How to fix chainsaw oiler

how to fix chainsaw oiler

Fix an Electric Chainsaw Dripping Oil

Mar 04,  · This is the the easiest and the cheapest way to fix the chainsaw oiler issue. And with out taking the chainsaw apart. Jan 21,  · lf your chain saw isn't lubing the chain it can cause serious chain damage, here's how to get it working again.

Chainsaw bar oil is an extremely important part of a well-functioning chainsaw. The most common reason a chainsaw oiler stops working is that the oil hole gets clogged.

To fix this, remove the chain and bar from your chainsaw and clean the oil hole and oil outlet port. Before we get into diagnosing the issue with your oiler, we first need to discuss what a chain oiler is and how it works.

This oil lubricates your chain to decrease the friction of your chain across your bar. This keeps your saw running smoothly and efficiently. To lubricate your bar and chain, the oiler uses you guessed it bar and chain oil. This oil is filled in its own tank, usually towards the front of your saw.

Important distinction: bar and chain oil is not the same as the engine oil that is mixed in with chainsaw fuel. There are a few different reasons your oiler might not be working, and the first thing you should check is if the oil tank is empty. Your oil tank will be located towards the front of your saw and is usually indicated by a little chain oil symbol. In the picture below, you can how to enter cost of goods sold in quickbooks see the black cap with the oil droplet symbol above it.

Keep in mind, not all brands are the same, so depending on your saw it may be in a slightly different position. This is probably the most common issue with chainsaw oilers. Then take off your bar and chain by lifting up and pushing back.

I would recommend wearing gloves when you do this to protect your hands from the chain. As you can tell, this chainsaw has lots of gunk inside gunk is a technical term. When you clean your oiler, I recommend cleaning this inside portion of your saw and cover as well. Especially if it has this much sawdust and grime how to knitt a beanie on it.

I just used some old packing paper to wipe it off and a screwdriver to get into all the nooks and crannies. If you need a more in-depth guide of how to remove a bar and chain, check out this post. The oil outlet port is where the oil from your oil tank leaks out into the oil hole on your chainsaw bar. This little port can get gunked up with sawdust and debris. The oil outlet port is located just behind the bar on your chainsaw. You can clean this out pretty easily using a thin file, a wire, or pretty much anything that will fit into it.

As you can tell, the oil hole and the other holes on the bar are pretty covered with a sawdust and oil mix. Make sure you clean them both. The bar groove can also get sawdust clogged in it which will keep oil from reaching every part of the chain even if your oiler is working perfectly.

You can clean this out by either using your gauge tool, or pretty much any tool that fits easily into your bar groove. Put your chain back on the bar and slide it back into place.

Make sure your chain is facing the right direction. I also put all the gunk I cleaned out of it in a pile next to the saw so you could see how much was in there. The last thing you need to do is to test your chainsaw to make sure your oiler is now working correctly. How to upload apps to android phone up your saw and let it warm up.

Then either get a log that needs to be cut, a piece of carboard, or something similar. The thought here is that if your oiler works properly, it will spray oil off the tip of the saw. So, you should able to see a spray of oil going across the surface of whatever you chose to use. But before we jump to conclusions, use the below steps to test your oil pump.

Once your bar and chain are off, clean the oil outlet port. Give your chainsaw a few minutes to idle and warm-up. Then rev your engine like you would when cutting something. Unfortunately, this is something a professional will have to help you with.

Take your saw to your local repair shop and have them take a look. You could spend hours reading forum threads where firewood bark, and what to do with it, is fiercely debated.

But, at the end of the day, it's really not that complicated. My family has burned Firewood will dry in a shed that has open sides if the wood is stacked properly and exposed to sufficient sunshine and air flow. However, if firewood is stacked in an enclosed shed, this can prevent Skip to content Chainsaw bar oil is an extremely important part of a well-functioning chainsaw.

What is a Chain Oiler? How to make your home handicap accessible How to Fix It. Lucky for you, this is a pretty straightforward process. Remove the Bar and Chain To remove your bar and chain, unscrew the covering and remove it.

Clean the Oil Outlet Port The oil outlet port is where the oil from your oil tank leaks out into the oil hole on your chainsaw bar. Clean the Oil Hole and Bar Groove The next thing you need to clean out is the oil hole itself and the bar groove.

The oil hole on your chainsaw bar is a tiny little opening like the one shown below. Scrape as much gunk off of it as you can. The next thing you need to clean is your bar groove. Reassemble the Saw Once all the parts of your saw are cleaned, you just need to put it back together again.

Hold your saw a few inches away from your chosen object and run your chain. Oil should leak out of the oil outlet port. It was simpler than you thought, right? As always, be safe out there and go do something awesome! JJ is a firewood enthusiast, an Eagle Scout, and an avid learner and teacher of outdoor skills. Continue Reading.

Introduction: Fix an Electric Chainsaw Dripping Oil

Dec 07,  · How to Clean a Chainsaw Oiler 1. Remove the Bar and Chain. To remove your bar and chain, unscrew the covering and remove it. Then take off your bar 2. Clean the Oil Outlet Port. The oil outlet port is where the oil from your oil tank leaks out into the .

If you have oil dripping out the bottom of your electric chainsaw, then a perished oil tube is the most likely reason why. The oil is for the chain auto-oiling feature and is primed by the rubber bulb on the tank cap, the plastic tubing routes it under the casing to the oil pump underneath and onto the bar and chain. You start by taking off the bar and chain with its tensioning cover, and then remove the flying circlip on the chain drive cog, slide the cog up with the shield and short spring underneath.

The main body side cover can now be removed, remove also the 3 screws on the black motor side cover where you access the brushes, the long one that goes through the handle and the 2 shorter ones. Dont pull off the armature nut because we'll be pulling up the whole assembly and it probably needs an impact hammer anyway. The larger fiber plastic cog with its bearing came out with all my pulling and tugging, but can be left with the armature. Perhaps it was an additive in the Reflo 68A compressor oil I used that perished the pvc tubing, the tech data says.

Use a coin in the cover slot when tightening up again, to avoid cracking the brush housing, finger tight will do. Once the armature is seated properly indicated by a flush mounted cover, then the lock out safety lever and spring assembly can be reinstalled. FInally the main side cover is reinstalled after which the drive cog and its flying circlip is reinstalled.

I received a box of parts which make up one of these chainsaws. Without this instructable I would not have been able to reassemble it! Reply 4 years ago. You can give yourself a pat on the back for sorting out what is commonly called a "basket case". By petercd Follow. More by the author:. About: general bloke type of tinkering More About petercd ». Long story short, you need to almost completely dismantle the chainsaw to access the oil tube. There's a concealed screw behind the trigger under a clip on cover.

The 3rd pic Im using is an later complete pic to label the items to be removed. Perhaps it was an additive in the Reflo 68A compressor oil I used that perished the pvc tubing, the tech data says Excellent seal, paint and plastic compatibility. First thing before you start assembling is to pull out the armature brushes.

Now you can slide the armature back into position. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote.

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