How to install pot lights in unfinished basement

how to install pot lights in unfinished basement

The Ultimate Guide for Unfinished Basement Lighting

Apr 27, †Ј Here's an overview video showing the steps you'll need to go through to install a recessed light in your basement ceiling, assuming you have exposed joists. Choosing the right recessed lighting layout requires careful planning. The final result should be a well-lit room that is useful, comfortable and has the right ambiance. This guide will show you the basics of how to lay out recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting, most commonly known in Canada as pot lights, is a light fixture installed right into the ceiling. The light fixture is installed above the ceiling light, but thin trim might be on top of the ceiling material.

No part of a pot light is hanging down or visible, when installed properly. Most homes will have pot lights installed in some area. It might be for lighting the basement, or as task lighting in the kitchen or bathroom. Warning: Installing pot lights requires special electrical permits and should be done by a professional and licensed electrician. Kitchens, bathrooms and even walk-in closets are being lit with pot lights installed in the ceiling. How to download apps using installous downward pointing lights are practical for providing ample task lighting on counter work spaces and in shower enclosures.

Here are the most common places homeowners are installing pot lights:. Home theatre rooms. Recessed lighting can provide that authentic movie theatre style lighting. Task lighting in kitchens. Pot lights can provide directional light over countertops.

Since many finished basements might have a drop ceiling or a lower ceiling, they are commonly found in basements. Shower enclosures. While these are the most popular spaces for recessed lighting, you could install pot lights in any room of the house. You just need the light. The ability to hide a pot light right in the ceiling is the main benefit of this lighting type. They remain hidden, while performing their main function: how to install pot lights in unfinished basement the room.

This is why many homeowners choose to install pot lights in the basement. What to wear in baguio in december might stand out too much and make the space feel cramped.

Recessed lights help those rooms with lower ceilings feel more open, without taking up valuable head space. Sealed recessed light fixtures are one of the only waterproof options on the market.

This makes them the best and sometimes the only choice for your shower lighting. Generally, ambient lighting comes from a bssement mounted light fixture. This provides illumination from the middle of the room outward. With pot lights, you can have even ambient lighting throughout the entire space. Unlike some trendy light fixtures that uunfinished go out of style, pot lights can pass the test of time. Pot lights provide directional lighting, which means they only light in one, very pointed area.

The light shines directly below, or wherever they are pointing. That means you need lots of them to completely illuminate a room. For a large room, you might need up to 12 pot lights to cover the ceiling and provide proper lighting. Because they are directional, they can be easily shadowed. For example, someone who walks in front how to install pot lights in unfinished basement your recessed task lighting in the kitchen can cast a shadow over your work area.

The lights are in the ceiling and will make holes that need to be sealed to maintain energy efficiency. There are ways to baaement these gaps, but you cannot cover them with insulation. This is because the lights generate heat and if the fixture is touching insulation it could be a fire hazard. To work around this, you can get a sealed pot light or a light that is rated properly for nearby insulation. Read more about purchasing IC rated pot lights.

Note that these instructions are for installing pot lights where there were already pot light fixtures before. You can pick up a circuit tester at the hardware store to test that the power is off before you handle electrical wiring. There are typically two types of housing. Housing that can be used for new construction when you have complete access from above the ceiling and housing that can be used for renovations with limited access. There is not much to a pot light, but you do have some options.

The inner casing that covers the metal housing, to make it look more stylish, is called a baffle. Most baffles are ynfinished, but you can choose a reflective baffle if you want to add dimension to your lighting or target a specific area with light. The trim is what covers the rim of the housing and what touches the ceiling the line. It helps hide any rough edges that might be kights into the ceiling for installation. Many pot light fixtures come with a combined trim and baffle.

Ensuring the electricity is turned off, you can now remove the old light fixture and the junction box. You might have to use a power saw to cut the junction from the joist. Try tracing the new fixture on a piece of paper, then using that paper to trace your cut lines on the ceiling. In some cases, the old hole will fit your new fixture. Some fixtures will also come with a traceable template for your ceiling hole.

After carefully measuring, use a drywall hand saw or a hole cutter attachment on your power drill to cut the hole. Take your time to ensure a smooth cut. Baseement drywall might want to crumble so extra care must be taken. The light will have an attached junction box.

Open it and clamp the wires Ч the shut it. Now tl the plastic off the end of the wires and use wire nuts to clamp them together. Connect them black to black, white to white and bare wire to bare wire. If doing this wiring makes you feel uncomfortable, contact an electrician to do the job for you.

Turn the power basemeht on at the circuit breaker and use a voltage tester to test the fixture. Electricity should be reaching the socket. Now that you know everything works, slide in the housing into the hole. There will be clips along the sides of the housing that you can push inward with a screwdriver. Sometimes these parts are attached to the housing. If so, attach the housing to the holes in the pot light and slide the baffle and trim upward until the entire unit is flush with the ceiling line.

Pot light fixtures typically come with coil springs or rod springs that help you how to make a 3d colosseum the baffle and trim baseent place. Please see manufacturers instructions.

LED bulbs are a popular choice. Incandescent lights can produce too much heat. If your pot lights are attached to a dimmer switch, make sure the bulbs you select are compatible. If you want to install pot lights where there were no fixtures before, it is a more complicated and complex project. It is recommended that you contact a licensed electrician for that job, as it will require installing new unfinishfd.

