How to use tetra lifeguard all in one treatment

how to use tetra lifeguard all in one treatment

I added tetra lifeguard all in one tablets and it looks like all my fish ar...

1) LEAVE FILTER SYSTEM OPERATING NORMALLY, REMOVE FILTER CARBON FOR DURATION OF TREATMENT. TURN OFF UV STERILIZER IF PRESENT. 2) ADD ONE TABLET PER DAY TO EACH FIVE GALLONS (19L) OF AQUARIUM WATER. TREAT FOR FIVE CONSECUTIVE DAYS, AT HOUR INTERVALS. How Tetra Lifeguard Works: They put the halamine compound (1-CHLORO-2,2,5,5-TETRAMETHYLIMIDAZOLIDINONE) into a chunk of magnesium sulfate. When you put that into the tank it dissolves / dissociates slowly over 6 hours to release UP TO but NOT MORE THAN 20ppm of the compound.

I added tetra lifeguard all in one tablets and it looks like all my fish are dying or freaking out, will someone explain???

I was treating for bacterial disease and used what it said. I have 3 Molly's and 3 neon tetras, and 3 other tetras but one of them died. The tank is filtered and heated, and is 55 gallons.

Parameters are toxin and chemical levels in water, so, things you test for like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph, and gH. I intentionally keep them in every tank, they are actually very good things to have. They can over populate, but are easily controlled by not over feeding your tank. Could you give me an idea on how many punches to feed my 8 fish? And should I put the at in back in?

Also, what do I do to lower the amount because it's making This dust treqtment stuff on my fish. You can put the filter back in, and as for food, as I don't know how large your hands are, I can't measure your pinches. You want lifeuard feed about what your fish can eat in a minute or two, with no leftovers.

I thought the snails? Well on two of my fish there was something that looked like dust, and I how to make your rap name figure it out. The guy at petco said the snails were doing it and gave me that medicine.

A picture would help. Snails have no direct effect on fish. I have nearly a dozen tanks that all have snails, with zero issues. Last time I checked my nitrite nitrate and ammonia levels were all great, and my pH levels are high treztment that's just how the water is here and it's how they were kept at Petco.

It wasn't that long ago but I'll have it checked tomorrow. Thanks for your help, I was about ready to teratment up since I can't seem to catch a break! Treatkent means a lot that you help! It looks like the stuff in this photo. You can see better and tell if it is more like it. I would look up the word and research it more. Or take your fish an expert. But if it is Hope its not and the rest of your fish are ok.

Good luck. M y A quarium C lub. I added tetra lifeguard all in one tablets and it looks like all my fish ar By madcatmartin5 years ago on General How to win a trial by written declaration Questions.

What were you treating for? Did you dose properly? What fish do you have? Is the tank filtered and heated? Tank size? I also took out the carbon lifeguarrd like it said to do. It's been 2 hours, like as soon as I put in the all in one stuff. Is the filter still going? With medication fish usually need more oxygen. What are your water parameters? Yes it's still going, I can turn it up. And what does parameters mean? I'm sorry. Here's the problem in having. That's a snail, lifeguard isn't going to do anything against it.

Well the guy tdeatment me it would. What do I need to do to get rid of these things? Aren't they bad? What is making a dust stuff? Those may interest you: Will Tetra Lifeguard harm the biological filtering bacteria?

I want to treat my 29 gallon aquarium with Tetra Lifeguard, just as a preca Is it safe to buy a fish from a tank that has a dead fish in it? Stunting - Do fish like Goldfish grow only to the size of their tank? It's not ick it's a grayish color and is all over it. This is the one that died. It looks like fungus, what are the water parameters?

Well, check the water again, you should check your water weekly, as things change. Please either use your own photos or what is a bank swift code hsbc a link to copyright photos. Admin team. Those may interest you: Homemade onne tablets. I had 2 fish with white spots on them. I put Tetra Lifeguard Halo Shield in Treating with Lifeguard for fungus. Hi, I added the Tetra safe start to my 10g tank!

Diagnosing and Treating Constipation in Betta Fish. I just got a betta fish and added it into my tank with some blood fin tetra White foamy Bubbles on top of tank water? How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it?

Ok cycled tank added fish, 5 black mollies and 1 tetra it got caught up in Tetra LifeGuard, fin rot, and other tank residents. Can I use Tetra safestart at the same time as Tetra lifeguard? How many days can you use Tetra Lifeguard to treat infections? Using tri-sulfa tablets for fish? Can I put the tablets in there if I have fish in the tank?

