How to put on hand wraps muay thai

how to put on hand wraps muay thai

How To Put On Hand Wraps For Muay Thai Kickboxing And MMA

Oct 19,  · Step 3: Wrap around your thumb two times. For each time you wrap around your thumb, also wrap once around your wrist. Step 4: Wrap three times around your knuckles. Step 5: Now, wrap once in between each of your fingers. Pay close attention to how Penek goes back across the top of the hand and around the wrist after going in between each finger. How To Put On Hand Wraps For Muay Thai Kickboxing And MMA. Whether you have recently learned the art of Muay Thai – commonly known as kickboxing – or you have been a practitioner for quite some time, you have definitely noticed those hand wraps. There is even a possibility that you have wondered about their importance.

Last Updated: June 12, References. This article was co-authored by David Engel. With over 15 years of martial arts instruction and training experience, David runs California Martial Athletics with co-owner Joe Chernay.

He has created and maintained martial arts programs at Rise Combat Sports in San Francisco and Round 5 Martial Arts Academy in What components make up a virus Leandro, with a mission to provide students with a level of comfort and competency that manifests both within and outside the martial arts context. Notable accomplishments of David include being the youngest apprentice instructor of the Thai Boxing Association of America under Ajarn Chai Sirisute, being a registered cornerman for amateur and pro competitors under the IKF International Kickboxing Federationand being a top-ranked amateur competitor lb weight class in California between and There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewed 10, times. Before you train or fight in Muay Thai, you need to wrap up both of your hands to protect them from damage. Most practitioners use a pair of elastic bands with Velcro to protect their muscles and bones from damage.

In Muay Thai, you make a basic wrap by folding the band into a pad, then winding the remaining material around your wrist and between your fingers. A comfortable wrap allows you to fight with not only greater safety, but increased precision and strength as well. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers.

Please log in with your username or email to continue. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Hold the thumb loop against your palm and wrap your fingers 6 times. Position the thumb loop so its end is aligned with the edge of your index finger above the knuckle.

Spread your fingers out slightly as you begin wrapping them. Squeezing them together will cause the wrap to be too tight and restrictive. To do this, unroll your wrap, then roll it back up tightly with the adhesive patch facing inward. This will make wrapping your hands a little easier. As long as you wrap up your wrist and each finger, your hands will be secure. Slip the wrap off your hand and secure it to your knuckles. Set the pad on the back of your hand and pinch it in place with the side of your thumb.

Pick up the roll of the remaining fabric with your other hand, which will be by either your pinky or thumb. Wrap it underneath your hand, between your thumb and index finger, and over the pad to secure it in place.

Avoid wrapping your thumb at this point. For now, you need it free so you have more freedom of movement. Make sure the wrap feels snug against your hand at all times. If it feels too loose or too tight, unroll it and start again. Cross the wrap down and around your wrist 3 times. Move your thumb to what is 11 gauge steel side to get it out of the way.

Bring the wrap diagonally down between your thumb and index finger to the edge of your wrist on the opposite side of your hand. Finish protecting your wrist by wrapping it up snugly.

Wrapping your wrist while it is crooked increases your chances of injuring it. Bring the wrap up between your ring and pinky finger. Stop when you have the roll of wrap next to your thumb. From this position, take the wrap diagonally upward, across the back of your hand, to your pinky.

After moving the roll between your fingers, hold the wrap near your palm for a moment. To achieve proper wrapping technique, you will need to flex your fingers.

Keep your fingers straight until you have brought the wrap between them. Close your hand into a fist, then wind the wrap down around your wrist. Bring the wrap around your how to get free tf2 items to your thumb.

Pass the wrap between your thumb and index finger again. Wrap diagonally downwards towards the edge of your wrist, then complete a full loop around it.

Make sure it feels secure but not restrictive. Secure your remaining fingers by passing the wrap between them. You will need to repeat the previous motions a total of 3 times. Start by bringing the fabric between your middle and ring fingers.

Wrap diagonally towards to your wrist, then go all the way around your wrist so the wrap ends up near your thumb. Then, do this for the remaining sets of fingers.

Remember to close your hand into a fist every time you pass the wrap between 2 fingers. Make sure the wrap is at the proper consistency before continuing. Bring the wrap around your wrist and secure it in place. Press the adhesive end against your wrist to hold the wrap in place, then give it a good test before getting into the ring.

To test the wrap, close your hand into a fist. Check that your knuckles are level with your fingers. This is the traditional wrapping style used by many experienced Muay Thai fighters. Some fighters prefer how to make font bigger on macbook air boxing-style wrapwhich may be a little bulkier but still effective.

