What does ejaculation feel like

what does ejaculation feel like

What does it feel like for a woman when a man cum inside of her?

Mar 13, †Ј У It feels like popping a really big zit except the zit is your penis and the pus is ejaculate. It doesnТt hurt, but itТs still the same.Ф ЧMichael, 24 2. УIt feels like that moment in between. One of the ironies, is that the sensation that a man feels when he is ejaculating inside a woman, is very similar to the sensation that he feels ejaculating outside a woman. A burst, a rush, a spurt, Unfortunately, I seem to have lost that feeling recently. So how do I .

While having sex, both women and men are excited, and their erogenous zone is active. After having sex, when a man ejaculates semen in the vagina, most women can feel it every drop because the nature of semen is warm, and it feels incredible for most women as their vagina becomes more sensitive. While most women do not feel semen in their vagina is because their vagina is ehaculation wet, but they sometimes feel odes of semen.

They feel something warm fluid coming in their vagina. Ejaclation a live cam couple and ask them how is she feeling when her partner cum inside her vagina. Their vagina becomes more fragile and erected while they are sexually excited. This process feels terrific for most women.

The vagina of a woman becomes lubricated or slippery by the pass of fluids through the vaginal walls. Ejacu,ation the woman becomes sexually excited, the chemical changes happened in their vagina, and their vagina start making more alkaline and less acidic. Women need to become sexually active when their partner has inserted penis into their vagina, this is because the more sexy they feels the more vagina making lubricants; if a woman will not be excited, then it is very difficult to feel the drop of semen.

It may be due to a large penis that can fulfill all space in their vagina and also can make a woman very sensitive. Most women say they feel more semen on having sex with a large ejaxulation.

The size and girth of the penis can affect more compare to the average size of the penis. Due to the warm and sticky nature of semen, most women claim they feel semen inside her vagina. Semen has a warm temperature because the temperature of the human body is degree celsius, and also semen is sticky fluid in nature, how to get rid of cat pee smell on fabric sticks to the vagina when a woman becomes sexually active.

This may be one of the reasons, why women feel semen in their vagina. Skip to content. Nature of semen: Due to the warm and sticky nature of semen, most women claim they feel semen inside her vagina. Causes of not feeling semen in the vagina: Most women can not feel semen is because of: Their vagina is not tight : Some women say that they do not feel semen in their vagina because their vagina is very loose. This condition usually occurs when a woman just had a baby or they usually sex a lot with their partner.

Their vagina is not sexually excited: Most women sex with a partner without getting sexually excited. Everyone has a different shape of the body and penis size too. It is better ddoes ask your partner. If your partner wearing a condom: Approx, all women have this issue if their partner is wearing a condom, how can you feel semen inside your vagina if you put a condom on the penis?

Women only feel the hardness of penis if their partner wears a condom. The vagina is how to avoid weight gain on the pill wet: Most women do not feel semen in their vagina because their vagina is already wet but they sometimes feel the warmth of semen fluid.

The position also matters: Most women do not feel semen in their vagina in all position, they may feel when performing spooning position. The sex position during ejaculation is also one of the factors that are responsible for getting the sensation of semen fluid in the vaginal. I feel him propelling differently. It is incredibly cozy, so I can really feel that, yet not ejaculatikn. Nope, not a thing. The very first time, I really did not also know he had cum. I never feel it in missionary.

I can not really feel the real ejaculate since condoms. My first sweetheart, I could feel for sure, but he was also the guy that hit the ceiling when he masturbated while stocking bed. However, I can tell by exactly how difficult his penis gets right as he cums, by the noises he makes, and in exactly how his thrusting adjustments.

Likewise, points often tend to get really gooey. I keep in mind the first time we ditched prophylactics as well as he came inside me.

I had not been somewhat prepared for that. Currently, I enjoy it. On extremely, extremely few celebrations have I really felt the real ejaculation.

I have actually just had the ability to handle it when it fired really difficult against my cervix or former fornix. We likewise both have several physical ailments, so while we are undoubtedly passionate once we get going, we are not fast concerning the beginning. So the warmth, climax, or convulsions are non-existent Е to where I have actually had to ask if he completed, haha.

