How to weave a basket from palm fronds

how to weave a basket from palm fronds

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Tape the edges of the palm frond, if necessary, to the flat surface. Pick a strip from the pile. Starting at one side of the palm fronds that are secured down, push the strip underneath one of the strips. Pull it out, and then weave it over the next strip. Alternate in this pattern until you reach the end. To get started we got a palm frond, make sure you have an even number of leaves on both sides of the centre stalk bit. working on one side of the frond start we started weaving the leaves. keep the leaves fairly tight together otherwise your basket will have big holes in it! Then weave the other side of the palm frond leaves to match the first side (well as best you can!), do I see a few holes in yours Vince??

The ladies wear them for dancing and ceremony and he also said they make the flowers below and stitch them around the band. Lily made plenty of these to sell in Port Douglas market and to give to friends.

What an achievement. Aaron related to me the islanders can whip one of these up so quickly make straps, sling it on for taro harvesting and when done, toss it into the how to weave a basket from palm fronds once more! I would love how to rent without a credit check go there one day for weaving… here you can see the creation of a few days. Weaving coconut palm brings me a lot of splendid happiness!

You have beautiful how to become a great software engineer. PWould love to know how to weave the head and for my daughter if you have time to share. So lovely! Seems like a good one to start with. Hi Jillian. A long lost reply from my long neglected blog! Haha sounds crazy! Good luck and happy weaving!

Hi cooper. For the base I gently squeeze the taro basket between my knees to create a line I can plait along. First with all the south facing leaves I plait and then I turn the basket and plait all the previously north facing leaves. To finish that, the basket is upside down while I am plaiting the two rows of the base. Does that make sense at all? How exciting! It now has tumeric growing in it. That worked, but I would like to have another go at getting it right next what to wear to an irish wake. It makes sense.

However Im not sure exactly how you plait all the south facing leaves together, do you start with 3? Thanks for your tutorial! How you prepare the palm leaf before you weiving? How to choose it? Hello Maria. The palm leaves are freshly cut. Usually the second or third newest leaf.

Just one from each tree. They are usually un damaged and long enough to weave with. I have friends who climb the trees professionally I cannot do it! I keep the fronds dry and shade for 3 or so days before I weave them. Good luck! Hello, your weaving is awesome Do you sell your beautiful baskets?

Hello Sal. Thankyou for the compliment! I weave and sell my coconut baskets when i am in queensland. Thanks so much for your super tutorial and all the fabulous pictures! I just moved to Maui with how to play hollywood nights on guitar husband and have been obsessed with palm weaving so it was nice to have a few new projects to give my brain and fingers a workout.

I missed the explanation for the 4 corner bowl you have in your penultimate photograph on the bottom right corner. Did you do that too? Thanks Nico I did not make the mat in the picture, though I have learnt the technique. Yes the four corner bottom bowl is a favorite. A great mathematics reflection in weaving. Next year then for these two methods!

I adored reading this post and looking at the wonderful pictures I would love some. You guys have done a amazing job in sharing the process of weaving. My granfather use to weave here in. All I am weaving at the moment is a stinnking cold we are expecting a storm here too. Thanks for sharing, peace Emma. Thanks Emma. I have done a little flax and willow in nz with mike Lillian an exceptional willow weaver!

Lucky you having a weaver in the family! Are any of his baskets and tools still in your life? Hope you are well again. Letter arrived!! Thank you Rosi. I started with the same designs this year too. I really want to do a big one. Hi again! I forgot to show the hats I made this year. A couple of great ones and a friend wearing one from last year. Going strong and sailing the high seas!! Where are you travelling now?

Oh we are in Brisbane for the Summer while my partner works. Definitely missing the wide open spaces and non manufactured horizons! Also spinning from the change of pace that city life brings…but feeling lucky to be able to catch up with family and our homeschooling community here. There is no doubt that you have the bastard gene required to be a basket maker.

If you were ever my pupil, you would soon be my teacher. Oh stop it! Soon, being a lifetime. Secretly very honoured by your comment mike Lillian.

Lots of love from Rosi. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Here are some long promised coconut palm weaving processes first The Dilly Bag and next The Fruit Bowl or Calabash the beautiful serpent like weave on the headband was taught after my teacher had been with some weavers from Vanuatu.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Hello, I am in search for guidance regarding the bottom of the taro basket. Keep up the beautiful work! I eagerly await more tutorials…. Wonderful work 1g equal to how many mb very much appreciated step by step guide.

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Jan 29,  · Fold the four sides of the woven base to form a corner for the basket. After which, alternately weave each strand around the basket itself. Cut the excess leaves on top of the basket. The height of the basket would depend on your liking. Fold the sides of Servings: 1. Oct 26,  · Note the coconut palm mat which it’s all modelled on not my work. something to aspire to next year! on the front right is a square bottomed basket. see if you can work that one out!! Weaving coconut palm brings me a lot of splendid happiness! and now the large Taro basket looks golden and strong in it’s dry form some months lovetiktokhere.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. Dec 20,  · Weave the last side of the box to close the shape. Add the next strand. By the third strand the box shape will be stable and much easier to weave. Gently hold the box and tug all the end pieces to firm up the square shape. Tuck the left over strands of palm into the design by following the weave pattern.

Woven palm fronds can be practical or works of art. One way to learn palm frond weaving is to start with a simple project, such as a palm frond fish. Fold both fronds in half. Lay them in front of you horizontally so the folds of both fronds point left. The four flaps resulting from the folds are A and B on the top frond and C and D on the bottom frond.

Slide flap A between flaps C and D near the fold. Flap D should be between flaps A and D. The two folded fronds should create a right angle. Bend the end of flap A down and slide it between flaps C and D, creating a loop. Bend flap D backward and through the loop created by flap A. Fold flap A back over flap C and through the loop created by flap D. Tug flaps A and D tight to create a snug, square weave.

Flip the fish over. Fold flap D to the left over flap B and slide it under the loop on the left side of flap B. Tug all the flaps so the weaving is nice and snug. You should have a square with four flaps sticking out of two sides. By Megan Shoop Updated July 21, Related Articles. How to Trim an Asparagus Fern.

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