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Tetra Lifeguard can also be used as a preventive when adding new fish. To treat, leave filter system operating normally; remove filter carbon for the duration of treatment. Turn off UV sterilizer if present. Add one tablet per day to each 5 gallons (19 L) of aquarium water/5(45). Lifeguard Tablets may also be used as a preventive when adding new fish. Five day lovetiktokhere.comively treats most common fish diseases Will treat ick, fungus, mouth rot, and more May be used as preventative when adding new fish/5(). I added tetra lifeguard all in one tablets and it looks like all my fish ar By madcatmartin, 5 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. 7, K. I added tetra lifeguard all in one tablets and it looks like all .

Without hopefully killing the fish. But it DOES involve a chlorine effect. They are too sensitive. More experience is needed. I would use this product MAINLY for finrot, mouthrot, fungal infections, cotton wool disease, body slime, or body sores.

If I was attacking parasites, I would use something else. Perhaps their Ich-Guard product. Note that the chunks treat the system for roughly 6 to 8 hours- — which is why you have to reapply on the daily for several 5 days. Many environmental stressors are associated with the intensive culture of fish. These include poor water quality, overcrowding, insufficient dissolved oxygen, rapid environmental changes, poor nutrition and poor handling practices.

The stress induced by these environmental and management practices can result in reduced growth, poor feed conversion as well as increased susceptibility to disease. Outbreaks of most parasites and many bacteria, including Flavobacterium columnare can also follow stressful episodes and if not remedied disease can occur. Few therapeutants are available for the treatment of disease in fish populations, fewer still that will work in both fresh and saltwater. One class of compounds, N-halamines, originally developed as human drinking water disinfectants, has shown promise against external parasites and bacteria of both freshwater and marine fish.

The compounds are 1,3-dichloro 2,2,5,5-tetramethylimidazolidinone DC and 1-chloro 2,2,5,5-tetramethylimidazolidinone MC. N-halamine compounds are so named because of the presence of one or two chlorine atoms halogens attached to a carbon ring structure. The precursor of these compounds is a stabilizer of free chlorine or a chlorine adjuvant.

The stabilizing action of the ring structure reduces the toxicity of the chlorine to the animal and prevents bromine substitution in saltwater applications. Enter your email address for a free PDF of this article including its images.

I did a twenty page tutorial Here's the tutorial with video, audio, images and even little parasite movies to show you how to use a microscope. This filter can handle it. In "Tortu's" tank, it's got an gph pump and it rocks. PraziPro for Flukes They nailed it. Figured out the solubility and worked out the dosing. It works. Buy Some Good Koi? No, this isn't really for the ' high end' collector y'all.

But for someone who isn't near a decent garden center, here are "good-to-quite-good" Koi you will like at a very good price. I know these guys personally. Best Food, Ever It's made for and I discovered it for my Blood Parrots but the small size, intense color enhancers and excellent formulation make it superb young-Koi food.

There's economy in the concentrates. Hard to get Prime shipping because air transport is curtailed. This is a good value on 32 ounces. Only use ONCE. Do not 'repeatedly' scrub wounds. Confectioner's Glaze Is the way to bind a medication to fish food.

Gone are the days of paste food and oil. I have over ten of these Titanium Heaters in my fish room and at home. They're a paradigm shift in aquarium heating.

Whatever heaters you use, back yourself up with a temperature controller, it'll turn on, and off your heaters. If your heater seizes "on" at least the thermostat will stop a tragedy. LifeGuard by Tetra is a tablet version of a tame 'chloramine-t' or 'halamid' compound that's easy to get and good on bacterial infections, in baths. Antimicrobial If you're making medicated feed for a larger group of fish, this will come in handy. Dosing is available in the site. For me, filtration-of-choice For aquariums, even small Koi holding facilities or small ponds.

These sponge filters are cheap, easy to clean, and they clear hazes very well when used with some Accuclear or similar. Rubber sided, round, nettable tanks Make great hospital or quarantine facilities. Don't overfill and make sure it's propped up. That's all I'll say because there's risk of electrocution and all that. But then, even in a bucket you could get killed. Sound like fun? Working still. Dosing is in the site and the book. What Does Ajax Eat? I looked for something well formulated, with meat as the first ingredient.

And this was it. He looks and feels great on it. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. LinkedIn 0. Enter your Email Address. My Favorite Amazon Recommendations. Items and content will not show in "Reader View" check your browser. Buy Koi Online. Buy Koi Online 4.

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