How old is mary lou retton today

how old is mary lou retton today

Mary Lou Retton Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Mary Lou Retton Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics. 0. Mary Lou Retton Quick Info. Height. 4 ft 9 in. Weight. 42 kg. Date of Birth. January 24, Molly Fletcher, Mary Lou Retton and Diane Paddison (Founder of 4Word) at the Gala. Photo credit: courtesy of 4word. My love affair with Mary Lou Retton began in I was a gymnast too. Just to be clear though, my talent did not compare to Mary Lou’s in any way, shape or form.

The Gymternet has plenty of ammunition when it comes to finding reasons to hate Mary Lou Retton. At the very top of the list is the accusation that she worked to counter a congressional bill that was designed to protect children in sports from sexual predators. Such behavior sounds so awful that I often see people try to defend it. Trying to give Retton the benefit of a doubt as surely there must be a reason for such behavior or context we are missing.

So they brainstorm possible explanations to make sense of it all. I actually welcome this kind of commentary. So what I am going to do tosay take all the questions I have seen how old is mary lou retton today Retton and this incident that either defend her, or express confusion about it.

The bill is S. This is by far the most important question to ask. How to get the pnr status it actually happen?

The New York Times would state the following:. When the sex abuse bill was introduced, Penny and others from U. The reader with a keen eye may notice that nowhere does it say USAG opposed the bill. It speaks volumes as to just how reprehensible and evil of an organization USAG is. They had also specifically behaved like a think tank brainstorming talking points designed to mislead. Spending resources doing that rather than on their gymnasts. But the worst part of all, they appeared to be quite good at it.

For an organization notoriously incompetent rettno it comes to combating all the problems within its ranks, USAG suddenly becomes ruthlessly efficient when it wants to find a way to combat reform. It expands the statue of limitations giving survivors of sexual abuse more time to take civil action. It expands and strengthens mandatory reporter hod for those who suspect child abuse.

The bill was entirely sports related. Sports was the entire focus of the bill with a special emphasis on national governing bodies such as USAG. Hoday bill even goes as far as to specifically cite emotional and physical forms of abuse as well.

Resulting in a bill that was poorly thought out and had glaring flaws. Thus USAG can be defended under the guise that there were legitimate reasons to oppose this bill. It then spent another 2. The bill took 11 months to pass. The Sex Abuse Bill took longer to pass than the trademark legislative accomplishments of Obama and Trump combined. Olr Washington D. Members of Congress who had taken a leadership role in promoting the bill met privately with gymnasts who had been abused to give them a say in the process.

It eetton took how to put obituary in newspaper with USAG so they could give their perspective as how old is mary lou retton today. It is from one of these meetings that the source of all the controversy regarding Mary Lou Retton arises.

The bill was passed unanimously in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. There are Congressmen in the American legislative branch, only three voted against it. All three are members of the Liberty Caucus. The Liberty Caucus has a Libertarian ideology. Supporters of said ideology often brand themselves whats in a caesar salad moderates.

Others will classify them as a more extreme faction of the Republican Party who will vote against nearly any measure that expands the power of the federal government, adds more regulations, and costs more money. Even if that involves a popular bill designed to protect children from sexual abuse. Justin Amash is the founder and leader of the group. He what does per calendar year mean a word Facebook post defending his actions.

Amash believes the Constitution gives Congress the power to criminalize only a few activities and everything else should be criminalized by the states. Amash would become the first Republican to support the impeachment of How to write a mission statement about yourself Trump and was the only Republican to vote in favor of it in the House of Representatives. Sanders is now an Independent in the Senate.

Mark Sanford wrote an word Facebook post defending his vote. Unlike Amash, Sanford focused most of his argument to the way the bill dealt with sexual assault allegations. Sanford argued SafeSport was toay too much authority and argued on behalf of the rights of the accused. He went as far as to cite specific high profile cases of men who were falsely accused of rape.

Sanford would later lose the Republican nomination for his seat, effectively losing his reelection before he could participate in a general election. His seat is now held by a Democrat. They also have widespread problems and would rather ignore the problem than confront it and risk exposing an even wider degree of abuse.

Andrew Cuomo signed into law on Feb. It allows child sexual abuse victims to sue their abuser or institutions until age Previously the cutoff was age All five of them have a track record of advocating on behalf of, and fighting for reform in gymnastics. They have been present at high profile gatherings where gymnasts discuss problems in the sport. Their various advocacy have covered topics such as sexual abuse, eating disorders, biased team selections, and leaving child athletes unprepared for adulthood.

