How to build a wooden coat rack

how to build a wooden coat rack

DIY Wooden Coat Rack with Shelf

How to Make a Modern Style Coat Rack: This Instructable will show you each step to making a modern style piano hinge coat rack. The only thing you need is one piece of wood (species of your choice) and a 3/8 dowel. Below you will find the exact dimensions and cut list that I used for t. Nov 10, Make the counterbore one-third the depth of each leg. Set the notch of the first leg onto the bottom of a inch-tall newel post (about $65; Lowe's). Attach the leg to the newel post using 2?-inch deck screws. Repeat with the remaining Jennifer Stimpson.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In half a day you can what do scorpions mean in dreams stock lumber what does the typewriter do a newel post to create an elegant place to hang your hat.

At 72 inches tall, this handsome entryway accessory has enough height to hold full-length coats and long scarves, and still manages to dress up the space when left bare. Missouribased woodworker Harvey Joyce designed and built this rack with a store-bought newel post, but you can collect and shape the pieces to assemble your own.

Whether you choose a decorative finish, routered legs to add dimension, or ornate hooks that make a statement, your new addition will keep your doat close at hand on your way out the door and promise a clutter-free foyer when you get home.

Mark a 1-inch-wide-byinch-long notch at the upper-left corner. Mark the 2-inch-wide foot on the lower-right corner. Sketch the leg's contoured outline from the notch to the foot or use this template. Cut the leg using a jigsaw. Trace and cut out three additional legs.

Ease all the edges of the legsexcept the notchusing grit sandpaper. Make the counterbore one-third the depth of each leg. Repeat with the remaining legs. Prime and paint, or wipe on stain and wooren a coat of polyurethane. Once the finish is dry, install a hook on each side of the squared top section of the newel post at varied heights to maximize hanging space.

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Building a tree coat rack is a great starter wood working project that will add a beautiful and functional piece to your home. Tree coat racks were popular in the first half of the century, found in many homes and offices. Their nostalgic effect is coming back and is now frequently sought after. Jan 22, This wall mounted DIY coat rack is great on any wall and perfect when you are short on space! Hey friends! Im finally sharing this DIY coat rack Ive mentioned a few times and given a sneak peek, or 5 heh heh, of over on my Instagram stories over the last few weeks.. I really wanted to have a perfectly laid out step by step for this one but we were literally finishing and hanging. Mar 03, Faux Antler DIY Coat Rack. This DIY coat rack looks just like a real antler, but its made of polyresin. If you have a real antler and you like the look, give that antler a job holding up your coats and hats. For more ways to use what you already have, Author: Elizabeth Manneh.

Do you have a coat rack near your front door? Since those days, I have insisted that a coat rack be close to the door to hold not only jackets and backpacks but other essentials like umbrellas. I always want to know that I know where these things are so that we can get out of the door quickly I mean, there are so many other things that hold us up in the mornings. So, I started thinking that maybe you could use a bit of coat rack magic yourself and I found these 25 amazing DIY coat racks that will definitely brighten up your entryway.

I do love a good DIY project and these are some of the best. Some of them are upcycles and speaking of upcycling, be sure to take a look at these 25 gorgeous projects to upcycle old teacups. Even if you already have a coat tree by your front door, these coat racks are going to give you additional organization right there where it all happensas soon as you walk into the door. There are some really adorable ones for kids, made from safari animals and other fun things, and some gorgeous ones that you will definitely want to hang right near the front door where you can show them off.

Plus, there are different styles so you will find the perfect DIY coat rack whether you prefer the industrial look, modern furnishings or you really like a rustic farmhouse look. And, be sure to check out these 60 DIY barn door projects that will also add some rustic farmhouse flair to your home.

I found this one on Etsy and it is made from repurposed plastic animals and a slab of wood. It is really adorable and so easy to make, unless you just prefer to buy.

Not only does this coat rack have a great chevron pattern, but you make it with upcycled scraps of wood. They can use this to keep backpacks and jackets neatly put away and it is really easy to make. You just use animal templates to paint on your animal pictures and then the hooks double as tails how adorable is that? You just need a one by six board and some paint to make this one. You use wire to construct the lettering that you want on this coat rack and then attach it to a heavy wire base.