Quickies are the contrary. The adrenaline thrill, as well as short time, implies I can feel all the climax. Constantly amazing. That ejaculatoin an intriguing night. However, he has a huge penis and also orgasms with a fair bit of force, with a lot of climaxes.

Some claim just the pulsing of the orgasm, and also others say both. Personal experience, my ex can feel both, and as mentioned before, some men are shooters, so that possibly has something to do with it. I take place to be one of those to make sure that it probably has something ejacularion do with it.

An amusing arbitrary tale for comic relief that this thread reminded me of, I was with a girl as well as took out and um Е I lost control of my goal Е You should have seen the view on her face.

Not even in pornographies. Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Is chewing ice a sign of Sexual Frustration? I write a blog on LoveGrabber from my personal as well as from my research. I try to cover almost everything related to dating, sex, relationships, self-pleasure. Why do men have nipples? Proven Scientific reseason!! September 28, 16 signs your soulmate is thinking of you October 24, How to get crushes from other countries on Happn?

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This sensation takes over the tip of your penis, lasts about 4 seconds, and then you ejaculate. It feels as if all the nerve endings there are in complete ecstasy for this moment in time. The warm liquid (cum) there must activate these nerve endings, and endorphins fill your brain. It's not a tingle and it certainly does not hurt. Ejaculation feel like you are gona go to haven, is an incredible pleasure, very intens and releasing, it make you feel like you have run in a couple of seconds hundret of meters. Is sooo intens and unfortunatly last just for a couple of seconds comparing whit the female orgasm. Nov 20, †Ј Squirting is the ejaculation of a liquid other than urine from the vaginaТs urethra during an orgasm. Some call it female ejaculation. Below, learn more about what squirting feels like, why.

Guest over a year ago. Biomajor10 over a year ago. Handytim over a year ago. It makes the top of ur butt tight and your penis get a weird feelin like u cat explain btw I can't make cum I get seminal fluid only. Couldn't find what you looking for?

New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago I am a 15 year old male and I just have a few questions. What does it mean when you get to the actual stage of cumming? When I masturbate I keep tugging the little devil until I feel like I am about to erupt. After this happen is it meant to feel like you can't possibly go anymore? Like my penis doesn't hurt after masturbating, but it just feels like I sort of don't have the strength to go anymore, and that my penis is tired Occasionally some clear white liquid comes out, but in the pornography that I watch and use to stimulate, when the guy cums it is usually pure white and sort of shoots out.

When it happens to me it sort of just pours out, like there is no energy behind it. Is that cum? Health Ace. Biomajor10 over a year ago hey man Guest over a year ago Yea, the stuff that sort of pours out when I erupt is just clear and kind of sticky I guess.

BTW, I have had pubic hair for about 2 years now, but I only got armpit hair like a year ago Cause I have no idea Biomajor10 over a year ago puberty started for you about Guest over a year ago You'll know for sure when you have an orgasm, because once you push through that feeling of "can't go on any more" your penis will start a sort of series of convulsions. Like a multiple sneeze. It looks like a whitish or off-white sticky, slimy puddle or series of stripes totalling about teaspoons of fluid.

Maybe a bit more, if you haven't done it for a while. Pre-cum is clear, slightly sticky, has no smell semen can smell a bit bleachy and is usually less than a teaspoon full. Unless you're a big pre-cummer, it's usually only a few drops, and it dribbles or oozes out. I think the trick is to keep on rubbing even when you feel you can't go on.

Aim it somewhere safe. Have a couple of tissues ready. BTW, it feels great. Guest over a year ago think of something really hot. Guest over a year ago Cheryl cole normally does the trick for me But you may need the help of Miley Cyrus.

Guest over a year ago i have pre-cummed a few times and i was wondering when will i start to cum? Guest over a year ago I've been masturbating for a couple of years, and I'm 14 now, when I release the cum is in a liquid like state but a few moments later it becomes really thick, kinda like a slime, it's starting to scare me a little should I be afraid or is it normal?

Guest over a year ago What does it feel like when sperm comes out. The best way to find out is to masturbate. Try it, you'll like it. Guest over a year ago I am 13 and when i watch porn i make like a watery liquad that you could mistake for water.

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