Method 2 of Select an elastic wrap that fits comfortably on your hands. Basic hand wraps are made with cotton and held in place with a patch of Velcro. The most useful type of wrap you can get are elastic wraps, also called Mexican hand wraps.

The elastic fibers make these wraps easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. The most important part is comfort. Pick a wrap you are most comfortable using and get spares so you always have a clean pair available. Choose a wrap that is long enough to fit over your hand. A standard wrap is about in cm long. This is an ideal size for most adults. However, wraps are available in all sorts of sizes, including junior sizes. You can only learn what size is right for you by trying on wraps of different lengths.

The length you need depends on how you wrap your hands and what feels best to you. Hold your wrist straight while wrapping your hand. Bending your wrist makes it more prone to injury. Your wrist needs to be level with your hand and forearm at all times. If you bend your wrist at all, the wrap will hold it in a bent position.

Undo the wrapping and start over to avoid any problems. If it feels bent, hitting something can cause it to bend further. Never begin sparring unless you are sure your hands are well-wrapped. Pad your fingers around the first knuckle. When your hands are well-wrapped, your fingers are cushioned but still free to move independently. This is done in Muay Thai by taking the wrap between your fingers and around your wrist. Avoid wrapping your hands beyond the first knuckle, since the wrap will restrict your fingers.

David Engel. Take the hand wrap and use a back-and-forth motion to fold it times, so it's about the size of your fist. Place that bed of padding on top of your knuckles, with the tail end of the wrap away from your pinky finger. Then, wrap 3 times on top of that bed of padding to secure it to your knuckles. After the 3rd time, bring the wrap from your wrist in between your pinky and ring fingers.

Go in between the index finger and thumb again, wrap behind your hand to your how to mix a cement again, then go in between the ring and middle finger. Then, go back to the palm, between the index and thumb, and between the middle and index fingers.

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Aug 07,  · Wrap or strap your thumb. After you finish the last X along the back of your hand, pull the loose end under the bottom of your hand, below your thumb. Now wrap it over and under your thumb, covering the joint in the middle of your thumb. Only do so once%(4).

Whether you have recently learned the art of Muay Thai — commonly known as kickboxing — or you have been a practitioner for quite some time, you have definitely noticed those hand wraps. There is even a possibility that you have wondered about their importance. Seriously, what are these hand wraps for? Why do Muay Thai enthusiasts wear them all the time? If you have been wondering about them as well, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Muay Thai hand wraps, as well as how to put them on yourself.

Hand wraps are not just there for the sake of aesthetic appeal. In fact, they are more than meets the eye. Basically, a good pair of hand wraps can guarantee that your knuckles and wrists do not get damaged or injured. In other words, they serve as protection when you start punching.

Sure, you will be asked to wear gloves, but you should not wear the latter without wrapping your hands first. That is because doing so would result in a sprain in your wrist. Your knuckles, on the other hand, could easily get bruised as well. And regardless of the two, you are going to receive some serious damage. In the world of Muay Thai, properly protecting your hands is — and always will be — key. And it is something you should really consider when you train on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that the impact you receive every time you punch can be devastating. You might not notice it at first, but sooner or later, it is going to take a toll on your hands. While it is possible for you to neglect your hands — most especially when they are healthy — a single injury is all it takes for you to take a seat on the sidelines.

Not just that, though. All those months you have endured in your training will be put to waste. And worse, you might not be allowed to go back to Muay Thai, especially if the damage is deemed quite serious.

With all things considered, it is safe to say that putting kickboxing hand wraps is important and a must. Now that you have learned about its essence in the sport of Muay Thai, it is time you learn about wrapping your hands. It is easy to think that wrapping your hands is confusing, not to mention complicated.

In reality, it is not — it is actually a pretty straightforward process. Besides, this part right here is going to help you conquer this feat. So, without further ado, here is a step-by-step guide on how to wrap your hands in Muay Thai:.

There is no formula in becoming a master in wrapping your hands. However, it is imperative that you do it properly. Only then can you ensure that there is stability for your wrists, and protection for your knuckles. A single mistake in wrapping your hands can prove detrimental, so make sure you do it carefully and slowly. Do not rush it.

And if you want, you can always ask your trainer for assistance. There is no harm in asking, anyway. As long as you do it correctly, they should feel a bit snug and the wraps should not easily come loose. And once you start punching the heavy bag, your wrists will not buckle in every punch. Remember, though, there are common mistakes associated with hand wraps in the sport.

Here are some of them below:. Wrapping your hands the right way does not really make you a great Muay Thai fighter of course. But if you want to ensure the health of your fingers and wrist as you practice, it is an important skill to learn. So, as much as possible, you should take it seriously and follow the steps mentioned above. Skip to content.

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