How to switch over phones

how to switch over phones

Got a new phone? Heres how to switch like a pro

Mar 30, But dont switch phones without taking precautions. After all, you store a lot of important information on your smartphone, and you dont want to lose any of it by leaping unprepared into an. Feb 28, Before you switch phones, youll want to make sure youve backed up your important data, contacts, photos, and files. Up next, well run through how you .

Losing all the stuff on your phone used to be no big deal a decade ago. These days, it's practically a Netflix horror movie plot. Wondering how to switch your iPhone, iPod, or iPad successfully, without losing anything in the process?

If you're looking to upgrade your iPhone these are the best iPhones phonez buy right now to the newest model, it is possible to do so painlessly. Your photos, contacts, videos, message history, music, calendars, mail accounts, and many of your apps can all be transferred from your previous device to the new one.

We've outlined the steps below. First you need to back up your old phonewhich can you do via iCloud or your computer. You used to be able to use iTunes, but that app has since been replaced by three appsApple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TVon Phonez running newer operating systems.

The computer backup steps are similar. To back hod your iPhone using iCloudfirst be sure your device connected to Wi-Fi. If that's ovver case, click on your iPhone. It might be worth setting your new phone to automatically backup daily, but be aware that the cloud only stores 5 GB for free.

On the left you should see your phone come up under Locations. You'll be able to go through all your switc data, from music and podcasts how to teach adults to ride a bicycle photos and files.

If your photos have been saved via iCloud, they won't show up here unless you turn that feature off. Under the General tab, you can select Back Up Now. To save Health and Activity, choose the option to encrypt your backup or else ;hones will not save it; not saving unencrypted Health and Activity data is a default privacy feature. All iCloud backups are encrypted automatically. Encrypt your backup by clicking "Encrypt local backup" and setting a password.

Encrypting allows you to back up your Health what makes a movie feminist Activity data, as well. Apple also goes through the steps here. Once you're fully backed up, turn off your old device. If you have a SIM card that you want to use, you can switch that from the old to new phone now. Lightly pushing a paperclip into the SIM tray hole will help you open it up.

Turn on your new phone and follow the steps on the Hello screen until you reach a screen that asks if you want to join a Wi-Fi network.

Choose how to build my abs network you wish to join. While still on that Wi-Fi screen, you can choose how to restore your backed up data.

If you used iCloud to back up your iPad or iPhone, continue through the setup process until you reach the Apps and Phonnes screen and tap phohes Restore from iCloud Backup option. Sign in to your Apple ID if you're forgetful, consider using a password manager to find and store old login information and choose the backup that you want to use.

The backups are time-stamped, so if you've been regularly backing up your phone there will be several there; be sure to look at wsitch date sitch size phonds the backup to make sure you pick the correct one. How to switch over phones you used your computer to back up your data, plug your phone into it.

If you're using a Mac running Catalina If your Mac is running an older operating system or you have a PC, open iTunes. Select your iPhone when it appears in the window. Click Restore Backup under the General tab and choose the correct date. Don't disrupt ober Wi-Fi connection until the backup is totally done. Disconnecting early phknes cause your backup to pause until you reconnect. The same goes if you are restoring by tethering your device to a Windows 10 PC or Macleave your phone plugged in until it's finished.

There isn't anything else to it. If you went ahead and fired up your new iPhone without transferring anything, you'll have to either erase it and start over, or transfer your content manuallybut that's going to be a lot more work than doing a full transfer. We recommend just starting over from scratch and following the above steps to get all your data over at once. Do not swifch data on your old phone until you have your hoa one up and running. Have fun with your new iPhone or iPad, and if you don't need your old one, you may be able to sell it.

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May 20, How To Switch iPhones Without Losing a Thing 1. Back Up Your Old iPhone or iPad. First you need to back up your old phone, which can you do via iCloud or your 2. Turn Off Your Old iPhone. Once you're fully backed up, turn off your old device. If . May 24, But to make it even more seamless, there are a few things you should do on your end first. So, before you ditch your old phone for good, keep this checklist in mind. Step 1: Back up everything. Most of the time, youll get to bring everything from your old phone to your new one. This includes contacts, photos, and text messages. Sep 01, Whether youre switching from another iPhone or a different smartphone, youll want to follow these steps to ensure your iPhone activates properly: Make sure both phones havent been turned on yet. Swap the SIM card, if necessary. Power on the new iPhone. Follow the on-screen setup steps.

By David Nield March 30, Luckily, moving from one phone to another is a lot easier than it used to be, because we now store most of our digital possessions in the cloud.

Plus, you can find some key apps to help make the transfer a little smoother. Start by going through the apps on your device while thinking about where each program stores its data and how seamlessly you can transfer it to your new gadget. Email clients from Yahoo and Microsoft work the same way, storing everything in the cloud rather than on your physical device.

In fact, the backup tools built into Android and iOS let you save almost everything you need to the cloud or a computer, which is incredibly helpful when you switch phones. On Android, head to Settings , System , Advanced , and Backup to see that the feature is working properly.

You can also make a backup by connecting your iPhone to your computer. For more information, Apple has a full guide here , and Google has a full guide for Pixel phones here. For example, while Apple has long backed up all your SMS and iMessage conversations, Google only recently beefed up its message backup capabilities and you may run into problems. Check out our full guide to backing up text messages for some assistance. On top of that, it can be tricky to work out which of your non-Apple or non-Google apps are actually taking advantage of the built-in backup options.

Your best bet is to head into these third-party apps and see if they mention backups. Check whether the program lets you save your hard-earned high scores to the cloud or to another device. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Apple and Google both want to make it burdensome for you to leave.

At the same time, Apple and Google are eager to tempt you over to their platform, and have written official guides on making the switch. Just work methodically through your apps and make sure anything you absolutely need will be available on your new handset once you wipe your old one. So review the apps on your phone and look up their policies online. Then follow their instructions to set the same apps up on your new device.

With your new phone set up, consider the security of your old one. You may use your phone as part of the two-step authentication process , where a code is sent to your phone whenever someone tries to log into one of your accounts on a new device.

Most accounts and services, from Facebook to Google, offer this security feature. While two-factor authentication improves your security, it also adds to the hassle of switching phones. In some cases, you might have to briefly disable two-step authentication while you move everything over. Sign up to receive Popular Science's emails and get the highlights. How to switch phones without losing your information Ditch your old device but keep your data.

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