How to clean chrome on a motorcycle

how to clean chrome on a motorcycle

How to Clean Chrome on a Motorcycle

May 29,  · Chrome! Your bike probably has it, but do you know how to polish it when it starts to pit and tarnish? Did you know that there are different types of chrome. Oct 10,  · The process is dead simple; rub the offending piece until the chrome is back to normal appearance, and that’s it. Even for thick, melted-on boot stains on mufflers, I have had good success with steel wool.

Love motorcydle or hate it, chrome looks awful once it gets old and corroded. It can become rusty, stained with hard-water marks, or even scarred with boot marks and melted rubber over time.

You don't have to settle for the memory of your chrome's glory days though; you how to find the nature of roots bring it back to its original shine with one simple step. The little trick is to use fine-grade steel wool. There are a lot of tips, tricks, cleaners, and home remedies out there for bringing your chrome back to its once-shiny self, but I have yet to find anything that matches the outcome I get with steel wool.

It wins in every category: price, mess factor, ease of use, and end result. Even for thick, melted-on boot stains on mufflers, I have had good success with steel wool. Although with something as stubborn as that, you will want to heat the pipe up to operating temperature to help with rubber removal and chromme very carefully scrape the thickest portions of the rubber with a razor blade first. Lastly, you can get in there with your steel wool, rubbing it until the only thing left of that mark is the imprint on your memory.

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How chrome is made

Apr 08,  · Medallion - CCS Orange Foam Applicator - Micr. Use hot water to fill your bucket. Get one rag moist from the bucket water. Wring the rag out. Wipe off any excess mud, dirt or grim on every chrome piece of the motorcycle. Pay close attention to the creases around the chrome. Remove all the filth and repeat this step if necessary. You may end up with dingy but dirt-free chrome. First, try oven cleaner. It works on baked-on grime in your oven, so it will also work on baked-on grime your pipes. The pipes need to be warm to hot, so leave it about 15 minutes after a ride. Spray on, leave about five minutes and wipe off with a rag, careful not to burn your hand.

Though the trend in recent years has moved toward a darker overall look, chrome accessories remain a staple of customizers everywhere. Does chrome still rule or is less really more? I want to be seen, not blend in with the highway!

Flashiest paint, long forks, rigid frames rule. How can you show off on flat black? Chrome, chrome, chrome — beautiful chrome!

Chrome sets things off. Just my opinion! This means less maintenance and more time for riding. Chrome is short for chromium, a hard metallic element that resists tarnishing and corrosion. When highly polished, it shines like … well, chrome.

Both the anode and cathode are suspended in a tank filled with a liquid solution called electrolyte. Electroplating for Parts and Accessories is an extremely complex series of operations that includes dozens of critical steps.

Achieving the desired results requires extensive metallurgical knowledge, years of experience, and complete control of all processes. For example:. Each process can be unique to a specific part.

This ensures the consistent quality Harley owners expect. That makes show-quality customization as easy as visualizing the dream, making a selection, and installing the accessory. As Willie G. Chrome requires cleaning, polishing, and protection from the elements, especially if your motorcycle is operated near the ocean or on salt-treated roads.

We're sorry. The info provided does not match our records. Please verify and try again. You also can retrieve a quote by quote number or start a new quote. Retrieve Saved Quote. Back to The Open Road. How chrome is made Chrome is short for chromium, a hard metallic element that resists tarnishing and corrosion.

For example: Parts must be polished carefully and be perfectly clean in preparation for plating. Voltage and amperage of the electrical current must be controlled to exact levels. Every part to be plated requires specific plating operations to achieve premium results, depending on its composition. For instance, fork sliders are plated with copper, two types of nickel, and a unique chromium alloy.

The chrome supplier receives the fork sliders in a raw, machined condition from the Showa Corporation, a world-class manufacturer of premium suspension components. Highly skilled buffers polish the raw, machined fork sliders to an incredibly smooth, blemish-free surface. Uniquely shaped plastic plugs are inserted into the fork sliders to protect threaded holes and bores from plating contamination that would make assembly difficult or impossible.

This provides the highest level of control over processes, such as the position of the fork sliders and computerized control of all plating operations, including the electrical current, plating time, and electrolyte strength and temperature. Specially designed plugs, racks, and plating processes isolate key points from plating and prevent damage. Thickness: Too little electroplating and the appearance may suffer; too much and the plating material may become brittle.

Impact Quench: Tests for cracking resistance involve heating the part to operating temperature, then dropping it into room temperature water. The plating must not blister, crack, lift, or peel, which can allow moisture to corrode the base metal. Adhesion: A test piece is cut with a fine-tooth band saw to verify that the plating is resistant to fracture and peeling. Additional tips for maintaining your motorcycle chrome Remove dirt with liquid cleaner before wiping chrome accessories to avoid scratching, and never wipe with shop rags that may contain metal chips or corrosive chemicals.

Do not use harsh abrasives or hard objects to clean or polish chrome. While chrome is tougher than paint, it can be scratched, and excessive polishing can wear through the plating. Keep chrome exhaust pipes, mufflers, and heat shields clean. Residue from oil, grease, and fingerprints can discolor chrome when the pipe reaches operating temperature. Cover chrome parts while working on your motorcycle to protect them from dropped tools, etc. Zip Code. Retrieve a Quote.

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