What can i make with bacon and potatoes

what can i make with bacon and potatoes

Homefried Potatoes with Garlic and Bacon

May 17,  · Drain the potatoes, cool to the touch, then dice them (about 1/2 inch square). Add them to the onions in the skillet and cook over medium heat for minutes, occasionally turning the potatoes with a spatula. In a small bowl, beat the eggs, milk, pasley, salt, and pepper with a fork until well 5/5(9). Nov 09,  · Fry the bacon rashers until just cooked. Place alternate layers of potato, onion, bacon, tomato, grated cheese, seasoning and about 7 small knobs of butter (should make 2 layers). Finish with a layer of potato and grated cheese flecked with more butter. /5.

So simple and delicious, comfort food I grew up with! To get round this problem I now par boil the potato slices at the beginning. Plus the addition qith chicken stock helps by potatoee moisture and steam during the cooking process as well as making the dish even tastier!

We love this bacon bake with just a simple witn of petite pois and a dollop of ketchup, comfort food at its best! You can also share your creations with me on social media by tagging FabFood4All as I love seeing my recipe come to life! I serve it with baked beans. Made this dish and loved it. The top was lovely and crispy and the liquid was just enough to act a a delicious gravy.

I will definitely be making this again. Made this for my family as something different to Di with bacon. Used baked beans instead of tomato and added some chopped mushrooms. Absolutely delicious, will become a regular in our house I think. I have spent all day floating to my housemates about this meal.

To what can i make with bacon and potatoes I was underwhelmed would be an understatement to be frank. The dish was bland to put it nicely, there was a swamp of stock which the potatoes were swimming in. I had to bin food which saddened me greatly as a student and ordered a takeaway. Hi Rebecca, I too am disappointed. This is my fourth most popular meal on Fab Food 4 All and you are the first person to not like it which tells me the fault is not with my recipe. A recipe is like a choir and unless everyone can sing the the end result will be out of tune, so if your ingredients were not all delicious and tasty in their own right eg a hard tasteless tomatoes, pre-grated mild Cheddar, etc then the end result will not miraculously come together to taste any better.

If I were to attempt it I would most likely freeze once cooked and then thaw and reheat in oven covered with foil or individual portions in the microwave. Super supper! I was running out of things in the fridge and pantry, to the point where cheddar cheese was not even an option.

Served czn partner who went back for seconds. Use tinned chopped tomatoes for the juice. Deffo par boil potato slices! Totally yummy! Made this how to cycle deca durabolin and had with salad as it is a hot day!

I also have a large pan which can go from stove top to oven so I just made it in that. The spuds were perfect. Is it meant to be still halfway up the dish after cooking. Im not complaining it was still scrumptious, I just had it in a bowl instead of on a plate. You should just have a small amount of cooking liquor at the bottom of the dish.

Your email address will not be published. Layers of potato, bacon, tomato, onion and Cheddar cheese baked with chicken stock make this delicious family meal - comfort food at its best! Potatkes Main. Cuisine British. Keyword bacon, cheese, potato. Prep Time 15 minutes. Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes. Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes. Qith 4. Author Camilla Hawkins. Ingredients g potatoes finely sliced 1 pack smoked back bacon 6 — 8 rashersfat removed 1 onion finely sliced g extra mature Cheddar cheese grated 3 tomatoes sliced mls chicken stock 30 g butter approximately.

Bring a large pan of water to boil and boil the potato slices for 6 minutes and then drain. Fry the bacon rashers until just cooked. Place alternate layers of potato, onion, bacon, tomato, grated cheese, seasoning and about 7 small knobs of butter should make potahoes layers. Finish with a layer of potato and grated cheese flecked with more butter. Finally pour hot chicken stock over the potatoes. Cover with foil shiny side down or a lid and cook for an hour or until tender.

Remove foil or lid and cook for a further 10 minutes to allow the cheese to brown. Next Post: Banoreo Cheesecake — vegetarian, no-bake, perfect for entertaining! Great Maek, yes you really need the stock for the ultimate flavour.

Excellent, sounds like a cross between this recipe and my Monday Pie Will be most certainly making again, thank you chef! Excellent Beth, glad you managed to use up your leftovers and that your partner enjoyed it Excellent Laura, glad you enjoyed the recipe and made what causes knee pain in cold weather own hack.

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Potato Recipes

This is done inside an oven that is set to degrees F after placing the bacon. Do not preheat that, as will be done after placing these. Now, set the timer for 15 minutes at the set temperature and check.

When you find it turning crisp and crunchy, turn it off and remove. This step is done. Keep the bacon aside. Cook the potatoes now. While your bacon is inside the oven , you can start with the potatoes. Start with the washing, peeling and dicing them into small cubes. You must remove the back from the dish and place it over a paper towel.

This is also to preserve the crispiness and not make it wet. About 2 tablespoons of it are required for the potatoes. You must place the potatoes in a single layer and bake them for like 20 minutes or so. Prepare the mixture. Chop the bacon now and keep aside. Remove the potatoes; sprinkle them with salt and pepper. Do the same generously with cheddar cheese, as much as you like. Spread the chopped back all over the potatoes on the baking sheet. Now, bake the mixture back in the oven for like 3 minutes.

Finally, spread the sliced green onions all over the dish and serve hot. NOTES Depending on whether you like your bacon crispy or chewy, cook for around 16 minutes or little 2 to 3 minutes more.

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