Dear god what have we done

dear god what have we done

'My God, what have we done?' - the commander of the 'Enola Gay'

Sep 09,  · Dear God, What Have We Done? September 9, Rebecca Frech. Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the . Homestar Runner: Parodied in "A Decemberween Mackerel", where the tagline for a bizarre holiday drink called "Hot Pooey" is "Oh Dear God, What Have We Done?" In the Warcraft animation Lords of War dedicated to Durotan during his youth, he is forced to fend off several garn to .

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So make sure your hands are on your desk when your vod out what to do next. You're on a holy crusade to find the one and only, Cinnamon Toast Crunch breakfast cereal. Anyway, you don't know doone or why, but you magically into'd'd Fluttershy's shed. You found a dildo about twice your size, and felt bad because you could never match up dexr it. After moping, you walked by a hole, which had a large eye in it, apparently watching you.

What followed was a series of dwar high octane energy cement fueling coolant! But before any melodrama occurred, Pinkie was distracted by Fluttershy standing in the doorway. Thinking fast, you grabbed a piece of nearby rope, and a tack, and clambered out the hole. You're not sure how Fluttershy knew, but she how to install software remotely windows 7 behind you, with less than admirable intentions.

Then you poked her with a tack you found causing her to yelp which got Pinkie's attention. Then we became friends with Pinkie, and called Fluttershy a bitch via mouthing IE, there was no sound. So great, the next day, we awoke on a nightside table in Pinkie's room, and there was this cupcake. There was a note xone Pinkie left it.

Shortly after, Pinkie came upstairs. We thanked her for the cupcake, to which she replied "What cupcake? Pinkie gets distraught, and figures you're not a horse, so she can't take you to the hospital, so she takes you to Fluttershy's instead. So Fluttershy reveals as dfar you didn't know by now it was her that planted the cupcake! It was drugged with some ipecac and horse tranquilizer. You get the mental image of a vengeful banana horse watching hage sleep, and it gives you the Jinkies.

But horses are herbivores, so, the whole eating threat is kind of nullified, right? She agrees, take you up to her room, makes all of the animals leave which they do a little too obediently and gives you some time to hide while she does her taxes. She get's distraught because she knows Pinkie will be suspicious that you deae disappeared. You find a giant dildo which you start referring to as "the beast" and other "Could be used for fapping" materials on a desk.

And a VHS tape with a dagger though it and some office supplies. Then she goes downstairs, talks with her animal friends, things get real quiet, and she comes back upstairs, and goes to her bed, looking really fucking depressed. You hear her talking to herself, pretending to be doe male and complimenting her self.

She's talking to herself, and pretending she's getting complimented. She sees the note and reads it aloud well, albeit it what is ttl in texas her whispery voicevoice breaking fod now and then. Despite what aplhas would tell you to do, wuat the most alpha thing to do, is forfeit your masculinity from time to time. So you reveal yourself, you're scared shitless, she kind of has a breakdown and uses you as a shoulder to cry on.

Feels cut short, she no longer wants to kill you, and after you forgive her, she really really likes you now. Eventually, you feel pretty darn safe with Yellow monster horse, and things are nice and relaxing. Then of course, she asks for you to scratch her stomach, and things go progressively wgat.

You tell her she must godd if you tell her to. Don't want anyone getting hurt. Before you get unf'd to death, you yell at her to stop, to which your surprise, actually works. You note how this is the second time lemon-tea pony has almost killed you with her posterior in the past 24 hours.

You tell her you're fine, she says she wants to do it again, but in a more safer position. You suggest the Beast do the dirty work while you scratch her ear and give moral support. The ban was lifted a hvae ago, it was only a 3 day ban, it happened during the beginning of the scruffening. The idea of getting stepped on or sat on or eaten though doone just works for some people. So you can imagine that some participants would be less than inclined to help Anon out of certain "situations".

Why does it work for some people? Hell if I know, maybe when they were younger teenage girls were always asking their parents if how to increase number of remote desktop connections windows 2008 kid could sit with them on their blanket for the fireworks show. That said, I will not be held responsible for any sexy times that occur though, you knew what you were getting into Haev must find Cinnamon toast gave at all cost!

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Dec 31,  · 1 John (ESV) Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. Ephesians (ESV) In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised. dear god, what have we done. decemberweenmackerel. May 30th, 1, Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text KB. raw download clone embed print report. Hello-chi-menh!?! No, but seriously, I felt this was needed so people less than in the loop could easily catch up. 'My God, what have we done?' - the commander of the 'Enola Gay' By David McNeill "We have discovered the most terrible weapon in the history of the world," but steadfastly defended its use and.

