How to make free calls from yahoo messenger to mobile

how to make free calls from yahoo messenger to mobile

Make unlimited free calls worldwide using Yahoo Messenger!

Jan 12, Say Free Call once Main Menu reaches. Once the system says Dial the number, dial the number using the dialpad in the international format. Example, to make call to India, dial 91 followed by a landline or 10 digit mobile number like Jan 23, YahooMessenger is one of the best free calling application for desktop computers and laptops. Plug in your webcam to share live video with your friends on Yahoo Messenger. You can send free text messages from Yahoo Messenger to your friends mobile phones. Group chat and voice conference calls are enjoy with YahooMessenger.

As per report, many of the users had yahoo messenger of Indian version as such they were not able to make calls, so i recommend you to download this offline installer version, which does not update itself according to Indian IP address, but uahoo is a US version which will work for you to call the US toll free number.

Thanks to all for your go kindly download this version how to build a latrine messenger and this will surely work for u original site Download Now or rapidshare Download Now. Still same thing happens plz plz clarify what's happening???

Is this must? First sign-up for Yahoo! Phone Out. Then talk away using Yahoo! Messenger to make PC-to-Phone calls. I can connect that US toll free number. It said the menu items and asked to tell and I say free call. Then it replies "We apologies can't continue this service. Please use other services" Can't we call from India? Pls reply soon. Hat's off to your hard work After reading your blog comments, now I am also be one of your fans.

In a pop window Subscribe to Yahoo! Voice you re install your messenger and try with this, if still it is working please write a new Post. Pages Home Download Yahoo Messenger. Friday, March 19, Yahoo messenger version which I use to make free calls. Labels: downloadfree calls through yahoomake free callsmessengeryahoo offline installer. Shastra buddhi March drom, at AM. Chandru April 11, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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You can sign up for a Yahoo! Voice Phone Out account to make calls from Yahoo! Messenger to your friends regular or mobile phones worldwide for as low as 1? a minute. Forward calls to your mobile or landline. If you dont want to miss calls, even when youre signed out, use the call forwarding feature to send incoming PC-to-PC calls to. May 05, Free Call from Computer To mobile using Yahoo Messenger An operator greets you with a recorded welcome message along with an advertisement and asks you to select one of the Free service. Just hear the services options until they say the last one as Free Call. Feb 15, First of all you require a headset with attached microphone (or speakers & microphone separately) connected to your PC ports While on yahoo messenger, you can make PC to PC calls free. But, PC to.

Update : Currently the service for free calls has been removed so the information in this post might not be entirely accurate.

You might want to check this post on how to make free calls from your computer to any mobile phone. Everyone must have heard of free calls between computers using softwares like Yahoo! Messenger , Skype and Google Talk. Now-a-days calls from mobile-to-computer using GPRS is also common using mobile applications like Fring , Nimbuzz , etc. This is a simple trick to make calls from computer to almost any mobile or landline phone to many countries.

All you need is Yahoo! Messenger or Skype or any other calling application which allows paid calling, internet connection with fair speed, speakers and microphone. The free call is provided by Free I will guide you through Yahoo! Example , to make call to India, dial 91 followed by a landline or 10 digit mobile number like Your call will be connected The call limitation is 5 minutes.

But you can call again countless number of times!! Sometimes a 20 sec long ad will be played when the call gets connected. At times, the system remains busy. This is tested and works in India. The same procedure can be followed by Skype users to make free calls using Skype as calls to US toll free numbers are allowed using Skype too!

Just tried, but it says To make this call, you need to sign up for Phone Out. Uttoran Sen There must be some mistake. I tried with older and newer versions and found no error. It might be the problem with the number you are dialing. Please retry and post it here.

I just checked and found no problems. Great trick dude, But the ad in between is really irritating. It not working for me y. Ajit Sorry for late reply friend, if you are getting no balance error, there must be the problem with the number you are dialling, as the number is a toll free number.

You will not be charged for the call. Guys, sorry for late reply. It seems like this service has been withdrawn by the provider. Tried hard several times in sub-options too but no luck! It would be highly appreciated if somebody could provide a step by step procedure to make international calls especially since the menu options have been definitely changed.

I guess its odd to reply too late and say sorry. No alternate methods for international free calls are discovered yet. And do a search at DW on free calls. I guess there is a post for it.

Unable to make call. The recorder never gives the option of Free Call. Hi Manc, Sorry to tell that this service has been withdrawn since 10 months. Refer to my comments above. Does this still give free international calling?

When I dial there is no option that allows for free calling. Make unlimited free calls worldwide using Yahoo Messenger! All you need is an Android or iOS based mobile phone. As soon as I enter a window opens through which I can send a free text. Close Menu About. How to make the free call? Enter the number FREE where you enter the call number and make the call. This is a toll-free number. Wait for the call to connect.

Tags Free Services , Internet , Yahoo. Great man. Free calls awesome. Dinesh Thanks buddy Try for different countries and post it here. Amandeep Thanks buddy! Tried it both on yahoo mess and skype but free calls option is not allowed. Its a great Idea to connect phones but not working for phillipins. Please guide us again. Thank you! BTW I live in India. Thanking you.

This is just fake. I have tried it many times but it is not free. I am unable to make it. Great service man..!!! I able to use the service easily and got lots of free callsthanks. Aditya: May be you can put the link on the post for your readers. About Contact.

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