What did christian missionaries bring to china

what did christian missionaries bring to china

Hudson Taylor and Missions to China: Christian History Timeline

What two inventions did Christian missionaries bring to China? They brought Christianity and knowledge of European science and technology, such as the clock. What was the main task of . What did Christian missionaries bring to China? a. The idea of commerce b. Democratic ideas c. Christianity d. Silver and Gold. check_circle Expert Answer. Want to see the step-by-step answer? See Answer. Check out a sample Q&A here. Want to see this answer and more?

Asked by Wiki User. They brought Christianity and knowledge of European science and technology, such as the clock. The Christian missionaries in China were impressed with the fact that many Chinese were interested in knowing Jesus. To bring people to believe more in the Lord. I can give you several sentences. The missionaries traveled to the Amazon. We were excited to attend the lecture given by the missionaries. Christian missionaries bring their religion to people all over the world.

I have actually met a Christian missionary in China, so the answer is 'yes'. All foreigners, including Christian missionaries, must register their residency with the local police.

Missionary activity must not contravene any laws and must not be deemed a threat to national security. I do not believe that China has opened its boarders to Missionaries yet. Hong Kong however has many missionaries. Robert Morrison, regarded among Protestants as being the what did christian missionaries bring to china Christian missionary to China arrived in Macao on 4 September American missionaries in China adopted some Chinese customs. The Jesuits were and are Catholic missionary priests, so they would have brought Catholic Christianity to China and anywhere else their priests went as missionaries.

There are missionaries from several different Christian groups in France. Did you mean the missionaries of the What are symtoms of stds of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the earlier Christian missionaries??

Missionaries in China mostly came to advance religion. However, they have been engaged in development of schools and hospitals in most rural parts of China. They felt missionaries and other foreigners were creating problems in China- Apex. That is just one example. There are unreached people groups in a lot of countries, some of which have missionaries presently working to bring them the Gospel, some don't. See the Related link below for more information.

Siddhartha Gautama made up Buddhism, and then had missionaries bring it to different country's. Buddhism was brought to China by missionaries. Santa Claus is part of Christian folklore. There are some Christians in China and their kids may get presents. Missionaries have always had the job to convert people to the church that they belong what are the burrows of new york. They were missionaries to Chinkiang, China at the time of her birth.

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An increasing number of medical missions, following Dr. Peter Parker's example, and schools for Chinese children, were established as more Protestant missionaries flocked to China, encouraged by the greater freedoms assured by the Treaties. The Protestant Missionaries of the China Inland Mission. All arrived in China by Hudson Taylor. Englishman Robert Morrison, first Protestant missionary to China at Canton. Elijah Coleman Bridgman, first American missionary to China, arrives at Canton. Madurai.”1 –Louis Le Comte, French Jesuit missionary in China () The image of the Jesuit as a shape-shifter, has been argued to be instrumental in the transmission of European knowledge and Christianity to late imperial China, especially the period from late Ming to early Qing.

The middle-aged man was one of the leading officers of a sect of reformed Buddhists in China. He had long sought truth by studying Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism; but not until he heard the Gospel of Jesus did he find rest for his soul. He eagerly testified to the Buddhists of the peace he had, and he began preaching Christ to his fellow countrymen.

Shortly after his conversion he had asked Taylor how long the gospel had been known in England. When he was told it had been known for hundreds of years, the man was shocked.

For hundreds of years you have had these glad tidings and only now have come to preach it to us? My father sought after the truth for more than twenty years, and died without finding it. Oh, why did you not come sooner? His "Impossible Dream" Hudson Taylor was challenged and determined that every province in China would hear the gospel. It seemed an impossible task because of the largeness of the country, the immense size of the population, and the closed political situation.

But Taylor believed that the responsibility for the mission rested with God, not with men. Hudson Taylor was born in Yorkshire, England in After a brief period of teenage skepticism, he came to Christ by reading a Christian tract in his father's apothecary store.

A few months after his conversion, he consecrated himself wholly to the Lord's work. He sensed the Lord was calling him to China, and he began studying medicine and lived on as little as possible, trusting God for his every provision.

Fundraising Strategy In , the twenty-one-year-old Taylor sailed for China as an agent of a new mission society. He arrived in Shanghai the next spring and immediately began learning Chinese. Funds from home rarely arrived, but Taylor was determined to rely upon God for his every need, and he never appealed for money to his friends in England.

Repeatedly he later told others, "Depend upon it. God's work, done in God's way, will never lack for supplies. In those days, foreigners were not allowed into China's interior; they only were allowed in five Chinese ports. Hudson Taylor, however, was burdened for those Chinese millions who had never heard of Christ.

Ignoring the political restrictions, he traveled along the inland canals preaching the gospel. Difficult Days In one of his early letters home he wrote: At home, you can never know what it is to be absolutely alone, amidst thousands, everyone looking on you with curiosity, with contempt, with suspicion, or with dislike. Thus to learn what it is to be despised and rejected of men Taylor did not long remain totally alone, however.

In he married Marie Dyer, an English orphan who was working in a school for Chinese girls in Ningpo. By , foreigners were able to legally travel anywhere in China, missionaries were allowed, and the Chinese were permitted to convert to Christianity.

At a time when tremendous opportunities were opening up in China, ill health forced Taylor, with his wife and small daughter, to return to England. What seemed at first to be a setback in his mission work turned out to be a step forward. While in England recovering his health, Taylor was able to complete his medical studies. The Mission's goal: To bring the gospel where it had never been brought before.

Twenty-two people accompanied Taylor back to China in They were aware of the "utter weakness in ourselves, we should be overwhelmed at the immensity of the work before us, were it not that our very insufficiency gives us a special claim to the fulfillment of His promise, 'My grace is sufficient for thee; My strength is made perfect in weakness.

The sufferings and hardships multiplied: Taylor's daughter died from water on the brain; the family was almost killed in the Yang Chow Riot of ; Maria, Taylor's first wife, died in childbirth; his second wife died of cancer; sickness and ill health were frequent.

By the Mission had missionaries plus Chinese helpers at stations. Under Hudson Taylor's leadership, C. During the Boxer Rebellion of , 56 of these missionaries were martyred, and hundreds of Chinese Christians were killed. The missionary work did not slack, however, and the number of missionaries quadrupled in the coming decades.

Chinese Christians proved remarkably resiliant under Communism. They did not die out but multiplied many-fold in one of the greatest expansions in church history. Not English but Chinese One day a man asked Taylor to explain why he had buttons on the back of his coat!

Taylor realized then that his western-style dress was distracting his listeners from his message. He then decided to dress like a Mandarin, a Chinese teacher. He was amazed at how dressing Chinese allowed him to travel more freely and be accepted more readily by the people. Taylor's goal was not to have the Chinese become like English Christians, but to have them become Chinese Christians.

Share this. Timeline BC AD Now. Hudson Taylor's Heart for China's Millions. Diane Severance, Ph. Today on Christianity. About Christianity. All rights reserved.

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