How to get birth control in canada

how to get birth control in canada

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Every woman deserves access to a birth control prescription. Birth control is a basic need, but some how getting access to it isn’t always easy. We make it easy to get access to trusted birth control prescriptions online, all from the comfort of home. Birth Control Pills. The birth control pill is one of the most common methods of contraception in Canadian women. There are two main types of birth control pills: Combination Pills. They are synthetic or manmade versions of female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Birth control pills are a form of round-the-clock contraception. You only need to take one pill once a day to be protected from unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills can also help with certain health conditions. Whatever your reasons for wanting to try the pill, a doctor can help guide you in the right direction. The birth control pill is an example of hormonal contraception. Pregnancy relies on a series of biological and hormonal mechanisms. In a nutshell, hormonal contraception interrupts these mechanisms.

The pill, along with other forms of hormonal contraception, either prevent ovulation or prevent an embryo from being fertilized. These contain synthetic versions of the hormones estrogen and progestin. The majority of pills you receive in a package contain active hormones, while a small number of pills are inactive. However, many women find it helpful to take the inactive pills to keep up their daily routine.

These pills contain no estrogen. Instead, their main active hormone is progestin. Every pill in a progestin-only pack is active. Combination pills will protect you from pregnancy within seven days, as long as you take the pill properly each day. Yes, there can be side-effects from birth control pills. You and your doctor should work together to review your medical history and determine the right option for you. Some side-effects women experience are:.

Doctors recommend that you persevere through minor symptoms for three months. Some, like condoms and spermicide, can be purchased over the counter. Many people wonder if you can buy birth control pills over the counter Canada. You need a doctor to help choose which pill makes most sense for your medical history and physiology. You can purchase emergency contraceptive pills in Canada over the counter, such as Plan B. How to make smoke effect in photoshop cs5 contraceptives contain the hormone levonorgestrel, which prevents or delays ovulation.

How to color a wig with sharpie doctor will recommend which pills make sense for your body and medical history.

The following pills are available in Canada. Note that this list is not exhaustive and frequently changes due to shortages, back orders, and increased options of generic choices. How much are birth control pills in canada? The answer depends. Many health insurance providers will cover the cost of birth control pills.

Your doctor and clinic assistants are bound by confidentiality to not disclose anything about your visit. Some women prefer to speak to a doctor about their contraceptive needs online. That way you get personalized medical attention, while your maintaining privacy. Some women take it to control acne, combat anemia, and even to prevent endometrial and ovarian cancer.

Make sure to speak with a doctor about finding the right pill for you, so you can have maximum freedom and minimum side-effects.

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There are many birth control options available to allow individuals to choose the type that best suits their budget and lifestyle. The birth control pill is one of the most common methods of contraception in Canadian women. But it is not easy to get them for some women. Some common ones include: Intrauterine devices; Hormonal pills. Every method of birth control has a “perfect use” and a “typical use” number. This number stands for the percentage of women who would get pregnant in the first year of using the method. For example, perfect use of oral contraceptives (the Pill) is (% effective); but because women can make mistakes taking them, “typical use. Jul 23,  · The facts about birth control pills in Canada. Birth control pills are a form of round-the-clock contraception. You only need to take one pill once a day to be protected from unwanted pregnancy. Birth control pills can also help with certain health conditions.

Effectiveness is not the only thing to consider when you are choosing a birth control method. You also need to look at:. This number stands for the percentage of women who would get pregnant in the first year of using the method. For example, perfect use of oral contraceptives the Pill is 0. Male condoms are an effective method.

However, a man must use it correctly from start to finish. Emergency contraceptive pills ECP contain a synthetic progestin and can prevent or slow down ovulation to prevent conception. They are also known as "morning after pills". The copper IUD is a safe and effective method. This reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs , although health care providers may leave an IUD in place to treat an infection.

You can use it:. There is a difference between side effects, which are temporary, and risks. Some women have side effects; many do not.

It is impossible to predict. The following are some of the side effects for oral contraceptives the Pill , the contraceptive Patch and the vaginal ring. Different pills use different synthetic estrogens and progesterones. Some are safer than others in terms of possible blood clots. This FAQ may provide medical information, but is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. When you have questions about your health, it is always advisable to ask a health care practitioner.

Search this site:. Printer-friendly version How do I know which method of birth control to use? If you are over 35 and smoke cigarettes, most health care providers will not prescribe birth control pills or any other method that contains estrogen because of the increased risk for blood clots. Number of partners: If you have more than one partner, it is important to use condoms, especially for vaginal or anal sex, because of the risk of sexually transmitted infections STIs.

Current health and medical history: If you want to use a hormonal method with estrogen, it is important that you do not have: heart or circulation disease like high blood pressure, a history of blood clots, advanced diabetes, acute liver problems, migraine with aura, or an estrogen-based cancer or a family history of this type of cancer. What are the most effective methods? What about withdrawal? Withdrawal means pulling out the penis from the vagina before ejaculation. With perfect use only 4 out of women would get pregnant in one year, but with typical use 27 would get pregnant.

Knowing your fertile days helps you increase the effectiveness of withdrawal see the Justisse Method of fertility awareness and the Standard Days Method. Use condoms on your fertile days. If a partner ejaculates by accident, consider taking emergency contraceptive pills Plan B or Norlevo. Do emergency contraceptive pills work? The sooner you take ECP after your method fails - or after no method was used - the better the chance of preventing pregnancy.

They are available over the counter. If you do not get a period within 21 days, get a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant and continue the pregnancy, the pills will not affect the fetus. You can also use a copper IUD as emergency contraception if it is inserted within 7 days after your method fails or after no method was used.

What are my options? There are several disadvantages with these methods: Spermicides can irritate the vagina and increase risk of infection such as HIV. Spermicides have a low effectiveness rate if used alone. The jelly used with diaphragms is not currently available in Canada. Can I? You can use it: if you have normal bleeding, and if you have no menstrual cramps or only mild ones.

I heard the Pill is dangerous. Is this true? Side effects: nausea breast tenderness headaches spots of blood in underwear mood changes These side effects usually go away in a few weeks but may last up to three months.

Here are some risks for the above methods: blood clot venous thromboembolism or VTE clot in a blood vessel stroke slight increase in breast cancer The Pill also has some protective effects. Taking it can contribute to: reduction in ovarian cancer, and reduction in endometrial cancer. I have terrible periods. Is there a method that can help? Some methods help reduce bleeding. Some help reduce cramps. Some limit periods.

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