has come to an end will only intensify that hated diversity even more.

The one who has an intellect finds harshness of life amongst persons of intellect more agreeable than a life of ease amongst the foolish. Remember that this world which you covet so ardently what does check emission system mean on acura mdx attempt to acquire so earnestly, and which sometimes annoys you and sometimes pleases you so much, is neither your home nor a permanent destination.

You have not been created for it, nor invited to it as your resting-place. It shall neither remain with you for ever, nor will you remain in it eternally. If it has enticed you away with its charrns, it has also warned and cautioned you of real dangers lurking in its folds. Take account of the warnings it has given you and do not be seduced or deceived by its allurements. Let these warnings frighten you from being too what is meant by closeness to allah to possess it.

Try to advance how to write in 3rd person about yourself the place where you are invited for eternal bliss and turn your face away from the vicious world.

I am amazed at the heart of man: It possesses the substance of wisdom as well as the opposites contrary to it If despair possesses it, self piety kills it: and if it is seized by anger, this is intensified by rage. If it is blessed with contentment, then it forgets to be careful; and if it is filled with fear, then it becomes pre-occupied with being cautious. If it feels securethen it is overcome by vain hopes; and if it is given wealth, then its independence makes it extravagant.

If want strikes it, then it is smitten by anxiety. If it is weakened by hunger, then it gives way to exhaustion; and if it goes to far in satisfying its appetites, then its inner becomes clogged up. So all its shortcomings are harmful to it, and all its excesses corrupt it. There are four things that make the heart die: wrong action followed by wrong action, playing around with foolish people, spending a lot of time with women, and sitting with the dead.

Surely want is a trial, and having sickness of the body is more difficult to bear than indigence, and having a sickness of the heart is more difficult to bear than having a sickness of the body. Surely being very wealthy is a blessing, and having a healthy body is better than being very wealthy, and having awe of Allah in your heart is better than having a healthy body.

Surely hearts have desires, and they turn towards, and they turn away Following is a sermon by the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib as all Arabic letters of which do not contain any dots at all:. Praise to Allah Who is the praiseworthy, the affectionate owner of everything, the One who forms everyone born, the ultimate end of everyone who is expelled, the One Who spreads out the earth, Who firms the mountains, Who sends out rain, who facilitates the attainment of goals, Who knows the secrets and realizes them, Who destroys the possessions and annihilates them, who folds out times and repeats them, who causes matters and is their source.

His forgiveness covers all, His creation of the clouds is perfected: Rain showers succeed it. He prolongs pursuits and hopes, broadens sands and places them. I praise Him an extended praise, and I recognize His unity just as those who love Him the most recognize: He is Allah, there is no god for the nations besides Him, nor is there anyone to cause a defect to what he straightens and does.

He sent Muhammad as a banner for Islam and an Imam for those who rule, a helper to the commoners and one who puts an end to the judgments of Wadd and Siwa' idols. He knows and He informs, He rules and He perfects: He is the origin of origins. He [Muhammad] paves the path [to the Almighty] and emphasizes the Promised Day, warning about it. Allah has made honors to reach him, depositing in his soul Islam, blessing his honorable family and offspring so long as there is anything that shines like lightning, anyone who hurries his pace towards his pursuit, whenever a crescent appears and the announcement about it is made.

Do, may Allah how to make experience letter after you, righteous deeds, tread the paths of what is permissible, put what is prohibitive aside and abandon it, listen to the command of Allah and realize it, keep in touch with what is a dual band usb adapter kinsfolk and look after them, disobey your inclinations and curb them, give your daughters by way of marriage to the people of righteousness and piety, and stay away from the folks who sport and who covet, so your marriage ties will produce the most pure of freemen, the most eminent descent, those who will let you achieve your dreams.

