Not a uti what else could it be

not a uti what else could it be

4 Reasons Why Antibiotics Did Not Resolve Your UTI Symptoms

if i have no signs of uti, what else could it be? 1 doctor answer • 2 doctors weighed in. Share. Dr. Alan Ali answered. Psychiatry 32 years experience. UTI?: Need more information regarding symptoms, to be able to provide advise. Thanks. views. Thank. Dr. Madhu Kandarpa agrees 1 doctor agrees. Feb 02,  · If they get large enough, ovarian cysts, which are usually benign, can produce urinary symptoms such as urgency. The cyst may begin to press the bladder, which causes discomfort. Doctors typically Home Country: US.

A woman named Claire went to her doctor with symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency along with pelvic pain. The symptoms had begun a few months earlier and her first thought was that she had a bladder infection or a UTI. She went to her primary healthcare provider who prescribed her a round of antibiotics.

On this first visit, she also underwent the dipstick test for UTI which came positive. After a week of antibiotics, she was still in pain, so she went to the doctor for the cojld time. This how to remove buffer tube too her dipstick test was positive but the doctor decided to send the urine sample to the lab. Surprisingly, the sample showed eb bacteria. However, they did not go away completely.

As she was flying frequently on business trips, she spent extended hours sitting. Soon her symptoms returned with a vengeance.

So he prescribed another round of even more powerful antibiotics. This process went on over a period of 4 to 5 months during which Claire suffered terribly from b stomach issues thanks to the antibiotics. Finally, the cycle of dysfunction, pain and inflammation escalated to a point where she could hardly sit. It was evident that there was a lot more going on.

A traditional UTI is usually easy to detect- you might experience all the symptoms what year am i in numerology as frequent urination, bloody and foul smelling urine, pain, fever etc.

However, in some cases, UTIs or bladder infections can get rather complicated. Nog dipstick test at home might show a color change indicating clearly that there is a UTI.

Despite all the medication, you continue feeling worse. The reason for this is: there are many diseases which mimic the symptoms of elwe UTI. Let us find out which wgat are…. Urethritis is common in males; it is the inflammation of the urethra.

The Urethra are tubes that carry urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. Some types of Urethritis are sexually transmitted, though e.

Herpes simplex virus can also lead to Urethritis. Symptoms of urethritis include pain during intercourse, frequent urination, blood in semen whxt urine, bf, in women, discharge from the vagina. In women, many different types of vaginal infections can lead to UTI like symptoms. The main ones ve Candida and Gardnerella etc.

Candida is a fungal vaginal infection whereas Not a uti what else could it be is caused by bacteria. Symptoms of bacterial Vaginitis or Gardnerella include how to do an easter egg roll odor from vagina, white-yellowish discharge, irritation of the vulva, pain during intercourse etc. Treatment is usually antibiotics. Causes of bacterial vaginitis include sexual transmission.

Vaginal candidiasis symptoms include itchiness, discharge, pain, burning during urination etc. PID is pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis is inflammation of the lower end of the cervix that leads to the vagina.

Symptoms of PID include vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods, irritation, dysuria, etc. Some eelse also have utl blood cells in the urine. This is a sign of infection or inflammation in the urinary system. Apart from these conditions you could also, as kti above, suffer from vaginitis, hormonal imbalance etc. All these conditions could give rise to symptoms similar to UTI symptoms. Having a medical issue which does not respond to conventional treatment can be very frustrating.

An alternative thing to try in such a case is use some home remedies as below:. Continue seeking medical advice from doctors and if needed, see a specialist.

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Case study A woman named Claire went to her doctor with symptoms of urinary urgency and frequency along with pelvic pain. Not a UTI-what else could it be? Urethritis Urethritis is common in males; it is the inflammation of the urethra. Vaginal infections In women, many different types of z infections can lead to UTI like symptoms. Cervicitis or PID PID is pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis is inflammation of the lower end of the cervix that leads to the vagina.

Can you have UTI if there are no bacteria in the Urine? If you do not have either a STD or a UTI, you could have one of the following: Chronic interstitial cystitis — This is an infection that is characterized by an inflammation of coukd lining of flse urinary tract.

It is difficult to get rid of and even strong antibiotics do not show results. What you can do is continue drinking tons of water and follow basic hygiene practices like peeing after sex, wiping from front to back after bowel movement and eating an alkaline diet. Hydronephrosis — This condition affects the kidneys. There may be an obstruction which does not allow all of the urine to come out causing a swelling in the kidneys.

What to do? An alternative thing to try in such a case is use some home remedies as below: Drink plenty of water. Eliminate gluten, sugar and simple carbs from the diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Take apple cider vinegar every day organic only. This reduces inflammation. Urinate frequently- do not postpone when you get the urge. Practice basic hygiene- use cotton underwear utu of nylon tight fitting thongs. Wipe front to back instead of back to front for women after bowel movement.