You could also use a wooden base instead of wire to give it more of a rustic country look if you prefer. Turn an old headboard into a gorgeous coat rack that also doubles as a message center for your family.

I love chalkboard paint projects and this may be one of my favorites. You use chalkboard paint to create the message center and then add pegs for hanging coats, umbrellas, backpacks and other items. How cool is this? This coat rack made from insulators is great for the front or back porch or you could even hang it inside if you wanted to.

You use glass insulators and pegs to create the coat rack and then attach it all to a piece of board or molding. This is a really simple coat rack to DIY.

This neat coat rack is made by attaching drawer knobs to a board and it is so lovely. You can use matching or mismatched knobs to achieve whatever look you want.

Plus, if you are redoing cabinets, doors or dressers, you can reuse the knobs from those and save some money.

I love the look of this vintage yardstick coat rack. It has such a wonderful old farmhouse or general store look to it. I would check with local thrift stores and flea markets. If you have the room, why not make your very own coat tree? These are great for putting right inside the front door and this one is super easy to make. You use dowels and something to tie them all together. If you truly want a rustic coat rack and you want something that is really easy and cheap to make, this upcycled twig and stick coat rack is perfect.

You make it literally with twigs and sticks that you pick up from your yard. Just attach the sticks to a board and then paint however you want. This is a great coat rack to get that farmhouse look. There are so many wonderful DIY home and garden projects with twigs and sticks. You can buy these zig zag coat racks all day long at department stores, but why would you spend that kind of money when you can just make one yourself?

This one is pretty easy to make and you have the option of customizing it with paint or stain. Plus, you can make it as short or as long as you need, just use more or less strips of wood. I really love the look of this modern cityscape coat rack. If you love New York City or any other large metropolis for that matter this is a great coat rack to have displayed in your entryway. If you have one of those old fashioned accordion coat racks, you can turn it into something new and exciting with just a little paint.

You can get these at the Dollar Store for just a few dollars each and then turn then into something that looks much more expensive. I love the marbled look it is so elegant and fancy and perfect for the entry. This one is also a shelf and it is perfect for adding that hint of farmhouse to your entryway. You would never believe by looking at it that this coat rack is made from aluminum sheeting. You add wood to the outer edges to frame it in and this one also helps you to get things organized.

You can put hooks on it for keys and other things that you need on hand and add your coat hooks as well. This copper coat rack is more like a laundry rack but it will certainly work to hold coats in the entryway. This is a nice looking coat rack though and does add a nice little hint of industrial charm to your home. Plus, it is really easy to put together if you have the supplies. You can find them online on Etsy and other stores or you can get faux ones at most craft stores.

Then you use them to create a really rustic coat rack that is sure to spark some conversation. And if you have taxidermy items throughout your home, this coat rack will fit in perfectly. All you need to make this coat rack is a piece of driftwood.

This is one of the easiest and cheapest coat racks that you could make yourself and it looks great for your rustic or coastal home. Whatever look you are trying to achieve, this one will give it to you. And did I mention how very easy it is to make?

You use old locks with this one and put the keys into the locks to make the hooks for hanging your coats.

This is seriously the most unique coat rack that I have ever seen and it is a great way to use up all of those old keys. This one board coat rack may be the easiest one to make yet. Here is a great coat rack for the garage or a man cave. This one is super easy to make and a great way to use up old broken tools or new cheap ones. And if you are using old tools, there is a great method for electrolytic rust removal that you just have to try.

This standalone coat stand is super easy to make and it has a wonderfully unique look. You can use whatever you want to hide the center where the poles are held together and this gives you the perfect chance to customize this one however you want it.

You could also paint your poles if you wanted and even add some extra embellishments to make it really look unique. Old wooden shoe stretchers are a wonderful material to build a unique coat rack. Imagine having this hanging up behind your front door! Just a wooden board and a few wooden pegs are all you need to create the simplest and cheapest coat rack that you can hang behind your front door. This is also a great one for the mud room or for bedrooms.

You can hang them on the backside of bedroom doors to hold jackets, backpacks and even bathrobes and keep everything perfectly organized. Oh the things that you can do with some pretty paper! Just take a look at this amazing DIY coat rack.

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