How to say the four seasons in spanish

how to say the four seasons in spanish


How to say four seasons in Spanish. Spanish Translation. cuatro estaciones. Find more words! Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. seasons: estaciones: four: las cuatro, cuatro: See Also in Spanish. estaciones: seasons: cuatro: four. Oct 07,  · la primavera=spring. el verano=summer. el otono=autumn. el invierno=winter. updated Oct 7, posted by Shelly. 0. votes. las cuatro estaciones.

This free what is reduce reuse recycle mean lesson is about the seasons in Spanish.

Here's a tip: try using a Spanish calendarwhich will help you remember the words more easily. Listen carefully to the Spanish pronunciation and practice. Rocket Record lets you perfect your Spanish pronunciation.

Just listen to the native speaker audio and then use the microphone icon to record yourself. Use a headset mic for best results.

Click here! You might also want to know how to pronounce the Spanish months! Luckily the names of most months look and sound quite similar in Spanish and English, which makes them easy to remember. The months also start with lowercase letters in Spanish! There are no two Spanish-speaking countries with seasons that are exactly alike. Check out Spanish Time for more useful info! Here are some recommended lessons:.

Seasons in Spanish This free audio lesson is about the seasons in Spanish. Resources for further reading: The top ten tips to fast-tracking your Spanish How long does it take to have Spanish conversations?

Talking about the Seasons in Spanish. The seasons. It is so beautiful in this season. The spring is the wettest season in my region. Here are some recommended lessons: Knowing the days of the week in Spanish is always helpful in conversations!

It's important to be able to tell and ask about the time in Spanish. Learn to here. See you! Mauricio Evlampieff: Rocket Spanish.

Not All Hispanic Countries Have the Same Seasons at the Same Time

This free audio lesson is about the seasons in Spanish. It’s easy to learn the Spanish words for the seasons--test your pronunciation of the Spanish seasons.. These are useful words to know when you’re traveling in a Spanish-speaking country, or having a conversation with the native Spanish /5(). 4. (prime period) a. la temporada. (f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (F) We recommend that you consume vegetables in season. Recomendamos el consumo de .

The weather is usually a go-to topic for s mall talk. Plus, a bit of easy examples on how you can use them in sentences. Want a more straightforward copy of this list in PDF format?

You can download a copy by signing up below! To say snowing in Spanish, you say nevando. Is it cloudy outside? Take it as a chance to say cloudy in Spanish! The rain sometimes bring complicated feelings in people.

Some love it while some feel an intense sadness. Which one are you? It is also an adjective that means serene. The time when vacations are aplenty and the beaches are crammed with people.

Once again, you can download a copy of this list in PDF format when you subscribe below! Janey is a fan of different languages and studied Spanish, German, Mandarin, and Japanese in college. She has now added French into the mix, though English will always be her first love. She loves reading anything including product labels. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Quick Navigation Spanish Weather Vocabulary. Click here to Download the PDF. Spanish Weather Vocabulary. Raining in Spanish. Lloviendo Is it raining? The Spanish word for that is lloviendo. Cloudy in Spanish. Nublado Is it cloudy outside? Foggy in Spanish. Hay neblina. Breeze in Spanish. To say breeze in Spanish, simply say brisa! Hay una brisa. Windy in Spanish. Ventoso Windy in Spanish is called ventoso.

Sunny in Spanish. Cold in Spanish. Cool in Spanish. Fresco Nothing beats a cool day out. Not too cold, not too warm. Just cool. In Spanish, we say caluroso! Hot in Spanish. Hace calor. Humid in Spanish. I know I do! Temperature in Spanish. La temperatura esta bien. Nieve Do you love the snow? I sure do! Amo la nieve. Rain in Spanish. Lluvia The rain sometimes bring complicated feelings in people.

Drizzle in Spanish. Lloviznar How do you call a light rain or drizzle in Spanish? You say lloviznar! Acaba de empezar a lloviznar. It just started to drizzle. Wind in Spanish. Hay mucho viento hoy. There's a lot of wind today. Bad Weather in Spanish. Mal tiempo Bad weather outside? Better stay at home! Hay mal tiempo hoy. Good weather in Spanish. Say buen tiempo. Hay buen tiempo hoy. There's good weather today. Lightning in Spanish. The Lightning flash is fast.

Thunder in Spanish. Un trueno After the flash of lightning comes the thunder or un trueno. Frost in Spanish. Escarcha Frost in Spanish is escarcha. La puerta tiene escarcha. Dew is a physical-meteorological phenomenon. Extreme Weather Conditions in Spanish.

Storm in Spanish. La tormenta! La tormenta se acerca. Hail in Spanish. How do you say that in Spanish? You say granizo! Rainstorm in Spanish. Un aguacero A rainstorm in Spanish is called un aguacero.

La tormenta bloquea el paso. The rainstorm blocked the pass. Tornado in Spanish. Tornado Tornado is also tornado in Spanish. Easy peasy. Just the word though, not the weather condition. The Tornado destroy all the houses. Hurricane in Spanish. The hurricane is growing fast. Flood in Spanish. There was a flood in my house. Earthquake in Spanish. Terremoto Afraid of earthquakes? You have every reason to be! In Spanish, we call it terremoto.

The earthquake broke the building.

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