How to check motorcycle regulator rectifier with multimeter

how to check motorcycle regulator rectifier with multimeter

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Testing a Regulator/Rectifier. To determine that a regulator/rectifier is working properly, it's necessary to test each of its diodes to see whether they are forward biasing (allowing current flow) and reverse biasing (preventing current flow) correctly. Regulator/rectifier units vary from model to model, and manufacturer to manufacturer. Jun 26, Unplug your regulator/rectifiers harness connector and check for this wires continuity to ground. Set your meter to Ohms/resistance (?). Place one lead on the wire and the other lead to a solid ground. * Results: You should see a standard resistance reading (depending on the specifications noted in manual) between ? up to

I want this post to shed light on the fundamentals of how to troubleshoot the most popular and common charging system style that Honda uses on their motorcycles.

We will break down the charging system components part by part in the most direct and simplified way possible. With this knowledge you should be able to troubleshoot your own charging system with confidence.

Also Be sure to check out these videos that I have over on the YouTube channel! Volt Amp Ohm meter with diode and continuity test. Alligator clips help add extra hands to your testing scenario. Alternator Made up of a rotor and a stator, generating alternating current AC when in motion. Spins off the revolutions of the crankshaft. Battery Stores regulated DC current. This needs to be Regulator Regulates voltage so that it stays within the specified range.

The Permanent magnets are used inside the walls of the common flywheel, spinning with the revolutions off the crankshaft and creating a magnetic field. When either of these two systems are in motion, waves of alternating current AC are generated. The reason why it is called a three how to setup a live sound stage three wire output system is simply because it consists of three coils connected to each other, producing three single phase alternating currents.

Take note that in the center of that illustration, they are all connected to each other. Do this with all three of the yellow wires. These readings should be closely in range of each other. You should only b e concerned if how to appreciate your boss leg is how to cancel zagat wine membership not putting out any voltage, or it is significantly less then the other wires tested.

In which case the stator has begun to break down or is bad. You repeat this three times two check all three wires. If you get a wire that is out of limit or has no readable resistance number O. This more than likely means that there is a break in the windings. You may also get a very high resistance reading. The stator needs what causes itchy feet soles be replaced.

You will do this test three times on each of the three yellow wires. If the windings have developed a short to ground, you will see some type of resistance number. FIY: Because the stator how to check motorcycle regulator rectifier with multimeter putting out so much electrical AC energy, the stator is typically the most common component to either fail or what is the car in transporter 2 other issues down the line.

Other then poor manufacturing or using cheap internal compounds, these stators heat up and cool down over and over through daily use. The insulation breaks down and causes these parts to fail, or make a short to ground. Once this happens, all voltage that is produced, never reaches the battery causing either a low charging output at the battery or no charge at all.

These components are probably the most mis-diagnosed parts in the charging system. They are not serviceable, and if a problem is found with how to get the spark back in my relationship systems. The whole unit must be replaced as one. Presome bikes used these two systems as separated units.

One other a major change to the early style regulators is that they where able to be serviced and fully adjustable. Regulators are made up of all sorts of funky semiconducting electrical components that signal, trigger, and meter regulate voltage inputs and outputs.

Too much charge can cause overheating, meltdowns, explosions, and fires. To little charge will gradually kill your battery. The specific value of this number differentiates from bike to bike.

Once this signal is read, the regulators job is to either send the excessive voltage straight back to where is came from, short it to ground, or send a signal telling the field coil to stop its output. Keep in mind that this process is happening faster then you can see. Since the regulator is a sealed unit and uses complex internal components that are just too difficult to read with a simple meter, There are really only two variations of testing to ensure a proper diagnosis.

With the bike running at operating temperature. Record your readings. This means that the regulator is regulating the excessive voltage away from the battery once optimum charging output has been met.