I plead to Allah to grant you the most praiseworthy of connection with Him, the perpetuation of pleasing Him; may He inspire each of you about that which reforms your condition and prepares you for what you shall receive [in the Hereafter]. One day, a heated discussion went on among the Arabs and Muslims during which it was said that there is no alphabet that recurs in speech more often than the "aleef" "A". All attendants agreed. It was then that the magnificent lantern of language, its deep ocean and precise philosopher, namely Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib asstood up and delivered a lengthy sermon which included praise of Allah Almighty, prayers and salutations unto His Prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib peace and blessings of Allah be with him and his progeny.

The statements of the entire sermon, from beginning to end, did not contain a single word having the "aleef" mamdoodaelongated alpha the humble translation by Yasin T. I praise the One Whose boon is great, whose blessing overwhelms, whose mercy is faster than His anger, the One whose word is perfect, whose will is affected, whose argument issue is wise, whose case is just.

I praise Him like one recognizing His Godhead, submissive while adoring Him, dissociating himself from his sin, recognizing His Unity, seeking refuge with Him against His warning, hopeful for the mercy forgiveness of his Lord that saves him [from the Fire] on a Day when everyone will be distracted even from his offspring and tribe.

We seek His help, guidance and directions. We believe in Him and depend on Him. He has no partner in His domain; He relies on none in doing whatever He does.

He is exalted above having an adviser or a vizier. He is above using a model or an assistant or a helper or a peer. He knows, so He covers; He is acquainted with the innermost, so He is most familiar [with our intentions]. He cast a look, so He assisted; He owns everything, so He subdues. He is disobeyed, yet He forgives; He is adored, so He thanks.

He rules, so He affects justice, and He is generous and grants favors. He shall never come to an end, and He has always been as He is; there is nothing like Him.

He, first and foremost, is a unique Lord in His exaltation, able through His might, holy through His sublimity, proud of His Majesty; no mental vision can realize Him, nor can anyone ever see Him. He is strong, invincible, seeing, hearing, clement, wise, affectionate and kind. One who attempts to describe Him can never do so; one who attempts to describe His attributes can never what kind of horse was silver so [either].

His blessing reaches those who get to know Him: He is near, so He is far [above mental or physical vision]; He is far yet He is near [closer to us than anything else].

He responds to the call of those who call on Him; He sustains His servant and surrounds him with His love; His niceties are hidden [from our comprehension]; His power is mighty; His mercy is wide; His penalty is painful; His mercy is a broad and a Garden of grandeur Paradise ; His punishment is Hell filled with horrors and chains.

He sent him during a good opportune period of time, when there was disbelief, as mercy for His servants and a boon for more.

Through him He sealed His prophetic messages, strengthened explained His argument. So he admonished, advised, conveyed the message and worked hard [for people. He was, affectionate towards every believer, merciful, easy to please, the friend of anyone who is generous and pure: mercy, salutation, blessing and honor be with him from a forgiving, affectionate, kind, near, responsive and wise Lord.

I have admonished you, O folks who are present here with me, to be pious as your Lord has admonished towards your Lord, and I have reminded you of the Sunna of your Prophet; so, take to awe that calms your hearts, fear that draws your tears, piety that saves you on a Day which will puzzle your minds and put you to the test, a day in which one shall win if the weight of his good deeds is heavy while that of his sins is light.

Let your plea be in humility and surrender, appreciation and submission, repentance and dissociation [from sin], regret and return [to righteousness]. Let everyone of you seize the opportunity when he is healthy before the time when he is sick, when he is young before he is aged, old and sick, [the opportunity] of his ease before he is poor, of having free time before he is busy, of being wealthy before being impoverished, of being present at home before he is away traveling, of being alive before his death.

He shall grow old, become weak, aged, sick, ailing, so much so that even his doctor is fed-up with him, even those who love him turn away from him.

His lifespan will have come to an end. His color of complexion is changed. His mental power is decreased, so it is said that he is ailing and his body is failing. He is having a hard time as he finds himself how to short the australian housing market from the throes of death: He is attended by those what is chicken base made of are close and who what is the difference between true love and obsession distant.

