How to setup domain controller

how to setup domain controller

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Select "Promote this server into a domain controller" Select “Add a new forest” and enter Root domain name. This domain name will also be the forest name. Select a forest functional level and a domain functional level of your choice. Jan 08,  · – Enter your root domain name and click on next – On the Domain controller option, I will be leaving the Forest and Domain functional level as shown below and will enter my Password that will be needed in the future for recovery purposes. Remember to uncheck the Domain Name Server (DNS) Server in order not to install DNS Server.

A domain controller DC is a server computer that responds to authentication requests. It participates in the replication and contains a complete copy of all directory information for their domain. Ensure the requirements are met here to be able to support AD FS. If your environment requires high availability of IT systems, so when one DC fails, another takes over to ensure cotroller login, etc.

Steps in performing Setting up the first Domain Controller. You can optionally click on the check box to skip through this window in the future. This is because; you must not necessarily use the built-in DNS server. If you do, you can select any and click on next. Usually, if a restart is needed, the system will ask and prompt for this.

But I do this on the fly by checking the box, restart the destination server if required as shown below. Or else the default name stays. See this link on how to perform this task the following link. Note: 2: Ensure, you change the computer- name and enter the right IP parameters. This is very vital. But I will leave it as default what does the word ivy mean shown below.

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Install the Active Directory Domain Services role

Sep 10,  · Add a new forest and specify the domain name. In the next screen, three items need to be configured. In the first place, the level of functionality of the new forest and root domain. Then the domain controller capabilities. Sep 10,  · In the Domain Controller Option tab, select a Forest functional level and a Domain functional level as per your environment. Since this is the first domain controller in the forest, please select the DNS Server (as we are configure AD integrated DNS) Author: Avijit Dutta. Jan 29,  · Setting up an Active Directory Domain Controller can be divided to five phases: Install Windows Server; Set up the server (static IP, updates, server name etc.) Create the domain; Setup Active Directory Domain Services; Create domain / AD users; This tutorial will show you how to do this. When done, your users and computers can join your own.

Updated: Aug 31, Article :: KB Microsoft Active Directory is a critical service for any domain architecture, and the server which holds these services are called Domain Controllers. Today, we'll install and configure the first Domain Controller in the single forest single Domain architecture. Follow the below step-by-step process to install and configure the Domain Controller. Log into your Windows Server with administrative credentials.

The " Before you begin " tab contains some important informations. Please go through it and click " Next ". In the " Installation Type " tab choose Role-based or Feature-based installation and click on Next button.

In the Server Selection tab, please select the destination server on which the role will be install. Please verify the hostname and the IP address points of the selected server. Click Next to continue. If not selected, during installation it will automatically select and install the DNS Role. Then, it will prompt to show you the associated features for the role. Click on Add Features to add those.

Then click Next to continue. In the Features tab, the basic features for this required role are already selected by default. Click Next to install continue. In the next window, it gives brief information about " Active Directory Domain Services" service. Click next to proceed. In the Confirmation tab, verify the selections and click on the Install button. You may or may not select the option "Restart the destination server automatically if required".

It is always a best practise to restart the server post installation. Once done, it will start the installation process and you can check the same in the Results tab. Once the ADDS role installation completes, click on the option "Promote this server to a Domain Controller" highlighted in below image. Alternately, you will see a notification flag next to the Manage menu.

From there also you can select "Promote this server into a domain controller", this will start the configuration process. It will open the "Active Directory Configuration Wizard". Now, from the Deployment Configuration tab, select "Add a new forest" as I am configuring new Forest and it is my first domain controller. Provide a Root Domain name , mine is "VirtualGyanis. Com" you have to put your domain name here.

Then, click on Next to continue. In the Domain Controller Option tab, select a Forest functional level and a Domain functional level as per your environment. Then, click Next to continue. It is suggested to keep the NetBIOS name same as the root domain name by default, it will fetch the domain name only.

You can change the default path as per your organization security policies. I have kept them default. Now, click Next to continue. In the Review Options tab, you will review the configuration. If everything is as per your need, you can click Next to proceed or otherwise you can go back and change the required setting as per your need and then proceed further.

You can also view the powershell script for future deployment. Below mentioned script is from my environment. Note: Always test your PowerShell scripts in a test environment, before running in a production environment. End of Script. In the Prerequisites Check tab, it will do prerequisite check. Then, click on I nstall button to start the installation process. Once installation completed successfully, you will get the below confirmation message.

Close this window and restart the Server. Once server rebooted, you have to login with your domain Admin credentials. By default, the local admin account will promoted as a Domain Admin account. Login and verify the health of the Domain controller. You will get all the Active Directory tools in the folder named Administrative Tools on the Start menu.

Go and explore the tools. If you liked this article, do share the same. You can also refer to the below books for further knowledge enhancement. Recent Posts See All. Step-By-Step : How to configure email disclaimers in Office online? Post not marked as liked 3. Step-By-Step process to delete "Windows. Post not marked as liked Draw your Active Directory Environment.

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