Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness how to get palkia

pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness how to get palkia

Palkia (Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky)

The next morning chatot ask walrien to bring manaphy to the sea so do some misions you will have a dream about crecalia so do a few more missions you will have another dream. so go to the guild you. Jun 11,  · The Palkia the player can recruit in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is connected to Cresselia, implying it to be the same Palkia that the player encountered in Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. See also. For more information on this Pokemon's species, see Palkia.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Where and how do I fight palkia? How do I get there? User Info: HockeyFan Whats the nightmare and how do u get there?

Top Voted Answer. First graduate from the guild by deafeating the grandmaster of all things bad wigglytuff and his minios the rest of the guild. After completing that do a few missions, then you go to sourounded sea and you find three boxes and an egg. The next day the egg hatches and conratz its what to do in sunny isles beach fl boy!. Chatot tells you its a manaphy,a pokemon that should be hatched in the sea!.

So your partner asked chatot if you could take care of it so chatot agrees. Chatot says its hungry he says go to craggy coast and find a blue gummi. Cotinue going to the beach. When you reach there chatot asked what happened to manphy then you say that it has a high fever.

Chatot says get phione dew from the phione in miracle. Then a garydoas shows up thrash it and phione will give you phione dew as a thanks. After that report to chatot at the beach. The next morning chatot ask walrien to bring manaphy to the sea so do some misions you will have a dream about crecalia so do a few more how to get tangles out of your hair you will have another dream.

User Info: pokefreak Then go to the beach and talk to Lapras All of those events happen in the Post-Game Scenario, just in case you didn't know. You can't recruit Palkia on the first encounter, however obvious that fact is, but you will be able to travel freely to the Sky Rift after completing all major events in the Post-Game, which consists only of the fight with Darkrai after the Sky Rift encounter. Hope I helped. User Info: Gatordan The Nightmare is a dungeon that you face in the post-game storyline.

If you haven't beaten the main storyline yet, then you'll have to wait until you can get there. You must have the scene where azurill has a nightmare after doing a couple of jobs. Then beat Mt. Travail to meet drownzee. Complete the nightmare. Do some jobs and a few nights after talking to Lapras Palkia should apear and take you to spacial rift.

Beat that dungeon and fight Palkia. User Info: arctichicken. You fight palkia in spacial rift where he kidnapps you to. User Info: gamesmaster The nightmare is a one time only dungeon that you need a drowzee's help to get into.

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Question Status When does palkia kidnap you? Answered What lvl is palkia when u recuircut him? Answered How do I beat Palkia? Answered How to Beat Palkia? Answered How do I get Palkia in my team? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? When does palkia kidnap you?

What lvl is palkia when u recuircut him? How do I beat Palkia? How to Beat Palkia? How do I get Palkia in my team?

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For Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how do i recruit palkia". Palkia is very similar to Dialga in that it also has an attack that is strong and can kill off all your Pokemon at once - Spacial Rend. Reviver Seeds are a must, as are Sleep and X-Eye Seeds. Palkia is also a lot harder to type trump, as Dragon is its only lovetiktokhere.com: Drayano. OK! To defeat some legendary Pokemon like palkia or dialga, bring about 8 or so seeds that mess with them. Such as totter seeds or blinker seeds. Then just keep on blasting them with your best attacks that cause super effective hits. I got dialga (both evil and normal) and palkia using this method and using long range attacks! Hope this helped!

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Legendary Recruitment Guide by Drayano Version: 1. The most up-to-date version of this guide will always be on GameFAQs. Sorry I haven't been answering any e-mails but I'm open for it now. Fixed a few things and removed the three turn theory with the conclusion that it does not work.

Mistral's Wonder Mail thank you to the people who e-mailed me for that. Thanks to the people who helped with that see the credits. Very little else to say. To do this, you must defeat them in battle the final hit being your team leader's hit and then hope that they ask to join your rescue team. I imagine most of you know what legendary Pokemon are if you've ever played another Pokemon game. In case you haven't, though unlikely, legendary Pokemon are one-of-a-kind Pokemon that are supposedly "extremely rare.

However, only 33 of those legendaries can be caught in this game, I'm afraid. As for how they relate to Mystery Dungeon - legendaries tend to be the bosses of dungeons, or at least they were in MD1 - for many legends, a completely new system has been built. Though about six or so of these legendaries remain as bosses, many can actually be found wandering around on the floors of specific dungeons with the aid of a special item.

Legendary Pokemon are, for the most part, more powerful than their counterparts in normal Pokemon. However, they also tend to be a lot bigger and because of that you cannot bring as many Pokemon as you'd like to and certainly not four extremely powerful legendary Pokemon, though it is possible to bring four legendaries as some are only 1 or 2 starred in their size rating you can bring a maximum size of 6 along.

They are also a little harder to recruit in some cases, but not all. There are a few items in this game that can help you recruit them and to defeat them, as well as some items that can help you get through dungeons.

This is useful but it is the weakest recruitment item available to you. The Golden Mask, according to a source, "Maximally raises chance of recruiting Pokemon. Zero Isle North is not an easy dungeon. Though it is the one Zero Isle where you are not reduced to Level 1, the Wild Pokemon there are very powerful from what I have heard, about Level 90 or so and you do not gain any experience from them. It is just lying on the ground there. Also, in a Wonder Mail - check the Wonder Mail section for it.

