What are the best paying jobs in the usa

what are the best paying jobs in the usa

25 Highest Paid Occupations in the U.S.

Apr 07, Top Highest-Paying Jobs April 7, If you are evaluating different careers to determine which profession is best for you, there are probably a number of key factors that contribute to your decision, including educational requirements and your . Jan 10, Jobs in health and medicine are some of the best-paying in America, according to U.S. News & World Reports Best Jobs rankings. But those Author: Zameena Mejia.

In this article, we share the top highest-paying jobs, listed in order from the lowest to the highest average salary. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Finding a Job. Top highest-paying jobs. Internal medicine physician. Nurse anesthetist. General practitioner. Enterprise architecture manager.

Quantitative analyst. Vice president. Director of information security. Enterprise architect. Software architect. Software engineering manager. Senior clinical pharmacist. Data warehouse architect. Site reliability engineer. Chief marketing officer. Cloud engineer. Chief information officer. Data scientist. Solutions engineer. Chief executive officer. Pharmacy manager. Corporate controller. Full stack developer. Associate general counsel.

Financial planning and analysis manager. Nurse practitioner. Corporate counsel. Analytics manager. Software engineer.

Physician assistant. Plant manager. System engineer. Java developer. How to hack cash in social wars with cheat engine reporting manager. Aeronautical engineer. Senior scientist. Director payijg operations. Database administrator. Nuclear engineer. User experience designer.

IT manager. Political affairs officer. Environmental health and safety officer. Construction superintendent. Application developer. Systems administrator. Director of marketing. Mechanical engineer. Information security analyst. Research scientist. Clinical whst. Senior MRI technologist. Associate professor. Senior physical therapist. Civil engineer. Loan officer. Project manager.

Senior radiation therapist. Occupational therapist. Marine engineer. Systems analyst. Management analyst. Construction manager. Biomedical engineer. Sales manager. Director of public relations. Industrial engineer. Environmental manager. Speech pathologist. Cost estimator. Purchasing manager. Certified public accountant. Registered nurse case manager. Laboratory manager.

School psychologist. Market researcher. Marketing manager. Related View More arrow right.

30. Postsecondary law teachers

21 rows Sep 04, List of Highest Paying Occupations. OCCUPATION MEDIAN PAY ; .

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Rankings are based on salary data from the BLS. Where possible, we used median salaries for each occupation, which signify the annual wage of a typical employee in that role. The salary figures and job outlook projections are based on data collected through May , which is the last time the BLS updated its occupational statistics.

Work hours for an anesthesiologist follow the schedule of the operating room, which can be long and unpredictable.

Although becoming a surgeon requires several years of specialized training, these physicians are rewarded with one of the highest-paying careers. Surgeons may find themselves working long, irregular hours, depending on their specialty. While those focusing on preventative and elective surgeries may have a more predictable schedule, surgeons working in fields such as trauma or neurosurgery often work extended, even overnight, shifts.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat a wide range of diseases, injuries, and defects in and around the mouth and jaw. They may also perform dental implant surgery.

Doctors specializing in vaginal, ovarian, uterine, and cervical reproductive health and childbirth, known as obstetrician-gynecologists, or OB-GYNs, make slightly below the annual wages listed for oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Successful OB-GYNs are good at communicating information to patients that improve their health and that of their babies.

They also excel at handling high-stress situationsmost notably childbirthswhich can occur at odd hours of the day. These doctors frequently take X-rays, apply braces, create mouth guards, and perform other procedures as needed. High-achieving orthodontists require good communication skills, as they work with patients directly, plus strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. While some work for large orthodontic offices, others own their own practice, which requires strong management skills.

Prosthodontists fix damaged teeth or missing teeth with artificial devices such as dental implants, dentures, bridges, crowns, and veneers. Physicians who thrive in this speciality have a strong inclination toward science, are able to diagnose complex dental problems, and possess the mechanical acumen to properly address ailments.

Many of them work with cancer patients, making it important to understand the needs of surgical patients and treat individuals going through radiation or chemotherapy.

Some work on child and adolescent psychiatry, for example, while other specialize in forensic legal psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, or consultation psychiatry, which occurs in a medical setting.

Others specialize in psychoanalysis, where the psychiatrist helps the patient remember and examine past events and emotions in order to better understand their current feelings. Psychiatrists can be found in any number of work environments: private practice, hospitals, community agencies, schools, rehabilitation programs, and even prisons.

Some primary care doctors specifically work with adults internists or children pediatricians. It also covers pathologists, who study body tissue for possible abnormalities, and radiologists, who analyze medical images and administer radiation treatment to cancer patients.

At the No. Internists, who often serve as primary care doctors or hospitalists, specialize in the care of adult patients. As with other general practice physicians, internists who work in a primary care capacity see a lot of patients and need to treat a range of ailments, from asthma and diabetes to high cholesterol and hypertension. With visits often lasting 15 or 30 minutes, quick decision-making skills are a must. Chief executives represent the highest-paid profession outside of the medical or dental fields.