If you still want to give this project a try, here are some step-by-step instructions. They are generally the same as above, but with a few added steps. You should always turn the power off at the main circuit breaker before attempting any electrical project.

Unfinsihed your fixture on a piece of paper to use as a cutting template. Some fixtures will come with a paper or cardboard cutting guide. Draw the outline of the hole on the ceiling first. Make sure you are not drawing over a joist. Then cut the hole carefully using a drywall saw or hole cutting attachment on nufinished power drill.

Here is where it can get tricky. Leave a foot and a half of extra wiring to make it how to change ip address for fast internet to work with when installing the fixture. Then strip the plastic insulation off the wires and attached them. Most recessed lights have clips on the housing that clamp the housing to the ceiling. Then push the clips up and outward to secure the housing.

As mentioned above, you want to choose a light bulb type that has the appropriate wattage for the fixture. How to open zip files on a pc you are unsure if unfiished total wattage of your new pot lights exceeds the amount of electrical load for the circuit, contact a licensed electrician.

They can determine how much the circuit can accommodate and upgrade it if necessary. If you are at all unsure about tackling either of these DIY electrical projects, contact a reputable and experienced electrician.

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1. Ready your sketchbook.

ThereТs a simple formula to help determine the pot lights spacing. Just take the room length and divide it by the number of recessed lights you decide to put in the row. For example, if a row has four pot lights, divide the length of the room by 4, and that will give you the distance in feet between each light. Basement Pot Lights. Most of the basements are usually poorly lit so they do benefit from pot lights. In the basement, recessed lighting can illuminate the entire area, and are a good option to maximize floor space that would usually be taken up my lamps. 2 days ago†Ј The James 4 bulb track light is a good option for lighting for unfinished basement ceiling. By mounting the fixture to the ceiling or the side of the joists, the lights wonТt cut into the available head space. And the dark bronze color will blend nicely with the unfinished wood ceiling.

Make designing your dream room a breeze with my Printable Room Planner. Learn more about unfinished basement lighting options. Choosing lighting for an unfinished basement ceiling can be tricky.

Read more about what to consider when lighting a room with an exposed ceiling. You might also like this post on how we sprayed our unfinished basement ceiling. This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing an item through an affiliate link, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Selecting lighting for an unfinished basement ceiling takes a lot of thought. Here are some things to consider when choosing light fixtures for a basement. Amount of Natural Light.

Some basements are blessed with walkout doors and giant windows. Our basement is a walkout, but even if it had wall to wall windows, it would still feel dark because that side of the house is in the shade. Use of Room. Lighting is going to be different for a media room and an art studio. In my art studio, I need plenty of light for working. If I have to work in the basement, I need it to be really bright. Style of Room. The style of a room can dictate which lighting you choose for your basement.

If your room decor is industrial, then exposed recessed lighting housing is going to look great. As with any home renovation, budget is always a concern.

Our budget was pretty low, so we chose simple exposed lighting. This room started with 2 light fixtures for the entire space. Once we framed the walls and drywalled them, we would have been left with only one light fixture. Adding more light fixtures was a huge priority. Since recessed lighting was my original plan, we went with that, and it feels like the right decision. The other thing I did was take note of dark spaces.

We have ductwork that goes across the ceiling and the area behind it felt really dark, so I made sure that we added lighting there as well. Low ceilings in basements require either recessed lighting or flush mount lighting. Semi-flush mount light may also work if your ceiling is a bit higher.

Recessed lighting can still look amazing in an unfinished basement. It has a cool industrial look. Recessed lighting is installed between the ceiling joists using recessed lighting housing.

The trim type determines the amount of light put out. Baffle Trim. Baffle trim is the most common type of recessed lighting. The bulb sits high in the casing and the ribbed trim prevents glares. This lighting is good for overall lighting. Reflector Trim. Reflector trim is what we considered for the basement. The bulb is still recessed, but the trim is shiny to reflect light. Open Trim. The bulb is flush with ceiling and offers unrestricted lighting.

Eyeball Trim. Eyeball lighting is for accent lighting. The light pivots to highlight a certain area. Gimbal Trim. Similar to eyeball trim, gimbal trim can pivot to accent an area. Lighting can be partially blocked when fully pivoted.

Pinhole Trim. Provides a tight beam of light to spotlight areas. Wall Wash Trim. Wall wash trim has a shield that restricts part of the light. This light is used to highlight feature areas. Shower Trim. As the name suggests, this trim is for showers and provides protection from water. Flush mount fixtures come in a variety of styles and finishes. We chose simple flush mount fixtures. They are probably not what most people would choose, but I like the simplicity of the fixture.

Glass globes can limit the amount of light that gets through, so it was important that the bulbs be exposed. Good lighting in a craft room is crucial, so I chose function over form. I wanted as much light as possible in this windowless space. Media rooms require less lighting. We like to keep ours dark to prevent glares on the TV and computer screens. Sure the lighting is bright, but the subtle buzzing and flickering gives me a headache.

I prefer LED lighting, especially for basements. While the rest of my house looks great with soft white lighting , for basements, I love the bright white bulbs. However, in a basement, they are perfect and provide the best light to mimic natural light. With lumens a bulb , they provide plenty of light. Emy is a vintage obsessed mama of 2 DIYer who loves sharing affordable solutions for common home problems. Read moreЕ. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Click here for the Semigloss Design disclosures and privacy policy. Sharing is caring! Pin Share Tweet. This area was dark, so we added extra lighting in this area.

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