How to make easy money in fable 3

how to make easy money in fable 3

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?·?Step Two: Buy Property! Over the long haul, property is, by far, the best way to earn money in Fable III. The cash flow is slow at first, but by the end of the game you can be earning well over , gold every five minutes, which makes affording the end of the game rather simple. There are three types of property you can buy in Fable III. In Fable 3 for the Xbox , you probably know how to get an unlimited amount of gold by using the item duplication exploit. If you would rather get money the regular way, then you still have options. Early in the game, find one job that you don’t mind doing (lute hero, pie making, or blacksmithing) and buy all of the chests available for that job on the Road to Rule.

Matt How to make cushions for outdoor chairs writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs. Photo courtesy of and copyrighted by Lionhead Studios. Lionhead Studios. Sadly so. Yes, your early days of revolution in Albion are fairly easy-peasy, but eventually Fable III players will have to raise more fwble 6, gold in order to save their poor kingdom from certain doom.

At what does the huntsman spider eat hands? Well, play the game and you'll find out. As you've doubtless noticed, there are roughly two ways to run a game of Fable III :. The first is to be a nice prince or princess. You make all the good decisions, you're decent to the people of Albion and you're well-liked. Unfortunately, this method how to get free club nintendo codes come back to bite you in the butt when the time comes to earn gold.

The second is to be easj absolute jerk. There are plenty of abhorrent options in Fable IIIand though they'll make your character into a tyrant, he or she will also have a really easy time late in the game, assuming they don't steal from the treasury. Evil characters have it made. Saving Albion as a tyrant is fairly easy, as there are lots of late-game options that are quite abhorrent, but which save tons of cash and give the treasury almost every piece of gold it needs.

What about those poor, virtuous players who want to save their homeland from imminent destruction, however? This page is primarily for them, detailing methods of keeping the citizenry happy while also keeping them alive. Partway through the game, thanks to a combination of alliance-building and monster combat, your hero becomes the king or queen of Albion. When this happens they become aware of a coming threat that will wipe out most of the people of Albion, if they don't sufficiently prepare.

After being crowned the character is introduced fab,e the kingdom's treasury, a rather bare room with a fair amount of gold sitting in a monye pit. This little pit needs to be bolstered greatly in order to save Albion, though it suffers from the constant needs of the kingdom, proposed by the various people you've met during the game and your assistant, who fablle deals with issues of taxation and policy.

To be a well-liked monarch, you need to agree to virtually every 'good' proposal thrown in front of your nose. This drains the treasury beyond the breaking point, however, and though there are a few money-making plots built into the storyline most of the money will have to be earned via side quests and passive income.

Note, too, that 6, doesn't cover every cost: a safer estimate would come in the 9, range, as the proposals suck money away from the kingdom.

Though this rather massive problem doesn't manifest itself until late in Fable IIIit's best to get makr on money-making rather early on—indeed, as soon as you arrive in Brightwall.

It's here that jobs nake appearing, and jobs are ideal for making money. The job options Blacksmith, Pie Maker or Lute Hero are all roughly the same profit-wise, so sample all three and stick with the one you like most. Don't bother upgrading the other two until you've hit the end how to make easy money in fable 3 the game and are looking to get every Achievement. All that said, however, you won't fabl saving the money you make from jobs.

No, that goes into the second step. Over the long haul, property is, by far, the best way to earn money in Fable III. The cash flow is slow at first, but by the end of the game you can be earning well overgold every five minutes, which makes affording the end of the game rather simple. There are three types of property you can buy in Fable III : homes, businesses and special buildings. Special buildings aren't terribly profitable, so you'll want to stick with houses or businesses, both of which yield profits from tenants in the case of houses, so long as you rent the house rather than simply own it.

And out of those two businesses are by far the superior investment. Because houses, unfortunately, have an extra requirement: they need kn be repaired every so often, generally once every couple of hours.

A house that has whittled eqsy to zero upkeep won't earn your character any rent from the disgruntled renters. Repairs are both profit- and time-consuming, and aren't worth the effort. Businesses, on the other hand, generate pure profit. Unfortunately, businesses aren't unlocked until the fifth gate on the Road to Rule, so gow have to wait a little how to diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems download before you can begin your empire.

Save all of your money until the Entrepreneur Pack can be bought, then snag several small carts and shops from Brightwall and the Dweller Camp. Spread ,ake from there and, using the cash you earn from these royalties and anything earned in jobs, buy the big businesses in Brightwall and Bowerstone, most notably the pubs and pawn shops.

These latter two are easily the most lucrative shops. This process takes a while, but the more you buy, the more you'll earn. Good characters are typically expected to either keep the profit margins on these businesses at average, or to even lower them. This is, however, a mistake. Boost them all to the top to maximize your profits. True, this is considered a corrupt act, but every other 'good' act made in the game will more than make up for the raised prices, and double your wasy flow in the process.

So now you've got a solid money-making eas and, if you're a good king or queen, you have the love of the people. You now need to start making the decisions that will allow Albion to both thrive and survive the incoming, shadowy threat. The immediate impulse for good characters—and if you've spent a looooong time exploring Albion, you'll have moneey cash to back this up—is to take the 'good' way out on every decision, aka any decision made with the A button.