While highly paid, many chief executives have daunting schedules. These general practitioners perform checkups and exams for younger patients, treat common ailments, and administer immunizations. They often refer patients to a specialist when their health issues are more complex. Pediatricians require strong critical-thinking skills, especially given the large number of patients they often serve, as well as excellent interpersonal skills and empathy.

Nursing tends to pay well in general compared with most other career paths, although nurse anesthetists do particularly well. That means becoming a nurse anesthetist takes less time and money than going to medical school and becoming a physician. Dentists often show up in lists of the best jobs in healthcare. While the pay tends to be attractive, the combination of relatively low stress and flexible scheduling certainly adds to the appeal.

In a typical week dental practitioners might find themselves analyzing X-rays, filling cavities, extracting damaged teeth, and administering sealants. Working in the aviation industry can mean a lot of time away from home, but it also leads to a nice paycheck in many cases. The pilot, or captain, typically has the most experience operating a plane and oversees the other members of the flight crew.

The copilot is the second in command during the flight and helps the captain with responsibilities in the cockpit. However, because of the increased amount of automation in new aircraft, there are fewer jobs for flight engineers than there used to be.

Dentists who specialize in other practice areas also get compensated quite well. Among the practitioners included in this category are endodontists, who perform root canals and other procedures dealing with the inside of the tooth, and periodontists, who treat the gums and bones around the teeth. Computer and information systems IS managers oversee functions such as electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming.

They evaluate the IT needs of a business or government body and work with technical staff to implement computer systems that meet those objectives. Before becoming IS managers, individuals generally have several years of experience under their belt in a related field. In general, larger organizations require more-seasoned IT managers than smaller companies or startups. According to the BLS, a chief technology officer CTO , who supervises the entire technology function at a larger organization, will often need more than 15 years of IT experience.

Successful managers need to develop sound plans that mesh with the goals of the organization, as well as the ability to motivate employees who are under their supervision. These managers are charged with coordinating all the technical aspects of architecture or engineering projects. That can include consulting with clients and preparing specifications for the project, analyzing the feasibility of work being proposed, and reviewing contracts and budgets.

In addition to having strong administrative skills, managers in these fields need a background in architecture or engineering to understand the demands of a particular project.

Energy sources, including fossil fuels such as oil and gas, are the lifeblood of the economy. However, extracting those important resources efficiently requires some serious know-how, and petroleum engineers play a big role. Typically, the responsibilities of a petroleum engineer include ascertaining operational methods, performing a cost-benefit analysis for a given project, and analyzing survey or geographic data.

Judges preside over trials and hearings in a local, state, or federal courthouse. Appellate judges review cases from lower courts to ensure that the law was applied correctly at the trial level. Magistrate judges work within the federal system and are appointed by the district judges of their district court. Magistrates are not judges but rather hold a ministerial role in some local and state courts.

In certain jurisdictions they review criminal complaints and issue arrest and search warrants, summonses, and emergency protective orders. They may also oversee bail hearings. It takes talented professionals to analyze how much demand there is for a particular offering and find ways to bring it to market.

Marketing departments also determine the price that will maximize profit for the company. To flourish, marketing managers have to demonstrate a blend of creativity and business acumen. Day-to-day activities include everything from acquiring market research to planning promotional activities to developing websites and social media campaigns. The finance department plays a pivotal role, especially in medium- and large-sized organizations. Among their responsibilities are planning investment activities and assessing market trends to maximize profits while controlling risk.

They also create financial reports that help the senior management team make decisions and inform shareholders. Moving up the organizational chart is the ticket to a good payday in just about any field, and the sciences are no different. Professionals who supervise chemists, physicists, biologists, and other scientists are in the top 25 of all occupations when it comes to median pay. Looking for a career that requires a strong scientific aptitude as well as good people skills?

Becoming a pharmacist might just fit the bill. Pharmacists have to know about the appropriate dosing and side effects of a wide range of medications, making excellent knowledge-retention skills and attention to detail imperative. Pharmacists also need to articulate their expertise effectively, particularly when working directly with patients.

While you may tend to think of pharmacists as the white-robed individuals working at a retail pharmacy, clinical pharmacists work in hospitals and other medical settings, where they typically accompany physicians on their patient rounds. Some also work for pharmaceutical companies, where they may design drug trials or work on research and development for new medications. Sales managers play a vital role in most companies, creating sales territories, identifying goals for salespeople, and developing training programs that help team members sell products and services more effectively.

They also pour over sales data in order to identify the most promising products and markets and to assess the performance of sales employees. While the pay tends to be very good, sales managers often have to travel quite a bit to visit local sales offices and meet with distributors. Because they shoulder a lot of the responsibility for generating revenue within an organization, serving as a sales manager can also be a stressful position.

While specialists tend to earn the largest paychecks, general practitioners and even nonphysician roles, such as nurse anesthetists, certainly bring in attractive salaries.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. American Society of Anesthesiologists. American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Global Pre-Meds. University of California at San Francisco.

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