He gazes his looks, yearns as he turns his eyes, his forehead sweating, his [physical] senses being snatched away from him [one by one]. His sighs are now silent, his soul has departed, so he is mourned by his wife. His grave is dug, his children are now orphans, those who were around him his friends or foes are now dispersed from around him.

What he had accumulated legacy has now been divided [among heirs]. Gone now are his faculty of seeing and hearing; so he receives Talqeen ; he is stretched [on the ground] and directed [towards the Qibla].

He is stripped of his clothes, bathed, in the nude, dried then directed [towards the Qibla]. Something has been spread on the floor for him as his shrouds are being prepared.

His chin has been tied, his soul has already departed from his body and he has been bidden farewell by all. He is now shrouded, his head wrapped, so is his body, and he has been handed over [for burial]. He is carried in a wooden box coffin ; his funeral prayers have been performed with Takbir but without prostration or the rubbing of the forehead. He is taken away from a decorated abode [this life], from well built mansions and chambers topping each other, so he is now in an enclosure of a grave which is very narrow and separated from others; it is built with baked clay on top of each other and is sealed with a rock.

Dust has been healed on him, so he now is sure about that of which he was warned; his chest is now heavy; he is now a thing of the past.

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Various Sayings of Imam ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib An Extract of Du’a Kumayl The following sayings of Imam ‘Ali (as) are taken from Du'a Kumail, trans. N. Husayn Mardi, Chehel Sotoon Theological School: Iran, The most complete gift of God is a life based on knowledge. The innumerable fools have made the learned very scarce. Sai Baba of Shirdi (died 15 October ), also known as Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master who is regarded by his devotees to be a manifestation of Sri Dattaguru and identified as a saint and a lovetiktokhere.com was revered by both his Hindu and Muslim devotees during, as well as after his lifetime.. According to accounts from his life, he preached the importance of "realization of the. Allah has power over all things.(Adalhaqq and Aisha Bewley: 4) -And if God so willed, He could indeed take away their hearing and their sight: for verily, God has the power to will anything.(Asad: 6) -If Allah pleased, He could take away their sight and hearing;He has power over all things.

So do dozens of my colleagues. How can this be? A literal resurrection contradicts the known laws of nature. But the first disciples attested to a physical resurrection. How could an untruth logically support high moral character?

How could it have sustained the apostles through the extremes of persecution they experienced founding Christianity? And is celebrating a myth consistent with scientific integrity? Hypothesis two: We really believe in the bodily resurrection of the first century Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth.

My Christian colleagues at MIT — and millions of other scientists worldwide — somehow think that a literal miracle like the resurrection of Jesus is possible. And we are following a long tradition. The founders of the scientific revolution and many of the greatest scientists of the intervening centuries were serious Christian believers.

For Robert Boyle of the ideal gas law, co-founder in of the Royal Society the resurrection was a fact. For James Clerk Maxwell whose Maxwell equations of govern electromagnetism a deep philosophical analysis undergirded his belief in the resurrection.

And for William Phillips Nobel prize-winner in for methods to trap atoms with laser light the resurrection is not discredited by science. To explain how a scientist can be a Christian is actually quite simple. Science cannot and does not disprove the resurrection. Natural science describes the normal reproducible working of the world of nature. Maybe science has made the world seem more comprehensible — although in some respects it seems more wonderful and mysterious.

Maybe people were more open then to the possibility of miracles than we are today. Still, the fact that the resurrection was impossible in the normal course of events was as obvious in the first century as it is for us. It may be able to reveal self-deception, trickery, or misperception. If someone has been seen levitating on a supposed flying carpet in their living room, then the discovery of powerful electromagnets in their basement might well render such claims implausible.

But if science fails to find defeating evidence then it is unable to say one way or the other whether some reported inexplicable event happened, or to prove that it is miraculous. Science functions by reproducible experiments and observations. Science offers natural explanations of natural events. It has no power or need to assert that only natural events happen.

