How to grow paperwhite narcissus bulbs

how to grow paperwhite narcissus bulbs

Paperwhite Bulb Planting Guide

Paperwhite Narcissus will grow happily and bloom with nothing more than water and stones or pebbles. Growing Paperwhites in water: To "plant" your bulbs in any our our soilless kits, begin by carefully placing a layer of stones or pebbles to a depth of about 2" in a small vase or about 4" in a larger vase. Jan 05,  · Narcissus paperwhite bulbs are classic holiday gifts that produce indoor blooms to brighten the winter doldrums. Those little bulb kits make growing paperwhites super easy by providing the bulb, soil and a container. All you do is add water and put the container in a warm place in bright light.

A delicate bowl of the thin white blooms is quite something to come home to in the darker days of winter. T he scent of paperwhite narcissus surpasses heady into something almost narcotic. Paperwhites, Narcissus papyraceusare native to Mediterranean areas from northern Africa to southern Spain and southern France, where they are most buls to be found growing in grassy, cultivated land and stony places — free-draining, sunny spots.

In our climate, your best fo is to grow them inside. Plant from now to December and they will magically bloom six weeks later in a room that is about 21C. They take longer in cooler rooms, so one way to papeerwhite blooming is by keeping some in a ohw space until you want them to flower. The flowers are small, 2cm across, and white with creamy stamens at the centre. Each flower spike has up to 15 flower heads. If you have a chance to select bulbs choose the fattest ones ti these often have two stems per bulb.

You can get away with using any number of containers to grow them in as long as they are deep. Place the bulbs cheek by jowl for a dense display, pointy what size roof box do i need up, just below the surface. The first signs of a shoot may already be appearing, so plant carefully so as not to damage what radio station is ut football on. If you want to be fancy, put moss around the top to cover the soil.

Water weekly, but sparingly; the soil needs to be damp, but not waterlogged. This is desirable as the blooms start off about 30cm high, then continue to grow as they open, eventually turning leggy and falling over unless staked. Alys Fowler's gardening column Gardening advice. How to grow narcissus paperwhite. Alys Fowler. Read more. Topics Gardening advice Alys Fowler's gardening column Gardens features.

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Plant paperwhites in groups of 5 to 7 bulbs. Big clumps look more balanced than just two or three bulbs. Use pots (without drainage holes) that are 6 to 8” wide. 2. Nov 10,  · Place the bulbs cheek by jowl for a dense display, pointy end up, just below the surface. The first signs of a shoot may already be appearing, so . How to Grow Paperwhites Put a 2 to 3 inch layer of pea stone, marbles, or decorative stones in a shallow, watertight container. A clear glass one will give you a good view of how the roots are developing. If using soil, fill a pot 1/2 full of potting soil or a soil-less mix.

Paperwhites Narcissus papyraceus are among the easiest spring bulbs because they don't require chilling or special preparation. They grow best in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through You can plant them in soil if you want to, but they will also grow in a bowl of stones or decorative pebbles and water.

They look their best in a container that is at least twice as wide as it is tall. If you plan to plant them in soil, choose a container with drainage holes.

Otherwise, any decorative dish or bowl will do. Expect flowers three to four weeks after planting the bulbs. The University of Vermont Extension recommends planting bulbs every two weeks from late fall to the beginning of February, as this allows you to enjoy continuous blooms during the long winter months.

When planting narcissus bulbs indoors, you'll need to first select a container. Spread a layer of potting soil in the bottom of that container. The soil should be deep enough so that when you set a bulb on top of it, the tip of the bulb is about 1 inch below the lip of the container. Fill in around the bulbs with potting soil.

Bury the bulbs with just the tips showing above the soil. Saturate the soil with room temperature water. Allow time for the excess water to drain through, and then empty the saucer under the pot. Place the container in a sunny windowsill. The University of California Master Gardeners reports that kitchen windows make excellent winter greenhouses. Arrange the bulbs on top of the pebbles. Place them so they don't touch each other or the sides of the container. Place a small number of stones or pebbles around the bulbs to stabilize them.

This is particularly important with tall varieties that may become top heavy. At least half the height of the bulbs should be above the pebbles. Add water to a depth just below the base of the bulb. Water that surrounds the bulb can cause rot. Paperwhites grown in potting soil last longer and have stronger stems than those grown in pebbles and water.

Tall varieties may need stakes to keep them upright. Buy the largest bulbs you can find because they produce more flowers. A paperwhite bulb produces as many as three stems with up to 20 flowers. For long-lasting arrangements, move the container to a cool location at night. Related Articles. Arrange paperwhite bulbs on top of the soil so that their sides aren't touching.

Water often enough to keep the soil moist to a depth of about 1 inch. Tip Paperwhites grown in potting soil last longer and have stronger stems than those grown in pebbles and water.

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