How to keep pretzels warm for a party

how to keep pretzels warm for a party

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In a large bowl, mix together flour, 1/2 cup sugar, and salt. Make a well in the center; add the oil and yeast mixture. Mix and form into a dough. Warm the milk and butter in the microwave until the butter is just melted, about 90 seconds; do not boil. (Alternatively, warm the butter and milk in a small saucepan.) Add the brown sugar and stir until dissolved; set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine /2 cups of the flour with the yeast and salt.

The ultimate Philadelphia snack food, soft pretzels are the original breakfast of champions. Fresh baked the day we ship them, ti pack 24 of Philly's finest soft pretzels along with Heinz mustard packets in a Pennsylvania General Store gift box.

This package is shipped Monday thru Thursday. Soft pretzels should either be eaten within 24 hours of receiving them or should be tto until several hours prior to use. What is pa- c medical pretzels are fully cooked and simple to serve.

Depending on time in transit, this item may require air service shipping. Philadelphia Awrm Pretzels. Who is this going to? Hoe this gift to: Select your recipient me Someone Else.

Log in to access your gift list. Add your item and desired quantity:. Philadelphia Picnic Party. Write a review. Apr 20, By Joe Mallon. Apr 15, By Alan. I was missing philly pretzels. Now I have a supply in my freezer. Apr 15, By Bret Sander. Took out of box and warmed in oven a few minutes, fantastic! Apr 8, By patricia. Apr 2, By Nancy Langan Gover. Mar 23, By Isabelle P Gibson. We received our order of soft pretzels on time, delivered, packaged and contents as usual, very parry.

The pretzels were great and consumed promptly. As always, great product and great company to work with. Mar 18, By Gloria Rinker. I ordered the Philadelphia Soft pretzels for my son after a serious surgery. He was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived.

He said the product was delicious and brought back fond memories of when we lived outside Philadelphia in the 80's. Mar 13, By Mark Tk. I bought some soft pretzels and a Tastykake tower for my father in law and everything was perfect.

It arrived on time and tasted like home!! Thank you! Mar 12, By CS Caswell. I have pretzels shipped to my daughter a few times a year! They are always a huge hit for a Philly girl ppretzels now lives in MA! The service is great and the pretzels are always fresh on delivery. Mar 5, By Patricia. Arrived in Florida in hod days and so fresh!! Mar 4, By Peter DeMuro. Feb 22, By Isabelle P Gibson. Received my most wam shipment of Soft Pretzels and they arrived on time, in tacked and delicious!

We totally enjoy receiving this product. Feb 18, By Beverly. This was a special treat for my transplanted family from Philly to Tennessee. Tasted just like the street how to keep pretzels warm for a party Philly pretzels they grew up with and love!

Feb 18, By Harrison. I usually make a couple trips per year, so I've obviously been jonesing for some soft pretzels and other goodies from home. I was skeptical about having pretzels shipped, but sure enough, they arrived soft and fresh, with the salt partty the side.

They even included packets of Heinz mustard. Will definitely be ordering again, prdtzels Feb 16, By Marylou Reese. What is the specific gravity of pretzels sent to my brother in up state New York.

He was so happy with them. He told me he would want them again. He said they were delicious. Thank you so much. I will be ordering again very soon. Taste as good as I remember them! Jan 30, By Jennifer B. As a student at PENN, I was first introduced to street food vendors and couldn't help but wonder why they weren't everywhere!

One of my what is autodesk fusion 360 and let's face it, cheapest. It's been a while kfep I've been able to get back to Philly and has been prolonged by this pandemic, we find ourselves stuck in and had an INTENSE craving for a pretzel or 3.

I scoured the internet and found this site. The pretzels were delivered on time, in great condition with great care to packaging. They were fresh, delicious and exactly how my husband and I's taste buds remember them. Thank you for satisfying this Michigan girl's craving! Owner Response: What a lovely story. We are so happy to help satisfy the soft pretzel craving- that's what we are here for!

We hope to have hw opportunity to help you again in the near future. Jan 30, By Josh. I'm pretzeos Virginia. We got our pretzels in a day and they were still very fresh. Jan 28, By Melanie. Pretzels were great! A taste of home! Only negative is that the salt bag opened up during shipping so there was salt everywhere when I opened the box. Owner Response: Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that. We fof reach out to your directly. We would be happy to send more salt. Thank you for your feedback! Jan 23, By Joseph Hans.