However, it is arguably actually harder to get. Though it is located on a lower floor, because it is in Zero Isle West you are reduced to Level 1. If you do attempt to get it, good luck. Like the Golden Mask, the Amber Tear is just lying on the ground. Thanks, Brody.

The only drawback is that each Reviver Seed can only be used once. These are extremely useful items, in any situation, not just legendaries. I've found quite a few in Labyrinth Cave, myself you need a Wonder Mail to unlock that dungeon btw and you can also sometimes by them from Kecleon's shop in Treasure Town for Poke each. You can also get Reviver Seeds by doing sentry duty once you have completed Mystifying Forest. If you get a perfect score on the sentry duty, a Reviver Seed will always be one of the three items you receive.

The effect also lasts for quite a few turns so it is a very useful item. There isn't really a specific location where they can be found, as far as I'm aware. This item should work on any Pokemon except for those who have the Insomnia or Vital Spirit traits and it gives you a fair few turns to let loose attacks as well. When petrified, a Pokemon can not move until the Petrify effect goes away - which is whenever the Pokemon is hit by anything that changes anything to do with the Pokemon, such as stats or HP.

This means things such as Sandstorm and stat boosters such as Acupressure can cause the petrify effect to wear off. When a Petrify Orb is used, all Pokemon in the same room as you will immediately become petrified and cannot move again until they are attacked.

When used, all enemy Pokemon in the same room as you will be warped to another place on the map, seperately. This means that you can take them mostly one at the time rather than the nine or ten or so at a time as before. Some legendaries can only be recruited the second time onwards you see them, too.

Avalanche Peak - Wonder Mail Required. Darkness Version Only. Time Version Only. Please note that every legendary here must still have a certain condition fulfilled to get them, however. When you first battle Dialga atop Temporal Tower Summit, he will be Primal Dialga - a Dialga with a different colour scheme and a crazy personality.

Otherwise, he's pretty much the same. A lot of people have trouble with Dialga because of Roar of Time. Roar of Time is a move similar to Discharge, in that when Dialga uses it ALL of your Pokemon will take damage and the power isn't split either. Though it won't usually OHKO you unless it gets a critical hit, it can cause some serious damage and since it can hit both of your Pokemon, you may not have a chance to recover the health of all Pokemon so I highly recommend you bring some Reviver Seeds when battling against this beast.

In addition, if you can find a Dig TM, teaching the move to one of your Pokemon can help a lot against Dialga. After you beat Primal Dialga, Dialga will change back to his normal blue colour.

Soon after, the credits will roll. After the credits, you can go to the beach below Treasure Town and talk to Lapras. Lapras will take you and your partner ONLY you and your partner, however to the Hidden Land, so you'll have to go through the Hidden Land and the interior of it again. Once you beat it, you will be asked if you want to continue to Temporal Tower - say yes. Get through it, get to the top, and battle Dialga.

This time, Dialga The only difference is that you have probably risen a few levels since the last fight. Use the same tactics and you should be able to get past the or so HP that Dialga has both times you battle it. After defeating it again, you will get an option asking you if you want to let Dialga join your team.

Obviously, pick yes, and you will have recruited Dialga! The first time you see Uxie, you'll have just beaten a fake Groudon. Uxie will not actually fight you the very first time you see it, instead letting you gaze upon the beautiful sight of the Fogbound Lake. The Groudon before can be a bit difficult at Level 30, but it isn't too difficult to prevail against. If you come back up to the summit after the credits roll, Uxie will, for some odd reason, not recognize you and challenge you to a fight.

Uxie is honestly not that tough - just four or five powerful attacks should be sufficent to defeat it. Just beating it will cause it to ask to join your rescue team - say yes and you've recruited Uxie! Mesprit isn't that hard to beat at this point so you should prevail with ease. Later on in the game after you've seen the credits, come back to the lake and Mesprit will challenge you again, this time at a new and improved Level But she's still not very difficult - strong attacks will do.

Like Uxie, Mesprit will ask to join your team. Say yes, you recruit Mesprit, etc. Of course, if you have Fire or Flying attacks defeating Grovyle shouldn't be that hard.

Like the other two in the trio, come back after the credits and Azelf will challenge you to a battle at Level Same process, same recruitment question. You get the idea. If you don't know, within Aegis Cave there are Unown and you have to get Unown Stones, each one having the letter of the Unown it drops from, to spell out the words on the stone slab in the hubs of Aegis Cave.

When you first come in, it will show you the word "ICE" in Unown writing. After getting these three and getting back to the hub which is achieved by simply completing the maze you have to talk to the stone and "submit your proof". It will then disappear and you can go down to fight Regice. This means that since you must defeat Regigigas to unlock Concealed Cave, you must recollect the stones to form the word ICE at least twice.

By at least, I mean that you may have to do it more times. It all depends whether you get Regice or not. Personally, I had to try twice to recruit it, not including the battle on the first runthrough of Aegis Cave.

Make sure you defeat Regice with your leader and after you are granted the guardian's permission Regice may reappear and ask to join your team. If Regice doesn't, bad luck - you'll just have to collect the stones and try to recruit it again. For this reason, I highly recommend you bring a Golden Mask or Amber Tear along when trying to recruit it.

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