What is clear tv digital antenna

what is clear tv digital antenna

Clear TV HDTV Antenna review

6 rows Clear TV Key Clear TV Digital Indoor Antenna HD TV Free TV Digital Receive. The Clear TV HDTV Antenna is one of the smallest and most affordable digital antennas on the market, but hit-or-miss reception holds it back. For Compact size.

Download Now. Add this to your wishlist to get notified when it's back in stock, or check on Amazon. I purchased this so I can replace the expensive cable tv and so far it's working as well clexr advertised.

Was this digitao helpful? I can see some of the same shows that I'm anfenna cable antenba. It brings in channels I enjoy watching with out the bills and it was so easy to install. I live in a city and in a senior how to escape a car rise. I bought this for a friend. He lives in a condo surrounded by other buildings in the complex. He also lives in the Mohave Desert in Laughlin Liaison what does it mean and it's pretty desolate.

With all that considered, he gets cartoon channels, movie and news channels and he also gets channels with whay wide variety of different TV shows. There is enough to choose from to be entertained and relax. He really enjoys it and it was how to fix a leaking window sill every penny.

It also saves him money and time from having to go rent movies or having to borrow movies from the library. This would be quite a blessing for people on limited involves that can not afford TV service and for people that are unable to get out because of age or health issues. Igot it for a friend and he says he gets reception but not as many channels as he had accepted. All Notices Customer Service. Not all products have appeared on television.

Departments Sign In 0. Bookmark us! Redeem Gift Card Help. My Account. Click to Enlarge. Clear TV Antenna by Tristar viewing now. Easy setup Watch broadcast shows for free Works just like your old antenna.

Refer friends, earn cash! Out of stock. Digiral Shipping on this item! Product Description Be prepared Watch your favorite broadcast TV shows for free. Receives digital, analog and HD channels over the airwaves. Features: Incredibly clewr HD signal No contracts, monthly fees or price hikes What is clear tv digital antenna network shows, sporting events, local news and weather, kids' programs and more Easy set-up - can be used on a flat surface, standing or wall mounted.

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A cheap and compact antenna with inconsistent results

As seen on TV Clear TV Works just like your old antenna, only now with a sleek design. Watch your favorite broadcast TV shows for free. Receives digital, analog and HD channels over the airwaves. Features: Incredibly clear HD signal. No contracts, monthly fees or price hikes.

Modern indoor TV antennas have mostly evolved from the enormous "rabbit ears" of old to near-paper-thin sheets of plastic that you can mount to a wall or hide behind your TV.

But if you're thinking that a design like this is too good to be true, then you're on to something: While we experienced good reception in one location that we've used to test many antennas , we struggled to pull as many channels or as consistent of reception in another area that has been fine with larger, more powerful rivals.

While it has a coaxial cable attached, the black plastic device itself fits in the palm of your handit's only about 3 inches tall and weighs practically nothing. The flat base is a little bit wider so that it can stand upright, which is aided by a peel-off sticky surface. We were able to move it between TVs and locations without leaving residue, although the stickiness gradually subsides each time you move it. The telescoping ears aren't omnidirectional, but you can point each independently along the spectrum from being folded to fully upright.

This isn't an amplified antenna, which means it doesn't have a separate cord that plugs into a wall outlet or USB port to extend the range.

American networks are not currently broadcasting in 4K resolution, so that's a promise that the Clear TV and other antennas can't fulfill for now. We saw very different results on two floors of a house about 15 miles north of downtown Chicago.

On the top floor, the antenna performed similarly to many others that we have tested in the location, picking up 55 channels and providing strong reception on most of them. We tested the antenna both directly behind the TV and a couple feet away from it on the same surface, and the results were similar in both instances.

Downstairs in the living room, the Clear TV was much less successful. We ran multiple channel scans with the antenna behind the TV, both resting on the stand and on the back of the set itself, and only pulled in about 20 channels. Those channels looked clear and were stable, but it was a fraction of what we had pulled one floor higher. Pulling the Clear TV antenna a few feet away from the TV increased the number of channels discovered to about 40, but those additional channels were choppy and inconsistentthe end result wasn't really any better.

We tried it again on a separate TV on a table about 10 feet away and discovered more than 40 channels, but once more, the reception on some channels made them very difficult to watch. We have tested other antennas in that ground-floor setting, both standard and amplified, and have typically seen pretty strong results.

However, the Clear TV HDTV Antenna seemingly couldn't penetrate the added obstructions of houses and trees, delivering fewer overall channels and less consistent picture quality as a result. But downstairs, the limitations of the compact design were immediately apparent, picking up a smaller number of available channels and delivering inconsistent reception for some of them.

However, if you have experienced troubles with interference or live farther away from a source, then you'll probably want to invest in something more powerful. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews Televisions. For Compact size Very affordable. Against Inconsistent performance.

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