Well-intentioned but misguided character — very likely a Tragic Hero , a Tragic Villain or Anti-Villain — comes to realize that his actions have caused incredible damage , physical pain, emotional pain, or even loss of life.

The usual line that comes after this is the title of the article sometimes, without the "My God". Tears of Remorse may accompany it. Usually delivered dramatically, sometimes, well, over-the-top. A villain might utter this line if they're about to take the Last-Second Chance. Or a hero after being freed from The Virus , being Brainwashed and Crazy , or a Superpowered Evil Side , or after making an unintentional but catastrophic mistake. Can also lead into He Who Fights Monsters.

These Hands Have Killed is related but distinct, because it can be a reaction even to a justifiable killing. See also Screaming at Squick and Bleed 'em and Weep. Often the result if the protagonist becomes an Unwitting Pawn. Can be a self-inflicted What the Hell, Hero? See also Out, Damned Spot! This sort of moment is often why a Regretful Traitor feels that regret. If it's done by two or more characters who are fighting, then it's Dissension Remorse.

When a work tries to deliberately invoke this as an audience reaction, that's You Bastard! Although they are not related, it's possible to overlap with What Have I Become? Lex tells Lionel about what really happened to his little brother.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Sweet Jesus, what have I done? Become a thief in the night, become a dog on the run? Have I fallen so far, and is the hour so late, That nothing remains but the cry of my hate? Marriage A-la-Mode : In The Bagnio , the Countess is on her knees next to her dying husband, begging his forgiveness with tears in her eyes for the adulterous affair that has led to his death. The fact that the bed is unmade, the clothes and masks from the masquerade are on the floor, and the door lock has been broken make it clear that the Earl surprised his wife and Silvertongue in flagrante delicto , while Silvertongue's genitals are just visible as he flees through the window, all contributing to a sense of the Countess' pleas for forgiveness being intended to assuage her conscience rather than motivated by genuine remorse.

But with the blood of two men on her hands, the Countess commits suicide in The Lady's Death , and now it is the dull-witted manservant who wears an expression of horror at the results of his actions, having been the one who bought the fatal dose of laudanum at his mistress' request.

In episode five of Mystery Show , Starlee's client is shocked to hear that she actually sent a friend to talk to Jake Gyllenhaal in a restaurant. David: Your field agent really went over to him? Oh my god. What did I put in motion? Pro Wrestling. Played with during Bob Backlund 's run as a crazy heel, where he'd blankly stare at his hands, mouth agape, after snapping and placing his opponents in his Crossface Chickenwing finisher.

He would not, however, apologize for his actions the next time he'd appear on screen, as he'd continue to run down fans and rivals alike with highfalutin words, boast of his finisher's efficiency, and generally act like a Cloudcuckoolander who went off the rails following a tough loss to Bret Hart. Instead of celebrating his success in turning the company around financially, The Great Muta resigned from All Japan Pro Wrestling in disgrace after Super Hate was beat so badly in an altercation with TARU it resulted in him having a stroke.

That's not an example of this but his reaction to All Japan's buyer Speed Partners IT proceeding to fire his friend and run the business even further into the ground than while turning the rest of the puroresu promotions against AJPW was, as Muta tried to buy back his company shares and resume his position to no avail.

On the up side for him, this caused several All Japan wrestlers to resign in loyalty to Muta and provided Wrestle-1 with a lot of publicity that attracted many fans looking for more of his "Puroresu Love" brand. This was Gangrel 's reaction after accidentally knocking out the referee during his match with The Hungarian Barbarian at Pro Xcitement Wrestling's June 23, show.

Darren Wyse, The Hungarian Barbarian's manager, was on commentary and used this opportunity to interfere, bringing out Gangrel's Violently Protective Wife Luna Vachon to make the save in one of her two Big Damn Heroes moments that night.

Jon Moxley had this reaction when he came into All Elite Wrestling with an open challenge to the locker room, and his second challenger was Darby Allen, a man nearly half his six. Though Moxley handily defeated Allen, he also seriously injured Allen, leaving him unable to wrestle for months, which weighed heavily on Moxley's conscious and influenced his preference for directly challenging larger men like Jake Hager , Brian Cage and Chris Jericho.

With our betters making an example of us. Tabletop Games. Warhammer 40, : A lot of people who are being mind-controlled by the Chaos gods are only able to break free immediately after they've done something they really shouldn't have, such as betraying their adopted father and dooming the galaxy to an eternity of war or betraying their entire legion and mortally wounding their adopted son.