Also pee after sexual intercourse to get rid of bacteria. Avoid use of strong lubricants, vaginal jelly or spermicides which could aggravate the irritation. Apply heat packs to eliminate pain in the pelvic region. Managing UTI in Diabetes. Got epse urinary tract infection?

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Reason: Yeast Infections

MSKshelly It is very likely that you have chronic cystitis which is a chronic low level UTI that does now always show on standard UA, since it basically is a low level bacteria that live in your bladder wall etc. You may also have Interstitial Cystitis.

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Video chat with a U. Get prescriptions or refills through a video chat, if the doctor feels the prescriptions are medically appropriate. Please note, we cannot prescribe controlled substances, diet pills, antipsychotics, or other abusable medications. Connect with a doctor now. Get help now: Ask doctors free Personalized answers. Similar questions A year-old female asked:. Patricio Gargollo answered. Pediatric Urology 21 years experience. Yes: You can. Make sure you change the tampon often.

Keep things dry and drink plenty of fluids patricio gargollo, pediatric urology , dallas texas. Alfredo Nieves answered. Yes: No problem with using tampons. Remember to use non scented tampons and change it frequently. Kevin Windisch answered. Yes: Your vagina is not attached to your urethra or bladder.

Karen Jones answered. Obstetrics and Gynecology 37 years experience. Yes: You can use a tampon if you have a uti. However since the vagina is right next to the bladder , you might find the tampon is uncomfortable due to the infection in the bladder. If you are uncomfortable, use pads instead.

Martin Raff answered. Infectious Disease 56 years experience. UTI: Yes, you can wear a tampon with uti. Tanya Russo answered. Yes: This should pose no increased risk to UTI progression, and should have no impact on treatment.

A Verified Doctor answered. A US doctor answered Learn more. Here are some Of course, you can try and see; if it bothers your voiding, don't it; if not, use it. Ask your gyn-doc timely in detail. John Berryman answered. Obstetrics and Gynecology 54 years experience. UTI and tampons: Urinary tract infections UTI need to be treated, but tampons if appropriately used are not going to interfere with the treatment. The UTI occurs in the bladder and urethra tube connecting the bladder and the outside and if a tampon is changed correctly, there should be no effect on the treatment of the UTI.

Lori Lange answered. Yes: It is OK to do that. Tampa, FL. Peter Kurzweil answered. Internal Medicine 50 years experience. Must be evaluated by urologist. Could be a problem, in ascending order from where the urine leaves the body, with the urethra, the urinary bladder , the kidneys. Your age, I am presuming u r female, is an important factor.

There are effective ways of rx. See a gyn and a uro. George Klauber answered. More annoying than: Utis with only burning on urination and malodor is more annoying than anything else. Utis with back pain or fever need to be checked out. Reduce risk of utis by spreading thighs widely when you urinate. Also worth while urinating after sex plus taking Macrodantin nitrofurantoin mg if necessary. You may have cystitis cystica, a chronic bladder condition.

Best to discuss this with your md or do. Many people with neurogenic bladder dysfunction can have completely non-symptomatic utis. Some people mistakingly think that urinary malodor is not a symptom, whereas it can be a symptom of a uti. Kenneth Cheng answered. Family Medicine 31 years experience. Several reasons: Urinary tract infections in women are more likely to occur with tight clothing, wiping from back to front, taking baths vs. Showers, and sexual activity.

Consult with your family doctor, internist or urologist to see if something else is occurring. Francine Yep answered. Age can also be a factor. If you're menopausal , you may also have uti 's more often. Talk with your doc about your many choices. All or any of the above could make you prone tro utis. Examination , urine dipstick , urine microscopy and culture help to confirm the diagnosis.

It can also give a sensation of needing to go frequently or not being able to go when you feel the need. The urine may be dark or look like pus and have an odor. There may be abdominal pain or back pain and possibly a fever. A urine dipstick can easily identify it.

Related questions A year-old male asked:. Saturday wen i peed it was all cloudy for a whole 30sec, with pain. What are the signs of a UTI in women? Could having constant uti's be a sign of something more serious? I've had uti's frequently and 3 in the past 5 months!

As there is a history of it in my family. What are common signs of a uti? People also asked Can intercourse be the reason for my uti? Can ngu form from a uti? Home to treat a uti? Can one get a UTI from a public restroom? What kind of doctor would an 80 year old see for a recurrent uti? Related topics Urinary tract infections. Connect with a U. Disclaimer: Content on HealthTap including answers should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and interactions on HealthTap do not create a doctor-patient relationship.

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