But is that fiscally the wisest course? Maybe, maybe not. If your character wants to remain 'good' they'll have to choose the good path in most cases, and hoe means turning down the many terrible proposals made by Reaver and they are Mohey bad for a monarch's popularity - sending kids to work, for example, is never a good eazy.

But there are a few items you may want to consider for dipping into the dark side:. The final portion of Fable III takes place over the year prior to the big bad event that's going to hit Albion, though you easg get days to take care of all your business.

Rather, each day allotted to your character is divided into three or four proposals and hearings, after which you'll either have a chance to wander around or simply move on to the next day. Time doesn't pass during the outings, though once you complete the various proposals and outings the game bow move on to the next day automatically, negating any further chances to earn money—and once it hits the end of the line, no more money can be made in preparation for the coming apocalypse.

You can, in essence, shoot yourself in the foot if you're not careful. The ideal stop point for making money is during the quest to retrieve the statue from the Balverines in Go. Once this pops up, either leave koney game alone to accumulate money or do your job over and over until you table a mke amount.

You'll have to spendgold past this point to keep everyone happy, so keep this in mind while making final calculations. It's not that difficult to earn money using the above-described method, and should go you up as a benevolent ruler while preserving the people of the realm without much trouble.

All it takes is easj bit of time and effort—and, if you want to do something other than just mindlessly doing the same job over and over, some forays into monster-filled dungeons. Sounds like fun. I finished the game owning every building in how to keep carpet smelling fresh and clean game, did all the good things and had over 25 million.

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Wait, So You Need 6,500,000 Gold?

?·?3 How to Stay Rich Try not to buy too much of something; The more you own, the more money you make, remember that; I hope this help, because i did this and now i own all of the Millfields, all of Bowerstone Market, and all of Brightwall Village (minus 1 house, because it wouldnt let me buy it) —Preceding unsigned comment added by ?·?Easiest way to make money in Fable 3? I need some money and I want to know the most effective way of getting it. And i want alot of it. Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance? 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. buy up all the property and increase the rent all the way. leave the game on for a couple hours and voila. a couple million gold. 2 1. Infinite Money Exploit: Not really a cheat but more of an old school exploit (Seriously I cant believe it works in this new of a game!!) Complete the quest “Chicken Chaser” in Brightwall. Save your game next to the person you place your bet with. Create another game to make loading easy or you will have to totally exit the game each time.

This sequence, if followed edit to fit your moral standing preferances allows one to raise FAR more than enough to fight off the darkness, AND have enough money to buy anything, anywhere, anytime. This allows you to once you are king make honourable and benevolent, a. Continue doing blacksmithing jobs in the meantime.

Step 3: Buy more buildings until you are earning about 10, gp every 5 minutes. At this point, blacksmithing is optional.

Step 4: Continue buying buildings in this order; everything in The Dweller Camp, everything in The Mercenary Camp, everything in Silverpine Forest, everything in Mourningwood excluding the Fortress-thats optional , and everything in Brightwall.

Step 5: Start saving up money until you can buy all 3 mansions in Millfields, starting with the most expensive and working your way down. Go to Aurora and complete all the quests there, plus the rebellion quests that follow. After that, at the first available moment, go to the Sanctuary, climb up the gold pile, and get the key. Go back to the game, and as soon as you walk into the castle treasury, put all of your gp into the treasury. Go back to the Sanctuary and get the Swinging Sword from the chest that is now revealed in the Treasure Room.

Bonus Advice: any houses you own will need to be periodically repaired. It is much easier to keep track of what houses need to be repaired if all of them operate on the same schedule. This will net you at least 90, if Joe wins, and over 1 million if the Colonel wins. However, if Mr. Cluckles wins - which is highly likely - then you'll win 30,, which covers the amount you bet, plus 10, By saving the game after each win by Mr.

Cluckles, you'll gradually increase your gold, while still allowing for the chance to net a huge win with either The Colonel or Mostly Slow Joe. The Colonel - odds. The Feathered Avenger - odds. Two-Wings Timmy - odds. Mostly Slow Joe - odds. Mr Cluckles - odds. I credit you. Sorry I copied these almost word for word. Tip 3 years ago on Step 3.

Once you have bought a few buildings save the game. Exit the game, go to dashboard, add one year on your system date. Start game. This will give you one years worth of gold.

Reply 10 months ago. Question 2 years ago on Introduction. I just got the crown and realised I need to amass a fortune as a benevolent ruler. Introduction: Making Money in Fable 3. Step 1: Blacksmithing is the most efficient job. Use that to earn money to buy real estate.

Step 6: Continue buying buildings in any order you want until you have all of them. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening.

Reply Upvote. MarkD Tip 3 years ago on Step 3. Scarlett Wolf MarkD Reply 10 months ago. It won't. At least in Windows Nor this, nor doing so with an opened game. CynicalSir Question 2 years ago on Introduction. Answer Upvote. JoeF 2 years ago on Step 7.

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