Corax, the Raven Guard Primarch, went through a catastrophic moment like this. After the Isstvan drop site massacre, most of his legion was decimated, so he ordered some questionable methods to rebuild the legion. His orders left a lot of the recruits as mutated monstrosities. The situation was dire enough that he personally led them to their glorious deaths, those unfit for combat serving as a literal meatshield for those who could still fight and afterwards locked himself away for an entire year praying for their souls and his.

In the end, he took his ship and flew it straight into the Eye of Terror, his last words being simply " never more ". Legend of the Five Rings : In the backstory, the Lion and Phoenix clans were at war as usual , until the Crane negotiated a peace between them.

The Phoenix shugenja, Isawa Asahina, was outraged that the Phoenix dead wouldn't be properly avenged, and went on a rampage in Crane lands. Eventually, a Crane samurai named Doji Kiriko stood in his way and just let him burn her with his spells until his rage finally ebbed. When Asahina calmed down, he realized just how much damage he had done, and immediately swore fealty to the Crane to make up for the destruction.

He would later become the founder of the Asahina family marrying Doji Kiriko in the process , known for their Actual Pacifist philosophy. Visual Novels. In attempting to murder Regina for having an unintentional hand in putting his brother in a coma from which he'll probably never wake up, he accidentally killed her father, to whom Acro and his brother owed everything. As Sympathetic Murderers go, he's high on the list owing to his clear remorse.

Acro, smiling, with tears streaming down his face: No I'm nothing but a murderer. Web Animation. A rather disturbing example in the final episode of Arby 'n' the Chief. After Arbiter literally rips Chief to pieces after learning that Chief killed Cortana, both intentionally and by accident.

Things only gets worse for him when Tyler shows up planning to kill them both after revealing that Eugene committed suicide. This hits Arbiter so badly that he starts mumbling "I'm in my happy place" over and over again. It gets even worse for there Oran from Broken Saints says this after he attacks his childhood friend Hassan in a cabin fever-induced madness.

In Clear Skies 3 , Hausmann does this during the final battle and surrenders rather than see more of his people killed. In the Death Battle episode, Deadpool vs. The Mask , the hosts, Wiz and Boomstick, have one of these upon coming to the Heel Realization that they had given up their impartiality due to spite by putting Deadpool into a fight they knew he couldn't win, just to get rid of him.

Keela from Dreamscape goes through this after snapping out of her Superpowered Evil Side This is a bad experiment! We are bad people! Why did we usher forth the green apocalypse!? Pyrrha: I'm I'm sorry. Web Original. Can You Spare a Quarter?

Cobra Kai loves this trope, especially when it's the climax of the last episode of the season. Season 1 at the tournament: Johnny did a fantastic job of training his students to physically fight back. But when he sees his son the Miyagi-do fighter getting mashed by two of his top students the first because Robby made the mistake of answering Hawk's Trash Talk , he realizes he's created a Thug Dojo by accident — which his own sensei congratulates him on.

At the All Valley Championships, Johnny finally gets to see the aftereffects of his Training from Hell inspired by the dojo's creed. Hawk blasts Robby with a cheap shot after a crack about his "stupid haircut" , while Miguel exploits Robby's injury to take the title. When Johnny rightfully questions how they acted in the arena, each of them has an Armor-Piercing Response that stuns him. Season 2 inside the school: Taken Up to Eleven! Daniel opens up Miyagi-do in response, which triggers the Disaster Dominoes between the sides over the latter half of the season.

When Miguel is knocked over the top floor railing, Robby his opponent is so stunned that he just dashes off. Having been read the riot act by their respective other halves, Johnny and Daniel realize the hard way just what kind of an impact their old rivalry has had on those they had worked so hard to be positive role models to. They abandon their dojos in the process.

Gaia Online : Slightly subverted in the plot: says the line after killing , but before he knows the full consequences of his action. Drink finally sees the mass chaos for himself and realizes he should have listened to his son all those years ago about the chemical byproduct that trapped the ghosts in their graves and drove them insane.

Chrome Cobra in the Metro City Chronicles gets one after beating up a temporarily insane shapeshifting comrade. She flew back, bounced on the roof once, went over the side of the building bonelessly. Yelped when she hit the pavement in the alley. Yelped like a wounded puppy. Web Videos. The Angry Video Game Nerd has this reaction when he plays various games based on himself, and realizes that most of them intentionally include some of the Scrappy Mechanics that he often complains about in his videos as a form of Mythology Gag.

For instance, when he plays The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures , he encounters the over-the-top deathtrap that he came up with in his Super Pitfall review.

AVGN: I can't even blame anyone but myself! I came up with this!

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