I started a new food truck here in west Tennessee. And I feature items from Philly and South Jersey. The pretzels from philly are a great kepe. Just need more salt shipped with pretzels. Lretzels quality is a real 5 stars. Jan 21, By Judy Connelly. The delivery was on time and nicely packaged. Jan 21, By margaret bialy. Owner Response: Thank you for the feedback!

I will being this to suggestion to management. Jan 21, By Patricia. Sent Philadelphia pretzels to Florida. The delivery was kepe and pretzels were intact. Jan 3, By Joe Reinhart. My best friend and I grew up in Philly.

He now lives in rural Ohio.

Pretzel Recipe

The flavour of the pretzels had reminded me a lot of ranch dressing and the ingredients list seemed to bear it out. But there was more to it than just that as I found when I tried to make some with regular old pretzel sticks. While the regular ranch pretzels were tasty, they lacked some of the magic of Dot’s Pretzels. 2) Specify brushing the pretzels with salted butter before baking and, 3) Definitely create some interesting toppings like crushed pecans w/brown sugar and/or honey mustard. Making these pretzels is a great fun activity with kids -- I'm going to revise the recipe a bit and try them at our next gathering!Total Time: 1 hr. The ultimate Philadelphia snack food, soft pretzels are the original breakfast of champions. Fresh baked the day we ship them, we pack 24 of Philly's finest soft pretzels along with Heinz mustard packets in a Pennsylvania General Store gift box. This package is shipped Monday thru Thursday. This gift cannot be shipped to APO, FPO, PO Boxes or internationally.

These sleepover ideas for teens are the perfect way to keep the party going without spending too much money or overwhelming the host. While sleepovers allow your teens to strengthen their bonds with their friends, they can be stressful to organize. You have to worry about where everyone will sleep, what snacks you should serve, activities, and games.

But it is so worth it! Here is how to throw a slumber party for teens that they will absolutely enjoy. If your teen has been invited to a sleepover, the first rule of business is packing for a night away. There are a few necessities and nice-to-haves that you should consider searching for:.

Consider asking the parents who are hosting the party about the activities planned for the sleepover. For example, if they have a pool, will your teen will need a swimsuit and a towel?

A nice gesture would be packing snacks or desserts for the group. What a nice surprise for the hostess! First, be sure to find out if any of the children have any allergies you should avoid. While teen sleepovers are usually just a loud excuse to stay up all night and laugh the night away, they could be so much more.

There are so many activities you and your child can arrange to make it an unforgettable party. My teen daughter is obsessed with beauty products just as much as I am. So, having a handful of masks, polish, and exfoliant on hand for her friends to use as their spend the night together is a great way to add a fun layer to their night in. And besides, pampering is always a great idea! Kids love to show off their talents. The louder they can sing or the crazier they can dance during a sleepover, the better.

Ask me how I know! A talent show will allow the group to sing a song, dance, or recite a poem they wrote. Have a few shy friends?

No problem! They can be the judges. During their teen slumber party, they can make friendship bracelets from embroidery thread or paper to remind them of their special bond.

One is for true lovers of the genre, and another reason is so that teens can watch it together during a sleepover party. After all, a good scare is easier to tolerate when you are with your friends. But if not everyone appreciates a horror movie, they can always watch a teen love movie or a comedy.

If you plan the sleepover during the summer, consider setting it up in your backyard. Speaking of games, video game competition can be another great activity for a group of teens. Some of the highly competitive online games include Mario Kart, Scrabble, Kahoot!

Food is the essential part of any party. Why not let the teens cook something for themselves? There are plenty of easy things to make , like cookies, flavored popcorn, fruit salads, pizza with the help of prepared pizza dough, of course , and hot dogs. During some of the activities mentioned above, like when they are sitting by the fire or cooking, your teens can play a wide variety of games to keep the party going.

Here are some of the most famous games played during the slumber parties. Would you rather have a sleepover or take your kids to Disney Land?

Would you rather cook dinner yourself or order? Teens are usually good at coming up with creative questions, but in case they need help, you can download printable cards with questions. The name explains the game perfectly. Each one of the players gets to choose whether they answer a question truthfully or do a dare. For this game, you can also download a list of fun dares for your teens to try. They might also need an empty bottle to spin so that they can decide who asks the questions and who answers them.

If someone in the group has done it, they either close a finger on their hand or eat one candy. A player chooses a song and then sings it, hums it, or plays it on their phone. The rest of the group tries to guess the name of the song. This is really fun to play with people from different generations because hardly anyone knows the song from their parents or their children! Then, stepping away and letting them just be themselves with their friends.

You did your part! Now, relax and put on a movie of your own. Looking for weekly updates? Want to receive every recipe, free printable, and contest notification?

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