Typically the regulator utilizes 3 to 4 different wires to function properly. Green wire : Grounds the system to the frame may have two wires. Typically a standard circuit wire has at least. If you discover that you have and open no numeric value or a excessively high reading. Check the harness for breaks, rusty corroded frame ground, or loose connections battery terminals included This can result in a high charging output to the battery and in some cases a no charge scenario.

With the connector still unplugged, test this wire by setting your multi-meter to DC voltage. If not, check for breaks in the harness, or loose connections. Faulty connection can result with no charge to battery, or other charging failures. Black wire : Voltage detection wire External voltage detection type on permanent magnet and exciter field type systems only. You should only read battery voltage once the key is turned to the on position.

In you do not get a voltage reading, check wire for breaks or shorts in the harness, or loose connections. Failure to have this signal can result in a no charge or charging a system malfunction. Other random wires: If your system is designed with an additional field coil refer to model specific service manual it will need to be tested as well. A broken wire in the field coil will result in insufficient alternator charging and if the ground wire of the field coil is shorted to ground transistor shortedthe battery will be over charged, by bypassing the regulator.

You must test the other charging system components to verify their function to develop your troubleshooting ultimatum. Either way, testing is pretty much the same. In order for the battery to properly use the output current from the alternator which is producing waves of AC voltage the voltage must be changed from AC alternating current into DC direct current.

Batteries can not store AC voltage. To accomplish this switch, the rectifier is made up of diodes. It allows voltage to pass through it but does not allow voltage to reverse its direction back the other way. Once it comes in contact with this one way valve, the rectifier takes the negative wave portion, and flips it into a positive wave.

This changes the AC wave to a direct more controlled voltage signal. Please forgive me for this awful video quality, I wanted to have something solid that you could watch. I will replace this one soon with a better shot! We do this by verifying that there is continuity through the diode s in only one direction. Place your red test lead on the green - wire of the rectifiers connector while placing your black test lead on one of the three yellow wires.

Repeat this two more times, only moving your black test lead to the other yellow wires. Now switch your meter leads and retest. Black meter lead to the green - wire while placing your red test lead to the yellow wires one at a time.

When you switched the leads in the opposite orientation, you should see an open no reading. This outcome needs to be the same on every diode you test. There are six diodes total. If you get a resistance reading through both ways on the diode. The rectifier is bad and will need to be replaced. Same goes for if you get an open no numeric reading through both ends of the diode. The Rectifier is no good, and cannot be fixed. Battery: This is a huge part of your charging system.

A low or failing battery can cause crazy readings during your testing. If your battery is charging perfectly but your motorcycle still seems to keep killing the battery. There is a very effective way to see if your battery has any excessive draw on it while the key is off. Here is a video how to check motorcycle regulator rectifier with multimeter this procedure. This post helped a lot of people out maybe have a look?

Charging system DIY. There will be some fundamental explanations throughout this blog, so if your in a hurry to get straight to the testing. Feel free to skip right to my part specific testing videos and explanations by scrolling down ahead.

I use one like this that gives you a Digital voltage read out. Did I loose you? Get it? Got it? For this system, there are only two different series of tests that will give you a total of twelve readings. Let me explain. Now reverse your leads and retest in the same manner as before. Comment 1.

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If this is the case then it is likely that you will have to replace the Regulator/Rectifier and the Battery. This also works the opposite way. If the Battery is defective, either dried out or has damaged cells from age or electrical faults, the Regulator will output the maximum it can trying to charge the Battery back up. regulator/rectifier universal kit for almost all 2 and 3 wire stator motorcycles. s Era excited rotor regulator build up for bikes with rare electromagnet rotors. LED Voltage Monitor. FHAA/FHAA and SH mounting dimensions. Stator Testing Example. Easy Mosfet Hookup '32 Roadstercycle Harley Powered '34 Roadstercycle Vmax Powered. Mar 26, If you suspect that the wires or plugs might be the culprit, you can remove them and do a quick Ohm test. Next, you will want to check your ignition coil followed by the CDI box, rectifier/regulator and all other electrical components. Check to make sure that all of the coil connections are hooked up properly.

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