How to play with two cats

how to play with two cats

The Do’s and Don’ts of Introducing Cats

Jan 14,  · In the wild, cats are solitary hunters. Much of their play with toys is "hunting practice" so they may not quite get the concept of playing with a toy together. They may engage in chasing each other and play fighting, but adding in a toy can be different. Our two Bengals play chase and play fight all the time, but never chase the same toy. Dec 11,  · While your cats might play with each other, you should also make sure that you have provided plenty of opportunities for exercise and fun. Give your cats toys, and rotate them so that your cats always have something new to play with. If an older toy has lost favor, put it in a cupboard for a 98%(21).

In Part Onewe learned why play is important for cats and how to keep play time fun and safe. In Part 2, we present some hints on becoming a cat play expert—with one cat or several at a time, if you have the good fortune of living in a multiple feline household.

The following are general tips for playing. Before you go to sleep or leave for work, put a few cat-safe toys in locations that are not too obvious but not too hard for your feline sleuth to find. You can also buy a toy that releases kibble when a playful paw bats it around; leave it in a spot where your kitty will find it after a little searching. As a result of your efforts, your cat will appreciate the amusement while you get to spend some time on pursuits that are not directly cat-related.

You can multiply the fun, and the challenges, of interactive play if you have more than one feline participant. The goal is for all the cats to have a good time during group play sessions. Typically, some cats in the group are alphas, or quicker than the rest, and will dominate the play opportunities unless you make sure the slower and less gregarious cats get their fair share of playing time. To accomplish this:. What Does Catnip Do to Cats?

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Nov 12,  · #2: Read their body language. Since cats play to hone their hunting instincts, it stands to reason that things can get a little bit dicey. The difference between play and fighting is the use of their lethal weapons. Claws and teeth are both the tools of choice when cats are hunting their prey, and when locked in battle with another cat, they Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Apr 09,  · With both cats now acutely aware of the other’s scent, it’s time to let them actually see each other. The work you’ve done up to this point has resulted in predictable behavior between the two cats and a cordial (or at least tolerant) “scent handshake” at every lovetiktokhere.comted Reading Time: 7 mins. Play can also help a cat and his owner bond, as shared activities cultivate a feeling of camaraderie. Play by the Ages. The various types of play will depend on a lot of things. For example, the cat's personal preferences, health and mobility, and the environment of the lovetiktokhere.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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This is the first time I've had two cats that like each other. They love to chase each other, cuddle, bathe each other, etc. The only problem is whenever the first cat we had, Leo, tries to play with a toy Lexi, our new cat, comes and plays as well and Leo loses interest and just goes somewhere to sit and watch.

They definitely aren't hostile to each other in terms of playing with toys, Leo just doesn't seem to have an interested in them both playing with a toy. Even if I throw a second one Lexi leaves the previous toy and comes to play with that one. I thought of playing Leo in a bedroom but I feel as though locking Lexi out while he plays would be mean. What's the best way to get Leo some play time with toys? This is a normal situation, but what I'd recommend is honestly the idea that you've already stated- just separating them for a short period of time and playing with Leo alone for a bit.

If you are worried about it being unfair you can then give Lexi some one on one playtime too, which I bet she'd enjoy as well. I honestly don't believe either cat is likely to be upset at being left alone for a brief time as you play with the other, especially if you leave out a few toys for them to play with on their own.

If you really feel bad about it, do you maybe have a friend or family member who could play with one while you play with the other in a separate room? Finally, I just want to say I wouldn't worry about this too much in general- since they do get along, he's probably getting a lot of good playtime in with Lexi which is probably filling a lot of his need for play.

My cats do this as well. Sometimes both will sit and look at the toy. I give some one on one time to Fluffy just before I turn in and lately Eclipse has been joining in. Fluff waits until he is done and then has her play time. Other times I will play with one and when they are tired turn the toy to the other cat.

I think they are just giving each other a chance to play. I do take Eclipse out on a leash and harness for one on one time most days. Fluffy is the one who interrupts his play time. In the wild, cats are solitary hunters. Much of their play with toys is "hunting practice" so they may not quite get the concept of playing with a toy together. They may engage in chasing each other and play fighting, but adding in a toy can be different. Our two Bengals play chase and play fight all the time, but never chase the same toy.

We have a pile of toys for them, but of course they only ever want whatever the other one is playing with. I've the same problem with my three in fact, I've been tempted a few times to start a thread on this subject. You had really to watch her, although she never meant harm, and otherwise was very gentle. Both were happy to take turns with interactive toys, and each was happy to sit and watch while the other played.

After she disappeared, Nimrod's play became at times almost desperate manic ; he'd spend hours searching for her, then come back, cry and just want sometimes to play until he was exhausted.

At other times, he wasn't interested in anything at all. Because Nimrod loves to pull any interactive toy all over the house and play tug-o'-war almost like a dog , this encourages them to chase him as well as the toy. He no longer minds them chasing him he was terrified of them at first , but once either of them grab a toy, he loses interest, and just sits and watches, seeming a little miserable.

I can lock them out and give him some play-time, but because he's running everywhere including in front of windows where they can see him , this starts a lot of crying from them. And, of course, they don't understand why they can't join in. Locking them in a room inside even with toys is worse; both just want to be where we are, and play as well.

Unfortunately, I've not found a good solution; the two girls are happy to wait for each other and take it in turns, but Nimrod won't assert himself; he just wanders quietly away, tail a little down, once they start playing with a toy he wants, and won't play again for hours.

So, unfortunately, I've no idea what to suggest. I've tried to find some kind of multi-cat toy: something with a toy on each end. But such things appear not to exist. A pity. Last edited: Jan 14, You must log in or register to reply here.

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