How to make a baseball field drag mat

how to make a baseball field drag mat

Baseball & Softball Drag Mats & Field Drags

Oct 20,  · This is the prototype, and we will test it, before we can tell where we should change design. Prepare 9 feet of rope and a 6 inch of wooden handle which has holes to make the rope get through. The handle will not hurt your hands as the ropes do. Then, the whole process of building a drag mat is completed and it can be put into use. You can pull your drag mat to level or maintain your fields or lawn.

Commit to regular care, and you will be rewarded with a smooth, playable infield surface throughout the season. What are the best methods for keeping the infield in peak condition? Auchter, a year veteran of grounds management and a certified sports field manager, oversees the care of these fields.

It all starts with regular leveling. It may be tempting to simply grab a drag mat, groom the field and call fifld a day, but this will only improve how the field how to rip dvd using nero — not how it performs. How often should the infield be leveled? According to Auchter, leveling should be done after every use.

As soon as play is finished, scan the infield for uneven areas. For smaller areas, you can typically use a leveling rake. Level the area by raking the material from a high spot and depositing it into the low spot.

If the infield mix is dry, wet the newly leveled area and tamp it down to help keep it in place. Bigger jobs may require the use of a leveling attachment for your tractor or riding mower. Before using a leveling attachment, use a nail drag or needle tines to loosen the mwke material. When leveling, make wide sweeping turns in several directions over your target area.

Again, if the infield is dry, water the area hw tamp it down to help keep the freshly leveled infield mix in place. Grooming prepares the field surface for play, providing basebqll smooth, finished look.

Remember, grooming should only be done after you have finished leveling. If you how to calculate number in numerology in an area with cold winters, you may wonder what you should do with the infield surface during the offseason. Skip to content. She shared the two key techniques for infield maintenance she uses: leveling and grooming. Auchter suggests following these nake for the best grooming results: Remove all bases and fill each hole with a rubber plug or similar product.

After scarifying jat field, finish grooming the field with a drag mat or broom. When you are a few feet from the outfield grass, lift the drag and ma off any excess field mix.

Then, hand rake the edges ot prevent lip build-up. Use a rake to smooth out the pile left by the drag. Use a hand rake to groom the base paths, home plate makf and the back radius of the infield. Keep the following tips in mind when grooming: You should start and finish maek at different spots in the infield each time. If you begin in the same spot every time, you could remove too much dirt from that area. Likewise, if you stop at the same spot every time, you could leave a buildup of dirt in that area.

Both can leave you with an uneven playing surface, so make sure you change up your routine. Change up the direction in which you groom. This can help prevent uneven spots from forming.

Maintain a steady pace. Going too fast can cause the drag to bounce and leave uneven dirt deposits throughout the infield. Finally, here are some things you should absolutely avoid when grooming the infield: Do not use a grooming tool on any fieldd surfaces. Do not use a drag mat within two feet of the grass edge.

Getting any closer can cause lips to form. Do mqke use a drag mat around home plate. Do not try to drag the base paths if there is grass on the infield. Instead, use a hand rake, raking parallel to the grass.

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Lay two 2-by-4s on a flat surface on their 4-inch sides, about 3 feet apart. Place the three other 2-by-4s on their 4-inch sides, between the first two 2-by-4s. This will form a frame. Place a metal tie plate at each joint and screw them to the 2-by-4s to join the frame. Connect the 6-foot sections of metal together by welding the 4-foot sections to each end and then install a few short pieces of metal to the bottom of all four sides with bolts, or by welding them in place. This type of drag is good for removing the top soil in a field because it digs in more than the other types of drags. Use the following components to build your nail drag: Build with 2"x4" boards Pre-drill straight holes for nails Use 40 penny nails Use 1"x4" to cover 2"x4" on top to hold in nails Use eye bolts and a chain for fulling. Put eye bolts in the face so the drag can be flipped over and used as a float.

A baseball infield is prone to wear and requires regular care. Part of the process involves resurfacing the infield clay at times using a device known as a field drag. The idea behind the field drag is to rake the clay coarsely.

Once finished, clay can then be smoothed. You can construct inexpensive and easy-to-use field drag out of dimensional lumber. Lay two 2-by-4s on a flat surface on their 4-inch sides, about 3 feet apart. Place the three other 2-by-4s on their 4-inch sides, between the first two 2-by-4s. This will form a frame. Flip the frame over and drive the size 8 nails through the three center boards at 2-inch intervals in a zigzag pattern so the nail heads are flush with the wood.

The nails will protrude from the other side of the boards. Screw the plywood to the frame at 6-inch intervals. Drill a hole through the corner of the plywood sheet and one of the 2x4s without the nails. Place a washer over the hole in the frame and insert the eyebolt.

Thread a nut fully onto the eyebolt and tighten. Repeat this step on the corner on the other side of the frame. In Jacksonville, Fla. Navy and a licensed paramedic.

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