In some cases, their advocacy has been going on for three decades or more. Follow their social media accounts and it is not hard to find them making a comment that can be perceived as critical of USAG. Mary Lou Retton has no such track record. She has been how to configure yahoomail in outlook express long standing advocate of USAG. Retton frequently parrots its talking points highlighting only the positives of the sport and ignoring or downplaying signs of an abusive culture.

Even as so many of her contemporaries did, even as the sport underwent chaos within ten maryy of her victory when USAG witnessed the deaths of two high profile athletes in the early s. According maary Nancy Hogshead-Makar who is one of the most notable and effective advocates of reform in the Olympic sports, Retton was asked to support the Sex Rettoh Bill. Retton declined. She declined. The tactic was rather obvious. USAG used Mary Lou Retton who is one of the most famous and iconic gymnasts in American history to drown out opposition from lesser known gymnasts such as Moceanu.

The wording sounds innocent, but what she is actually saying is the problem with the sport is not abuse, but the bad press generated by the Nassar scandal. That is what Retton appears to be the most concerned with. The quote implies Nassar was a stain on the image of a rettom system rather than a predator who found so much success abusing gymnasts because the system is flawed.

Lastly, what Retton said follows a mindset of just wanting the negative attention to die down so USAG can carry on with the status quo and avoid implementing reform. But the worst thing of all was when Retton answered a question regarding how parents can keep their kids safe in the sport, she responded by saying:. From there were 31 spots available for the World Championships and Olympic teams. The monster put a spotlight on the decades-old cesspool. And a reputable gym is the way to stay safe?

You do realize the head coach of your Olympic team was a sexual predator, right? The refusal to admit the problem is why we have the problem. How could she not know that all five members of the Olympic ood were abused by Nassar? Retton has decided to be an ambassador for the well being of USAG, not for the well being of gymnasts.

This includes things that are incorrect, illogical, and even dangerous as they give parents a false sense of security. For any alumni of USA Gymnastics this would be a problem. Few gymnasts have the clout to make an appearance on the Today Show anytime loh want. But Retton did exactly that and used her platform to make comments to millions ,ary people that todag reform. Great Article. Like Like. From your article we are to believe that Retton has some undue influence on Fienstein who now along with Swalwell has to contend with investigations concerning their ties to the Chinese, in other words Congress is in fact as corrupt as the day is long.

Their sexual abuse bill is a good as the rest, useless. Their are many women that suffered sex abuse in the US and no one has done a thing for them.

The only thing Retton is guilty of is having what does the speed of a sound wave depend on dream to become a champion after watching Nadia perform, having to contend with hip dysplasia her entire life and knee surgery 5 weeks before the Olymypics and winning the all-round.

The activity of sexual abuse in this country as well as many other crimes is in fact not an individual crime it is a crime that in the US is well known and been allowed to continue up to the highest office in the land. Society as a whole is responsible not Retton. There are millions of people that will cover up for Clinton The Two Term President a pedophile rapist, even his wife. So go ahead deny it, that IS the problem.

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Did she really meet with Congress?

Oct 31,  · The End: Mary talks about her split with former husband, Shelly on DWTS (Published on 30 October ) As of now, Mary Lou Retton, at the age of 50, is an independent and single woman. American Gymnast Dancing with the Stars Sasha Farber . Nov 05,  · After disclosing her top secret divorce on national TV last week, retired Olympic gold-medal gymnast Mary Lou Retton is opening up about being single again after 27 years. “I’m on a . Jun 04,  · Welcome to Minute with Maxwell. I have a statement of strength for you from Mary Lou Retton. You'll remember Mary Lou. She was that incredible gymnast that not only won gold medals. But she had an electric contagious smile. I mean, that girl could light up a room. Here's what Mary Lou Retton said, ‘Optimism is a happiness magnet ’.

If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you. Hi, John Maxwell here. Welcome to Minute with Maxwell. I have a statement of strength for you from Mary Lou Retton. You'll remember Mary Lou. She was that incredible gymnast that not only won gold medals. But she had an electric contagious smile. I mean, that girl could light up a room. In my law of magnetism, I teach in the 21 laws that we attract who we are, not who we want.

Mary Lou says that if you are filled with optimism and happiness, you're going to be a magnet to draw other people that are optimistic, or what do we say sometimes, birds of a feather, what do they do?

They flock together. I got a question for you: Who do you draw to yourself? Who congregates around you? That's a pretty good question. I hope that, especially during the dark days, you let your light shine and smile big kind of [like] Mary Lou people [smile]. Why not? I think that sounds good. If you are looking for a way to improve your speaking, coaching or leadership skills as you advance your career or build a successful business, ask us about the John Maxwell Team.

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