Contrary to increasingly popular opinion, science is not our only means for accessing truth. The extraordinary character of the event, and its significance, provide a unique context, and ancient history is necessarily hard to establish.

But a bare presumption that science has shown the resurrection to be impossible is an intellectual cop-out. Science shows no such thing. Hypothesis 3: I was brainwashed as a child. But no, I did not grow up in a home where I was taught to believe in the resurrection. I came to faith in Jesus when I was an undergraduate at Cambridge University and was baptized in the chapel of Kings College on my 20th birthday.

The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are as compelling to me now as then. Is There Evidence for Easter? Everything in the physical world disproves resurrection myths, being born of a virgin, turning water into wine, walking on water, walking through walls, living to be , dividing a sea, etc.

How can you say otherwise? Having an open mind and brain is fine, the problem is having the mind so uncritically open that the brains fall out. Doug, just think about the origins of the universe, something developing from nothing. Kind of seems impossible, yet here we are! What a miracle! The resurrection is the ultimate embodiment of this, Jesus rose again from the grave to conquer death so that there could be no doubt that he was who he claimed to be.

Hercules was a myth based on astrology… stories people made up about the stars …. The Christians were eyewitnesses to the whole story and they were all Jewish to start with.

Josh McDow was an atheist that started off to prove that the story of Jesus was a fiction. Not the same. Jesus miraculous acts and claims are historically verifiable, while the examples you gave are not. That is the whole point. But I notice you have still failed to rebut the historical evidence for the resurrection that is the whole subject of this article. So Paul is saying that the above things happened publicly in a public document and it is being read aloud just 23 years after the events actually took place.

Which means most of the eye witnesses who observed the events took place are still alive and able to support or not support Pauls claims. What if I said that Bill Clinton was a Republican. Do you think that interpretation of history would gain any traction? Of course not. I was there. I heard him speak. Exact same thing here. But it did. Christianity exploded. This is one way Christianity is completely different from every other religion- It is not just a philosophy or abstract idea.

Please read the below article it does a good job of explaining some of this. But the recency of the documentation makes that impossible. And good luck doing that because the only way any of it makes sense is if this actually happened. Not everything in the physical world has an explanation.

Life, the code of life, the harmony of the physical laws. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Do you believe in the miracles attributed to Buddha and Mohammed too? Do you believe in alien abduction simply because many people claim to have witnessed and experienced it? Hutchinson carefully dealt with this question from an historical perspective. The question is historical. So to your two points —.

Hutchinson making an issue of that. Why do you? Are you claiming that MIT is such an environment? If not, your point is pointless. Did not Jesus also allegedly tell people not to ask for miraculous proofs?

Likewise other religious figures. Where did Jesus tell people not to ask for miraculous proofs? I claimed nothing, I asked a question. Is it not reported that Jesus told people to keep his miracles secret, in the same text that reveals them?

If I expected the gospels to make sense, I would be sorely disappointed. Very well yes thats true he did tell them at the time to not say anything. It was by no means an order for all time to never say anything. Consider later on he did indeed tell them to go out among all nations telling the people all that they had seen and making disiples out of them. Muhammad and Buddha both claimed to specifically have not performed miracles. Jesus performed the miracles and just told them not to say anything yet.

Jesus performed miracles out of love. His purpose was not in His miracles. He was the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world.

He was not there for parlor tricks. He was there for their salvations. Since men can never seem to be good enough… their religion fails. Only Jesus paid the price we could not pay. Only Jesus… No one is in the same class.

Still waiting for you to rebut the historical evidence for Jesus resurrection. Explain the following:. There is no historical evidence for Hercules ascending into heaven. There is no historical evidence that Buddha ever teleported or walked on rainbows, or that Krishna ever lifted a mountain or controlled the movement of the sun.

There are religious texts which claim all these things happened.

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